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Episode 29: Blood Money: Tampon Tax and Period Poverty

In the second episode of our menstruation series, we talk about the painful truth of financial discrimination based on biology. yep, tampon tax, period poverty, the whole bloody shebang. Get yourself a blanket, a cup of tea and lots of chocolate and listen to us talk about the high costs of menstruating. Bonus: you'll learn more about our vaginas than you ever wanted to know. so yay. please find the shownotes (including references, sources and resources) on our homepage:...


Episode 28: The Red Menace - Period Shame and Period Positivity

One thing that causes us pain and necessitates the consumption of copious amounts of chocolate is PMS and period pain. You know what causes us even more pain and requires the consumption of even more chocolate? You guessed it: period shame and period shaming. So, grab all of the chocolate you have in your immediate vicinity and listen to Liz and Bea talk about all things period in this first episode of our menstruation series. Show notes and sources can be found on our website:...


Episode 27: The Snail Darter Gang - Ecofeminism and Vegan Feminism

Grab your vegan chocolate and listen to Liz and Bea (despite her heatwave-induced aphasia) talk about the origins of ecofeminism, ecofeminism and intersectionality, speciesism, the intersection of meat eating and hegemonic masculinity, meat eating and empathy and why veganism is a feminist issue. Check out our Instagram for pics on the subject: Check out for sources and show notes. Support us:...


Episode 26: Sex-Positive Feminism

Grab some chocolate and join us for this month's first episode and the first episode ever that was recorded in ONE PLACE and not via the Internet. Yes, we were actually in the same room and talking about sex. More specifically: sex-positive feminism, its origins, its proponents, opponents and everything that is good and/or bad about it. Spoiler alert: sex(uality), like everything else is intertwined with the patriarchal culture we all grew up in and where socialized into. Who would have...


Episode 25: True Crime and Feminism

Grab some chocolate and join Liz and Beatrice for a discussion about true crime podcasts and television shows, the feminist community that has sprung up around it, and how we can all do better to be intersectional in our love of true crime. Check out for more information about how you can help end the backlog of rape kits in the US. Sources can be found on our Web site:


Episode 24: Virtual misogyny: The Manosphere and INCELS

Grab your chocolate (lots of it) and listen to Liz and Bea talk about the manosphere, men's rights activists (i.e. anti women's rights activits) on the Interwebs, INCELS, terrorism and all the horrible rest of it.


Episode 23: Celebrating Summer Solstice with perSister Heather Moser

Summer solstice isn't just the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, it's also associated with fertility rituals and goddesses. Join Bea, Liz and our special guest Heather in our discussion of the history and current traditions of summer solstice, how it was coopted by the Catholic Church and the Nazis, and how we can reclaim it. Sources and show notes on our webpage:


Episode 22: How to be a male feminist with Michael Würmer

Men who claim to be feminists and then turn out to be (alleged) abusers of women (like James Deen or, most recently Eric Schneiderman) repeatedly focus the public's attention on male feminism: is it possible, what does it mean and what place should men have in the feminist movement? Today we discuss what it takes to be a male feminist, how to differentiate between faux feminism and actual feminism in a conversation with "not purely male, fluid inbetween" feminist photographer and artist...


Episode 21: "DIY Rules for a WTF world" with PerSister Krista Suh

Today we talk with perSister Krista Suh, founder of the hat project about her new book "DIY Rules for a WTF World: How to Speak Up, Get Creative, and Change the World". We discuss masculine "art" vs. "feminine" crafting, how crafting can be a feminist form of expression, how to deal with creating a project that is so successful that it is not actually yours anymore and impostor syndrome. grab your chocolate and enjoy.


Episode 20: No Kidding - Childfree and Loving it

When are you going to have kids? Never?! That's fine with us. In this episode we look at the childfree movement and the supposed epidemic of women, who choose not to follow their "biological imperative" to have kids.


Episode 19: The Friendzone and Toxic Masculinity

You guys, you'll need all the chocolate for this 'cause we'll be talking about the myth of the friendzone and all the misogyny connected to it. It's ugly. What do the "friendzone", toxic masculinity, and the "incels" have in common? Everything! The domestic terrorism that we have seen perpetuated by men, unhappy with their relationships, on innocent bystanders may be the most extreme expression of misogynistic violence perpetrated by those who consider themselves victimized by the...


Episode 18.1: "In Praise of Difficult Women" with PerSister Karen Karbo

We are so excited to present this interview with author Karen Karbo about her new book, "In Praise of Difficult Women." We talk about the women who inspire us, the importance of intersectional feminism, and why we should all embrace "difficult" as an adjective to describe us. Whether you're a nasty woman or a difficult woman, this episode is for you!


Episode 18: Our favourite feminists - ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Grab some chocolate (this time, though, merely for celebratory reasons instead of psychohygiene) and listen to Liz and Bea talk about some awesome, badass inspiring feminists that shaped their own feminism. Cheers!


Rebroadcast: Episode 1 - Hail the Goddess, A Very Special Easter Episode

To celebrate one year of podcasting and our vast quantities of leftover, discount candy, we're rebroadcasting our very first episode on thie history of Easter and our personal relationships with the holiday. If you want to support feminist podcasting, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter at


Episode 17: Women's History Month - The US Edition with PerSister Amy Drayer

Grab your chocolate (lots of chocolate!) and listen to Bea, Liz and special guest Amy talk about all the things from reproductive freedom, to the suffragette movement, to retirement poverty. Amy Drayer is an activist, author, and feminist. She has written for The Huffington Post, Medium, and is currently working on a novel. A women’s studies major from Scripps College, she has worked on progressive political campaigns and issues throughout her career. During the 2016, she was a state...


Episode 16: Dumbledore's Army - Women's Rights in Austria

Happy International Women's Day!!! After a bit of a break, we're back to kick off Women's Month and International Women's Day with a discussion about women's rights in Austria. Join Liz and Bea as they talk about the history and current issues facing women in Austria. You can support our podcast on Patreon. Sources: go sign!!!


Ready for Relaunch?

Just a quick heads-up to tell you what's coming. Stay tuned!


New Years Minisode: Changes are Coming

Sometimes, life happens. In this minisode, Beatrice wishes you a happy new year and fills you in on some changes at SWP. We hope to be back with new episodes soon!!


Episode 15: Happy Feministmas!!

Are you ready for Feministmas? It is a wonderful time of year that celebrates some pretty kickass ladies from history and myth! From saints to goddesses and trees to mistletoe, grab your holiday chocolate and cookies and join Beatrice, Elizabeth, and Heather as they celebrate the origins of the holiday and a few of the many important women who helped make the season what it is today! In keeping with holiday spirit, this episode only features a bit of stomach slitting and burning on stakes,...


Episode 14: Sick and Tired - Women as Patients

The ladies of SWP sat down to talk about sexism and how women are treated by healthcare professionals. Spoiler alert: it's not great. Grab some chocolate and settle in for a frank conversation about pain, hepeating, the medical testing, and trusting your gut. Lesson for the episode: be an advocate for your own health and body!!