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An NBA podcast with a Phoenix Suns focus - Max McCauley & David Nash talk all things basketball.

An NBA podcast with a Phoenix Suns focus - Max McCauley & David Nash talk all things basketball.
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An NBA podcast with a Phoenix Suns focus - Max McCauley & David Nash talk all things basketball.




Ep 70 - What We're Thankful For + NBA Power Rankings

Max and David start in the spirit of the holidays by giving out Thanksgiving "awards" for the Suns' season so far before going through their power rankings of the NBA teams in both conferences. --- 3:00 Recap 5:00 What We're Thankful For 29:45 What We're Not So Thankful For 37:30 Leaderboard 48:00 Did You Know 54:50 NBA Power Rankings 1:12:30 7SOL


Ep 69 - What Have The Suns Missed Most? With Kellan Olson

After a Suns three game losing streak, Kellan Olson joins Max & David to run through the current injuries and what problems it has caused on the court. Starting off with a Recap, the trio then move onto discussing the biggest holes in the current Suns team and how panicked they are short & long term. They discussed the big man rotation, PG issues and overall depth within the roster. What has changed in the West Playoff race and how much the Suns need Ayton to return, ends the episode. The...


Ep 68 - Surprise: We're Back & So Are The Phoenix Suns!

After a short break, Max & David are back to talk about everything this surprise packet Suns team is doing. Starting off with a Recap of what they've missed, they then move onto an update on the Vote Leader Board. Using that list, the guys then run through every player in the rotation and how they feel about them so far. Throw in some very unexpected playoffs talk involving the Suns, sandwiched in between the usual Did You Know and 7SOL segments to end. _____ Recap/News 3:10 Suns Leader...


Ep 67 - Early Season Victory Laps & Clap Backs + Conference Standings

With two weeks worth of games in the bank, Max and David look at the Suns season to date. The guys start off by discussing what they look right about so far, before admitting defeat to a few things they looked way off on before the season started. Later in the episode, the guys talk about both Conferences current standings & even dare to consider what the Suns playoff chances look like after a 3-2 start. New segment on the Leaderboard returns, plus regular favorites; Did You Know and...


Ep 66 - Breaking Down the NBA Juggernaut Phoenix Suns

The season is here! Max and David start by discussing the Deandre Ayton suspension before breaking down each game played by the surprise team of the young NBA season: the Phoenix Suns! Recap 1:40 Ayton 3:30 Clippers game 9:45 Kings Game 28:00 Did You Know 45:00 Nuggets Game 51:45 Players of the Week Voting 1:12:00 7SOL 1:21:30


Ep 65 - Final Suns Preseason Questions + NBA Preview

David and Max start their final episode before the 2019-20 regular season by tackling the biggest questions facing the Phoenix Suns before their season opener against the Sacramento Kings. They finish by previewing the Western and Eastern Conferences, including by making their Conference Finals, Finals, and Championship predictions. 2:00 Recap 4:30 Biggest Suns Questions Going Into The Season 37:00 Did You Know 45:30 Western Conference Preview 58:00 Eastern Conference Preview 1:12:15...


Ep 64 - Preseason Observations & Award Predictions W/ Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper from The Timeline podcast joins the show to talk about the roster after training camp and a couple of presesson games. The guys touch on just about every key piece of the roster and raise the key questions leading into the season proper. After the usual Did You Know segment, some fake Suns award predictions are made and the trio make their calls for the NBA regular season awards for 19/20. --- 02:00 - Recap/News 03:50 - Guards 16:30 - Wings 28:20 - Bigs 43:50 - Did You...


Ep 63 - Offseason Mailbag Part 2 (Plus Ayton @ PF Reactions)

Max and David finish off the two-part offseason mailbag podcast with Part 2! After starting off with some fresh thoughts on Ayton at PF, weird FT rule & age/height changes - the guys move onto the rest of the listener questions. On this episode they tackle questions on Ricky Rubio, the Suns' forward rotation, 7SOL history, and some more wider NBA questions. 04:35 - Deandre Ayton @ PF 15:05 - Other News Tidbits 22:30 - Ricky Rubio & PG Rotation 32:00 - What About The Forwards? 45:00 -...


Ep 62 - Offseason Mailbag Part 1

Max and David return with part 1 of a two-part offseason mailbag podcast! On this episode they tackle questions on numerous subjects, including Deandre Ayton, the Suns' coaching staff, and the NBA at large.


Ep 61 - Gerald Bourguet talking Deandre Ayton and Aron Baynes

Gerald Bourguet joins the show to talk all things Center Position with Max and David. The guys go in depth on Deandre Ayton, breaking down what he showed in his rookie campaign on both ends and what we can hopefully improve upon next season. After the usual Did You Know segment, the guys move onto Aron Baynes' influence on and off the court, plus other options at C. Finishing off with a customary 7SOL segment. --- 01:40 - Recap/News 06:00 - Ayton Offense 24:10 - Ayton Defense 42:30 -...


