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Enabling the smart MLS to power an efficient and vibrant real estate market.

Enabling the smart MLS to power an efficient and vibrant real estate market.


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Enabling the smart MLS to power an efficient and vibrant real estate market.






17 – Brian Donnellan, Bright MLS President and CEO | It Does Work Best When It’s On the MLS

A free, open, and transparent market works. Easy to say, difficult to prove, unless you are Bright MLS. Brian shares details of their study analyzing properties listed, marketed, and sold on the MLS compared to properties sold off the MLS. Rather than speaking in generalities, the study uncovered empirical evidence supporting the assertion that the MLS works. Beyond its role providing a transparent, unbiased marketplace, the MLS provides consumers unquestionable value.


16 – Rene Galicia, Director of MLS Engagement, National Association of REALTORS | NAR and MLSs Collaborate

NAR is expanding its cooperation with the MLS community, due in large part to Rene’s role as the liaison to local MLSs. Rene and Andy discuss NARs recent efforts to collaborate with the Council of MLSs to evolve MLS policy, NAR role enforcing RESO data standards, and NAR's successful efforts supporting members through the pandemic.


15 – Hotsheet Episode | Terry Romel, Information Services Manager, Regional MLS

RMLS™, the Northwest’s largest REALTOR®-owned multiple listing service is hyper focussed on serving their 15,000 members. Terry explains how RMLS expanded training services during COVID-19, virtualized classrooms that will continue into the future. Terry and Andy also review improving market trends in the RMLS area, with some golf banter mixed in for fun!


14 – Managing Stress – Yours and Others: a Practical Exercise | Dr. Barry Hayes PhD

"Stress: what we can't function without becomes problematic when out of control," notes clinical psychologist Dr. Barry Hayes. Today's podcast is a practical exercise in stress management. Do not drive while listening!


13 – Hotsheet Episode | Nicole Aguilar, Director of Marketing & Communications, California Regional MLS

As the communications director for the largest MLS organization, Nicole discusses with Andy how she delivers consistent messaging to over 100,000 members of CRMLS, along with the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the content being delivered and the engagement of CRMLS members.


12 – Hotsheet Episode | Rene Galvan, Executive Vice President, Houston Association of REALTORS

HAR is guiding members through challenging times by protecting real estate’s status as an essential service, expanding online training, and eliminating $5 million in fees. They have learned a smarter way to operate that will continue well into the future.


11 – Hotsheet Episode | Deborah Boza-Valledor, COO and CMO of Miami REALTORS

How to train members online during stay-at-home orders and conduct Virtual Open Houses. Miami REALTORS offers bilingual training and MLS access to their 50,000 members.


10 – Hotsheet Episode | Casey Hickman, Chief Operating Officer,

Casey reviews how they moved their entire customer service team to soft phones and setup a special Covid-19 tracking page at


09- Hotsheet Episode | John Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer, Georgia MLS

Andy and John introduce a new short format to focus attention on innovations happening at the frontlines in today's unprecedented market conditions.


08 – Denee Evans, CEO at Council of MLS | MLSs Making the Market Work

In this two-for-one podcast Denee Evans, CEO of Council of MLS joins Andy both before our world was turned upside down by COVID-19 and after. Includes tips for working at home and details on how CMLS elevates, promotes and supports MLSs nationwide.


07 – Bill Miller, CEO of MetroList MLS | Everyone Has a Voice at the Table

By constantly soliciting open-ended feedback, northern California MLS MetroList has built a winning organization that both staff and over 18,000 members are proud to be part of. Andy queries Bill on the customer-centric ethos that drives their success.


07 – Bonus Excerpt: Evolution of MLS Data Sharing in Northern California

How the 7 largest MLSs in Northern California manage data sharing and more with Bill Miller.


07 – Bonus Excerpt | MLS Cyber Attack

A year ago Metrolist MLS faced a serious cyber attack. Bill Miller explains what happened.


06 – Sam DeBord, RESO CEO | Goodbye Gridlock – Why Open Standards are a No-Brainer

How the new WebAPI transport standard, emerging new standards like UPI, and future standards expansion will drive industry efficiency. Andy interviews the multi-faceted Sam DeBord, CEO of RESO, the organization responsible for developing, promoting, and maintaining electronic commerce standards for the real estate industry.


Anthony Lamacchia | Worried about iBuyers? Well, they aren’t going away!

Anthony Lamacchia has an interesting approach to the iBuyer phenomenon. Beat them at their own game before they even get a foothold in your market. Here’s how he’s done it. Recorded December 2019. --- from | Quality Leads, Faster Conversions. Anthony Lamacchia | Worried about iBuyers? Well, they aren’t going away!


05 – Chris Carrillo, CEO of Metro MLS | A Passion for Service

Chris Carrillo’s passion for MLS runs deep and is a key aspect of his success as the CEO of Metro MLS. It also drives Chris’ contributions to the industry, serving as the 2019 Chairperson of CMLS, a founding member of MLS Aligned, and a groundbreaking co-venture with ARMLS. Chris joins Andy for a conversation about his background serving in the US Army Military Police, leading into his “temporary” role in MLS tech support, and eventually evolving into his 20-year career as a highly respected...


04 – Brad Bjelke, CEO of | Facilitate Cooperation to Get The Most Eyeballs

Recovering attorney and law professor Brad Bjelke jumped into the MLS world with a hands-on and inspiring leadership approach. As the CEO of, Utah's largest MLS, he facilitates an efficient team, operating their own MLS system and consumer portal. Get the scoop on the "the Ocho," "MLS of choice" and other policy from the 2020 CMLS Chair and NAR MLS Emerging Issues and Technology Advisory Board member.


03 – Glenn Christoph, Intermountain MLS CEO | Customer Service is Key

Glenn Christoph knows that customer service is the key to running a smarter MLS, having served as both a vendor and MLS principal in a variety of markets over the last 25 years. He answers questions on ibuyers, “Coming Soon" listings, Policy 8.0 and more.


02 – Karen Kage, Realcomp CEO | Battles won, Battles Lost

Karen Kage entered the MLS industry 30 years ago looking for a job, not a career. Today she is one of the most respected CEOs in our industry. This episode explores her path to CEO, her battle with the FTC, and advice for today’s emerging leaders.


01 – Jeremy Crawford, First MLS CEO | Technology, Standards and Leadership

Jeremy Crawford knows how to run an MLS, because he knows how an MLS runs, having served as CEO of RESO, CIO of Sandicor and MLSListings Inc and currently as CEO of Atlanta-based First MLS. In this inaugural episode, Andy brings out lessons from Jeremy's 25 years in the industry and explores the future, discussing MLS consolidation, customer satisfaction ratings, RESO data standards, advice for up and coming MLS executives, and more.