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01-09 Being Your True Self Is Not What You Think It Is: Interview w/ David Tian

Everything is relationships. So who better to give us deep insights on that than self-development coach David Tian. He has a pHD in Eastern Philosophy, which he has parlayed into an extremely successful career as a dating coach. His work has since evolved into developing a broad range of programs to teach general mastery of relationships, career, health and, most importantly, oneself. He is an absolute education machine, putting out tons of content and forming huge discussion communities....


01-08 The Importance of an Abundance Mindset (Not Just On Thanksgiving)

Serving anything well means having a mindset of abundance - a concept that has unexpected roots in Eastern spirituality. You’d think that meditating and being “enlightened” means being “beyond the material”, but a fuller way to live a conscious life requires that you actually honor all the “stuff". Having an enthusiasm for sharing is a true act of non-attachment (and the key to being the ultimate service professional). I discuss how to have a sense of boundless resources and be an agent of...


01-07 Everything Improves When You Live As An Information Gatherer

For someone in the CIA, the ability to gather, interpret and action information is so vital that it can mean the difference between life and death. For us everyday folks, information gathering may not have such dramatic implications, but our very quality of life depends on the quality of every little interaction. And mastering that space between intake and response means mastering the way we navigate life. Especially as it concerns our relationship to others (which is often what brings...


01-06 The Art of Mentoring w/ Jeremy Moreau

Very excited to speak with my friend Jeremy Moreau, editor-in-chief of a hospitality training program called Jerry.Global, developed by visionary Restaurant/Bar Suppliers & Consultants Proof & Company. We discuss the fuller way that hospitality professionals can be mentored so that their work has more value, meaning, and general effectiveness. We also discuss the art of information gathering, remaining measured and attentive, and ways of overcoming the rigors of the service situation.


01-05 Next Level Conscientiousness: Engineering Unique Moments

Discusses the user experience in hospitality. I study Danny Meyer and the high benchmark of service that his restaurants are responsible for setting. He puts mindfulness to work by creating unique, precious moments for their guests. I look at how this high level of conscientiousness can be applied to court success in all areas of life. And, most importantly, we look at how the "inner game" of service takes these possibilities of this even further.


01-04 Taking The Higher Ground With Skill, Strength & Compassion

Whether at work or in our personal lives, it is not easy to remain gracious and steady when someone is being abusive and unreasonable. I talk about techniques that can be used to penetrate through someone’s difficult shield towards a collaborative solution. And also how to effectively use the emotions you feel getting churned up in the process. Sometimes being mindful involves being a hostage negotiator.


01-03 Meditation: The Most Powerful Tool For Upgrading The Way We Serve

Here, I talk about the power of meditation to simply make us better humans (serving well is dependent on our ability to own this "human vessel" we've been born into). I go through the unexpected ways it transforms your life and the ways it upgrades us that not enough people are talking about. You'll learn how to meditation in about 3 minutes flat (thought I do recommend referring to the meditation guide for more details) and how to adapt these seemingly mystical Eastern philosophy principles...


01-02 Servers With Attitude: When & Why We Love Them

A look at the phenomenon of "snarky server" restaurants and bars. What attracts people to them and, more importantly, what is repelling them from somewhere full of friendly accommodating staff.


01-01 Good Service = Self Awareness: Interview w/ Kevin von Behren

Kevin owns Fly Awake Tea House in Portland Oregon, a uniquely social space that seems to gather the most interesting people in Portland to enjoy a quality of tea not often provided to Westerners. It started in his garage and received such a powerful response that he soon had to move to a cozy space off a main commercial strip. This success didn't just happen because of the quality of Chinese tea he was serving (though that definitely represents the level of care and intentionality that...