Ep 60 - Ricky Rubio and the Point Guard Position

Max and David continue their position preview series with the Phoenix Suns' point guards, including Ricky Rubio, Tyler Johnson, and Ty Jerome. 1:30 Recap 2:45 Terry Rozier 10:00 Ricky Rubio and the Starting PG Position 42:00 Did You Know 51:00 Tyler Johnson, Ty Jerome, and the Backup PG Position 1:12:00 7SOL


Ep 59 - Cole Zwicker on Mikal, Kelly, and Teambuilding

Cole Zwicker joins the show to help Max and David break down the Phoenix Suns' Small Forward position, including Mikal Bridges, Kelly Oubre, and Cam Johnson. Cole also shares his takes on much of the rest of the Suns' roster. 2:30 Free Agent Redos 6:00 Kelly Oubre 11:15 Current Mikal Bridges 15:00 Kelly and Mikal Together 25:30 Did You Know 33:30 Mikal vs. Recent Lottery Wings 38:00 Best, Worst, and Average Mikal Outcomes 40:00 Building Around Booker/Ayton/Mikal 48:00 Mikal's Near...


Ep 58 - Dario Saric and the Power Forwards

Max and David continue their positional preview series with the Suns' power forwards, focusing on Dario Saric, Frank Kaminsky, Cheick Diallo, Kelly Oubre, and potential PF trades. 2:30 Schedule Talk 4:20 Dario Saric 25:00 Power Forward Trades 39:00 Did You Know 47:30 The Other "Power Forwards" 1:06:30 7SOL


Ep 57 - Kellan Olson on Devin Booker and the Suns' Shooting Guards

Kellan Olson joins the show for the first episode of the 2019 7SOL position preview on the Suns' shooting guard(s). The guys start by *raving* (seriously, we mean RAVING) about Devin Booker before trying to figure out whether the Suns have another shooting guard. * * * 4:00 High-level Devin Booker Assessment 8:30 Devin Booker's Health 17:20 Raving About Devin Booker 29:10 Booker's Negatives 42:00 Best/Worst/Average Booker Outcomes Next Season 49:30 Did You Know? 58:20 Who Else Can...


Ep 56 - De'Anthony Melton Interview & Offseason Recap

2018-19 Phoenix Suns starting point guard De'Anthony Melton joins the show to break down the roller coaster start to his professional career, including his time playing with the Suns. De'Anthony discusses his unique pre-draft process, what it's like to have already been traded twice, and how he thought his rookie season went. And of course Max doesn't let De'Anthony get away without answering three Seven Seconds or Less questions prepared by David! Before that, Max and David go over every...


Ep 55 - Crossover With Locked On Suns: Oubre & Vegas

Max and David are joined by Evan Sidery and Brendon Kleen of Locked On Suns, for Part 2 of the crossover podcasts. On this one, the guys delve further into the Kelly Oubre signing. What the contracts means for the team and player. Then, some Summer League observations including the hype surrounding Jalen Lecque. The episode then ends with special editions of both Did You Know and 7SOL to mark the special occasion. You can check out Part 1 over on @LockedOnPHXSuns or...


Ep 54 - Suns Offseason Review + Kawhi Madness

Max and David break down the Suns' offseason overall, including by giving their thoughts on the Josh Jackson trade and Kelly Oubre situation. They also discuss Kawhi's league-altering moves and other leaguewide free agency developments. 3:30 Recap 6:30 Josh Jackson Trade 17:40 Kawhi/PG13/Westbrook Madness 31:30 FA Signings We Liked and Didn't Like 39:30 Did You Know 47:15 Kelly Oubre Situation 55:00 High-Level Suns Offseason Thoughts 1:27:35 7SOL


Ep 53 - Live Free Agency Reactions (RICKY RUBIO!!!)

Max and David react live to the beginning of 2019 NBA Free Agency. The Ricky Rubio signing happens around 1:13:00.


Ep 52 - NERDCAST 2019: Mock Suns FA, Salary Cap Breakdown, Mini Rookie Scouting Reports

IT'S NERDCAST 2019! Max and David provide mini-scouting reports on the Suns' rookies, break down the Suns' salary cap situation in detail, and do a Mock Suns Free Agency where each takes his turn simulating free agency as the GM of the Phoenix Suns. * * * News Recap 5:00 Ty Jerome 9:00 Cam Johnson 20:30 Lecque, Owens, Harper 33:30 NERDCAST SALARY CAP BREAKDOWN 37:15 Did You Know 58:45 Mock FA: Max's Turn as GM 1:05:30 Mock FA: David's Turn as GM 1:16:30 7SOL: 1:30:00


Ep 51 - Instant Draft Reaction

Max and David react to the craziness that was the 2019 NBA Draft & everything leading up to it. In order of how it happened, the guys give their initial reactions to the two pre-draft trades, selecting Cam Johnson and trading back into the first round of the draft. 02:00 - TJ Warren Trade 06:00 - Jarrett Culver for Pick 11 & Dario Saric 10:30 - Selecting Cam Johnson 18:00 - The Ty Jerome/Aron Baynes Trade 24:00 - General Feeling At The End Of It All 28:00 - League Observations 35:30...