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Defeat The Invisible Enemy Within

Did you know that there is an invisible enemy within that needs to be acknowledged before it can be defeated? Nobody is immune. The effects of it show up in everyone’s life. It keeps things as they always were. It creates fear of the unknown. It allows ignorance to thrive. It’s called stasis. Stasis—that force […]


Are You The One Who Speaks The Words?

Remember the song, The Sound of Silence? Recently I watched a stunningly beautiful new rendition by the band, Disturbed. The power of the song demanded that I pay attention to the message. After hearing this song for years, I finally realized it spoke of two kinds of silences. The silence of quiet. The silence of […]


Our Renewal Changes The Future

We all know we see what we believe. It’s not the other way around. Although we usually live as if it was. So here’s the question. If we want to live the fullest life possible and express the highest idea of ourselves, is it possible to do so by holding on to a past belief […]


It Takes Many Eyes To See

In the past few years, I have learned something, which I knew, but didn’t appreciate as much as I do now. In fact, I am pretty sure that I haven’t fully appreciated it yet, but I am on the road to opening my eyes to the fact that I can’t see what I am looking […]


Christian Historian Gary Neal Hansen

Theology. It’s good for you. Gary is a church historian by trade. His writing, speaking, and teaching explores the Christian past to equip today’s disciples. Gary suggests that we can all claim the riches we didn’t know was ours. He says the more you know about your own family history, the wiser you can be […]


Live By Intent Not Resolutions

Del and I have been watching the Netflix series called The Crown. It’s so interesting to see the story of Queen Elizabeth’s life. As I watch it my admiration for Queen Elizabeth has grown tremendously. I suppose I was like other people in America, barely registering that there is a Queen, wondering how old is […]


Fantasy Writer Megan Haskell Tells Her Story

Legend has it, Megan was born with a book in her hands. When she was a kid, her mom would ground her from reading in order to get her to do her chores. Megan’s dad — also an avid reader — introduced her to Tolkien in her late elementary years, and she never looked back. […]


Be A Life Gambler

The conference was over, and I was standing in line waiting for lunch. I was in a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. In Vegas, gambling is the product. They want you to gamble. They need you to gamble. There is almost nowhere you can go where there are not flashing lights, smoke, noise and lever pulling […]


Prepare To Update Yourself

When I looked at my iPhone screen, I saw the little red circle on the App Store icon that alerted me that a few apps needed to be updated. It showed the number as three, but when I opened the App Store, there were thirty-eight apps that had to be updated. I did the obvious. […]


Easy Rotten Thought Elimination

I heard a story a few weeks ago that I can’t stop thinking about. Not because it is about potato chips, but because of what happens to them so that we can all get a perfect chip. After hearing the story, in my imagination, I turned the potato chips into thoughts. What if we did […]


Not A Twenty Chipmunk Problem-STS104-Beca Lewis

For a long time I excused them by saying, “But they are so cute. And they keep the mouse and shrew population down.” For anyone not living in shrew territory. It’s not a harsh term for an angry woman, I am talking about those little buggers that dig in your garden. If you actually see […]


First We Have To Notice-STS103-Beca Lewis

One morning last week, I had my earbuds in and was listening to podcasts while making the beds and getting the house ready for the day. Knowing that I had a coaching session with a client later that morning I realized that I would need my earbuds for the call. So I started looking for […]


Why We Need To Be Silent-STS102-Beca Lewis

What do John McWade, John Francis, Mother Theresa, Henry David Thoreau, Eckhart Tolle, Susan Lamont, and Morpheus have in common? They know the value of silence, quiet, white space. We have a plethora of evidence that silence, quiet, contemplation is necessary, not sorta necessary, but absolutely necessary, for our mental and physical health and yet, […]


Keep Moving To Defeat Resistance - STS101 - Beca Lewis

Seth Godin says that either we are in resistance or going forward. It’s Steven Pressfield’s word that he is using. Pressfield brought resistance out of hiding in his fantastic book The War of Art Don’t think this applies to you because you are not an artist? Not so. We all are invited to live every […]


Expect The Unknown To Be Normal #100

The unknown normal and a talking bag of chips, what more could you want from a mini Shift The Story podcast? Take a trip with me as we talk about expecting the unknown, discovering the healing power of vibrations, and what happens when you talk to plants. If you like these short Just Beca podcasts […]


You Are Allowed To Change Your Mind - STS99

What I like most is thinking about, and designing ways to shift my story about myself and my world. And thinking about how I can help you shift your story because if we do – if we shift our story to something that works – better than what was working five minutes ago – then […]


Sing Yourself Well-STS98-Ulrike Selleck

Have you ever met someone so full of life that while talking to them you couldn’t stop giggling or laughing with joy? That’s what happened to me while talking to my guest. Ulrike just blew me away with her stories and happiness about meeting God when she was five years old and later healing thyroid cancer by expressing herself. Die or come alive - that was the message. In this shift the story podcast Ulrike will brighten your day and inspire your life. Perhaps you will also find yourself...


Remembering The Light Within-STS97-Mary and Ron Hulnick

For the last thirty-six years, Mary and Ron Hulnick have been sharing their understanding of spiritual psychology through a masters program at their University of Santa Monica in California, Now with their new book Remembering The Light Within, they are reaching out to share with all of us. In this Shift the Story podcast Ron and Mary share how they began, and what they have learned along the way so that we can shift the story together with joy and love expressed.


Dissolving Fear-STS96-Beca Lewis and Delbert Piper

Where does fear come from , what does fear produce, and how do we rise above it? In answering these questions Del and I explore the speed of light, the idea of freedom, the number 7, escape velocity, the world of thought, and relativity. And much more! Come with us as we discover ways to dissolve fear, which of course automatically shifts the story.


Choosing Ever Better-STS95-Lisa Vogt

How can I make this better, and how does this feel to me? These are two questions my guest Lisa Vogt asks herself. Then she asks us, how do you use your voice, how do express yourself in the world? The point behind these questions is for us to explore how to live wholehearted, inspiring and daring lives. Lisa walks us through some of her life decisions as she chooses to live an inspiring life. Her shift stories are both familiar and encouraging to all of us desiring to fully live our purpose.