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Allegheny Airlines Flight 853

We travel to the site of a devastating airplane crash and attempt to record EVPs from the victims. What do they have to tell us? Were airplane seats more comfortable in 1969? Did anyone make it into the mile-high club? Could you buy in-flight cigars? Are there ghosts remaining, or are they all Simply Gone?


100 Steps Cemetery

This week we chase down the mysterious undertaker of the 100 Steps Cemetery outside of Brazil, Indiana. Are his magic powers of prophecy real? Do we fall down all 100 stairs and die? Are we mangled in some terrible tombstone accident? Or is the undertaker, Simply Gone?


Subway Spirit -or- Monster Sandwich

We capture a real live ghost in Columbus, Indiana this week*! The Subway Spirit inhabited the body of a foot-long sandwich, turning it into a monstrosity, and attacking us. Through our ingenuity involving a spatula, a toaster oven, and a little bit of luck we managed to defeat the spirit, banishing it to the shadow realm. Find out how we did it on this episode of Simply Gone.


Double Haunting in Irvington

We investigate a double haunting in Irvington, Indiana. Were there slaves in the free state of Indiana? Did the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes leave behind the ghosts of his victims? IS Hank-Arnold a good name for a dog? We attempt to get to the bottom of these questions in this episode of Simply Gone.


The Faceless Phantom of Southeastway Park

We tackle our first personal experience as we hunt and attempt to summon a faceless ghost that supposedly haunts Southeastway Park just outside of Indianapolis. Just how vicious is this ghost? How intense is this episode? How can you not already be listening to it?


St. Joseph Brewery

We dive into our most challenging case yet: St. Joseph Brewery. Join us as we pound down drink after drink in pursuit of the truth. Are the rumors of stigmata true? What about the naughty nun? And just who is she seducing? We get drunk, but do we get drunk enough to see a ghost?


Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane

We visit one of Indiana's most haunted locations to find out who or what is lurking. The Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane is said to house a variety of ghosts. But what happens when they're antagonized?


The Mysterious Disappearance of Edna Collins

We investigate the case of Edna Collins, a young girl who vanished beneath a covered bridge near Greencastle, Indiana. Does she still haunt the bridge? Or has everyone simply gone mad?


Mill Race Monster

Join us this week as we investigate the Mill Race Monster from the infamous Mill Race Park in Columbus, Indiana. We seek out the monster using only the latest, and greatest paranormal technology. So is the Mill Race Monster real? Join us and find out.


Hell's Gate

This week we head to Brazil, Indiana, rumored home of Hell’s Gate, or one of the seven said to be in the Wabash Valley. So is Hell’s Gate haunted? Is there truly a gatekeeper watching over the 7th Hell’s Gate? Or is Hell’s Gate just an example of people who have simply gone mad?


Werewolf Hollow

We head to Shelbyville, Indiana to investigate claims of werewolf activity.