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Podcast 14 – Why touch defines everything - Seduction Debunked

Touch builds trust. And trust is what we need when we seduce or flirt. We want to let her know, she can trust us, we have the right intentions. The best way to do that, is to create a connection. And we do that by touching. It’s not what we say, it’s what we do. […] The post Podcast 14 – Why touch defines everything appeared first on Seduction Debunked!.


Podcast 13 – The Freakin’ Friend zone - Seduction Debunked

So you like her. A lot! But the problem is, she just doesn’t see you like that… It’s the freakin’ friendzone. She wants to be friends and isn’t sexually attracted by you. How do you get out of that? How do you even prevent that from happening? Today, in our first live recorded podcast at […] The post Podcast 13 – The Freakin’ Friend zone appeared first on Seduction Debunked!.


Podcast 12 – How to bypass approach anxiety - Seduction Debunked

Imagine this: You’re standing at a bar, having a drink, and this beautiful woman comes to you, asking how you are doing. She approached you! Now wouldn’t you want to have that! Not having to hunt them down yourself, be all scared and nervous to start talking to strange women, but they will approach you! […] The post Podcast 12 – How to bypass approach anxiety appeared first on Seduction Debunked!.


Podcast 11 – Humor either kills it, or it’s a touchdown! - Seduction Debunked

Humor is one of the most traits women find attractive in men. But men and women do have different sorts of humor. Telling jokes, be the funny guy and all over the place, is not the sort of humor most women find particulary attractive. So how do you have to use your humor into your […] The post Podcast 11 – Humor either kills it, or it’s a touchdown! appeared first on Seduction Debunked!.


Podcast 10 – Abundance is essential - Seduction Debunked

In today’s podcast John and Maurice talk about the importance of the Abundance Mindset. Why is it this important in seduction? You will hear it at this weeks new podcast! Listen now and please let us know what you think. How do you create abundance? The post Podcast 10 – Abundance is essential appeared first on Seduction Debunked!.


Podcast 9 – Where to go on a 2nd date? - Seduction Debunked

So going on a first date is hard enough on itself. Finding a location, where to go, what to do? Now going on a second date is even harder! How to top the first date? In this episode we’re going to tell you all you need to know how to go on a second date. […]


Podcast #8 – Learn how to touch! - Seduction Debunked

In todays episode we dive in to the meaning of touching. Why is it that important, and even better, how do I have to touch? The ins and outs of the kino part of seduction: touching. Remember, without touching, there is no seduction. So you better learn this, because that will improve your skills and… Read more


Podcast #7 – What is the best opening line - Seduction Debunked

Today John and Maurice talk about the best opening line you can use to approach the woman of your dreams. It’s complicated, and we’re going to make it as easy as it can be for you. Also mind the Master Class we recorded a while ago. A long video Master Class about the art of… Read more


Podcast #6 – How to be successful on Tinder - Seduction Debunked

Tinder! The no.1 app for finding the love of your life, right? Well, if it is that easy, why doesn’t it work like that then? In this episode, we will go over the do’s and don’ts on Tinder and how you can make sure you can get a date and maybe even more!


Podcast #5 - How Do I Past A Women's Test? - Seduction Debunked

Women test men all the time. Do they do that on purpose? Most of the time they don’t. It’s a subconscious process that they use to see what type of a man you are. So how do you pass these tests? Well, it’s easier than you think! Just take a listen to the podcast and… Read more


Podcast #4 – To Chat Or Not To Chat? - Seduction Debunked

Chatting. WhatsApp, Texting, Dating sites, dating has changed drastically the last decade. But how does chatting fits in the whole seduction part? Online dating is somewhat different from meeting men and women offline. Because when you guys start chatting, you both agreed you want to get to know each other. So the chatting is pretty… Read more


Podcast #3 – Being An Introvert Is Very Sexy! - Seduction Debunked

The name is Bond. James Bond. One of the most famous words from the movies. By one of the most attractive men on the white screen. But there is something special about this Bond character. Especially the way Daniel Craig has portrait it. Cool, calculated, in control. Agent 007 is cool. Women go crazy around… Read more


Podcast #2 – Are you optimistic? - Seduction Debunked

Today in our second episode of our Seduction Debunked Podcast, it’s all about positive thinking and how you can control your behavior by steering your attitude. A powerful lesson to be learned for many of us!


Podcast #1 – 3 ways for women to select the right man - Seduction Debunked

In this first episode of our brand new podcast, John and Maurice are talking about what women can do to find the right man for them. It’s one of the hardest things in dating for women. What type of man is he? Is he a player? A womanizer? A nice guy? Or is he genuine… Read more


VM#8 – Help! Er is geen enkele leuke man die me aanspreekt - Seduction Debunked

We horen het vaak van single vrouwen. Waar zijn toch al die leuke kerels gebleven? Ze worden alleen maar door de foute gasten aangesproken. De leuke mannen doen niks! Hoe kan dat? Wat moeten mannen anders doen om toch de stap te maken? En wat kunnen deze vrouwen zelf doen om tóch aangesproken te worden… Read more


VM# 7 – Leer je Lichaamstaal beheersen! - Seduction Debunked

In deze aflevering gaan Maurice en John dieper in op het gebruik van lichaamstaal. En dan met name, hoe kun je leren hoe je lichaamstaal bewust gaat herkennen en zelf kunt leren toepassen. Fascinerende resultaten komen opeens binnen handbereik! De serie over Micro Expressie, een onderdeel van lichaamstaal is “Lie To Me”, een aardige TV… Read more


VM# 6 – De beste manier om lichaamstaal te gebruiken - Seduction Debunked

Lichaamstaal is hét belangrijkste element in het verleiden. Zelfvertrouwen, leiderschap, charme, het wordt voor het grootste deel duidelijk gemaakt door hoe jij je lichaamstaal beheerst. Luister naar Maurice en John hoe jij je lichaamstaal kunt gebruiken om een echte verleider te worden! Hieronder nog de TEDx talk van Amy Cuddy waar John naar refereert. “Your… Read more


VM# 5 – Wat maakt je nou aantrekkelijk? - Seduction Debunked

Het is een van de meest gestelde vragen die wij als verleiding meesters krijgen. Hoe word ik aantrekkelijk!? En het is een goeie vraag, want er is een nog al genuanceerd antwoord voor nodig. Ben je man? Of ben je vrouw? Beluister de aflevering en dan snap jij waarom het zo’n belangrijk verschil is.


VM#4 – Hoe authentiek ben jij? - Seduction Debunked

Echte verleiders zijn vooral Authentiek. Ze zijn echt. Dat in tegenstelling tot de Nice Guy/Girl, en we komen daar nog even op terug na wat feedback. Er zijn namelijk meerdere type Nice Guys waar je overigens in beide gevallen niets van moet willen. Van Nice Guys tot Bad Boys, duidelijk dat het allemaal niet gewenst… Read more