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Episode 45: Toxic Masculinity On Screen

Middle Sis and Baby Sis are joined this week by their brother Joseph, BILs Brad and Luke, and SIL Courtney to dig into a toxic masculinity pie. Listen as we sip and talk shit about #GOT, #SOA and even #FNL and how we toxic (and some non-toxic) masculinity on screen. Bring your beard and your revved engine, it's time to talk MANLINESS! What do YOU think about toxic masculinity on screen? Join the convo on twitter @3SippingSisters or on email


Timeless #HeroInAHoodie Malcolm Barrett-- ReRun of Episode 40

We traveled back in time to bring you a re-run of our incredible conversation with THE Malcolm Barrett. Enjoy! This is a Timeless episode you don't want to miss! Join us Sipsters and Clockblockers as we talk with Malcolm Barrett, star of NBC's Timeless. Be warned, you might Spit while you Sip-- Verbal is hilarious. He's also just as smart as Rufus, crafting deft analysis of his show. Listen in to learn what surprise to look for in the first episode of Season 2, find out which cast member...


Episode 44: TV Renewals 2018

Our 44th episode starts with some screenshots discussion about Middle Sis's amazing night at the premiere of Timeless Season 2! Then, the Sipping Sisters talk about TV Renewals! Which shows should get another season and which don't need an extra. We talk about Timeless, The Resident, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, One Day at a Time and more! Join our renewed conversation on twitter @3SippingSisters and by email at!


Episode 43: #NeverAgain Teens and #ArmMeWith

In this epsiode we talk about the amazing Teens we see on screen and in our own lives and why they continue to give us such great hope. Middle sis brings up inclusivity and thinking about who gets left behind in the movement--but the #MarchForOurLives proved to include voices from many marginalized communities. Truly, these teens are phenomenal. We also talk about the #ArmMeWtih hashtag and what we want to be armed with as teachers. Enjoy! Join our conversation on twitter @3SippingSisters...


Episode 42: Drugs on Screen

This episode comes with some serious discussion about how we're informed and misinformed about durgs based on what we see on our screens. We talk Dope, Weeds, Breaking Bad, The Wire and more on an intriguing and personal episode. Enjoy and join the conversation on twitter @3SippingSisters or email


Episode 41: One Day at a Time- Part 1 of our 2 Part Sip with Stop and Fangirl

One Day At A Time is quality TV and we have MUCH to Sip and Say about it! We join Lizzie, Lynnie and Lyra of Stop and Fangirl to talk about Season 2 of One Day at a TIme. If you haven't seen the show yet, walk, don't run, to Netflix! Make sure to listen to Part 2 over at @stopandfangirl3!


Episode 40: Verbal da Rapper aka Malcolm Barrett aka Rufu aka #HeroInAHoodie Sips about Timeless

This is a Timeless episode you don't want to miss! Join us Sipsters and Clockblockers as we talk with Malcolm Barrett, star of NBC's Timeless. Be warned, you might Spit while you Sip-- Verbal is hilarious. He's also just as smart as Rufus, crafting deft analysis of his show. Listen in to learn what surprise to look for in the first episode of Season 2, find out which cast member Verbal would want to be stranded in time with, which lines were improved by Malcolm, and how our #HeroInAHoodie...


Episode 39: "I'm more interested in kisses, hookups, and banging" --On Screen Proposals

Happy Sipping Sunday! Grab your beverages and listen as the Sipping Sisters talk about their favorite on-screen proposals. The sisters discuss their favorite television and movie proposals AND the two married sisters share their own proposal stories. The episode will have you yearning for more on and off screen proposal stories, so cuddle up with your loved ones and listen to this lighthearted episode.


Episode 38: "Here's Your Chicken!" Sofia Gonzalez- Actress, Creator and Honorary Sipster!

Sofia Gonzalez, who you will recognize as Ally on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and many other TV roles, joins us to talk about guest starring on shows and we end up talking about SO MUCH MORE. Sofia schools us on being a Guatemalan Mexican actress and how she has dealt with adversity. We bond over our adoration of Pod Save America, the need to support #Dreamers and we get real nerdy about her scenes on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Middle sis Janelle gets wee bit too excited, and butters herself up, right...


Episode 37: "The murderer was our social justice system"--True Crime TV and Movies

Welcome to this mid-week sipping surprise!! Listen to the Sipping Sisters as we discuss our favorite True Crime TV Shows! We love True Crime TV and movies ALMOST as much as we love True Crime Pods. The sisters are deeply affected by our social justice system, and True Crime TV and movies bring these frustrations to light. Listen as we talk about how these shows change our minds about crime, trials, and our social justice system. Listen, like, subscribe, and follow us on Twitter!


Episode 36:"I am a True Crime Pod-aholic, the first step is admitting it"

Happy Sipping Saturday! Listen as the Sipping Sisters discuss True Crime Podcasts--which the middle and baby sis LOVE. The sisters discuss what we love, what makes us laugh, and what makes us cringe on our favorite and least favorite true crime podcasts.


Episode 35: Thankful Through the Sorrow- 2017 Thank You Notes- ft. Zekey!

We gulp with gratitude on this episode. The big sis, middle sis and baby shis share the new TV they are most thankful for from 2017 and then give their top three most thankful screen things from the year. Middle sis cheats a little, no surprise there. 4 year old Zekey joins the sipping conversation, talking #Brooklyn99 and #butts. It's a must listen. 2017 was a tough year full of anxiety, loss, fear, and confusion. Yet, there is much to say GRACIAS about too. OUr screens, from...


Episode 34: "He is like 9 and Drinking a 40 on the toilet"--Drinking on Screen

Enjoy this Sipping Sunday by listening along with the Sipping Sisters as drink and discuss drinking on screen. Grab a drink and sip along as we discuss how alcohol use is portrayed on screens, how it affects viewers (including ourselves), and our favorite shows to play drinking games to. Share your alcohol on screen impacts with us at


Kids Adventures on Screens

Hey You Guuuuyyssss! Grab your adventure pants and take a trip down VHS magic lane as we sip along to Kid Adventures on screen! We get started talking about some serious sipping stuff and then shift gears to more silly subjects. We talk faves- #StrangerThings #EarthtoEcho, #Jumanji, #BabysittersClub, #NowandThen, #Sandlot- and overrated films like #NeverEndingStory #Goonies and #ET. We offer our thoughts on what we'd love to see more of in the Kids Adventures genre and call for more girls...


Episode 32: Sippin Bone Broth and Talking Fall TV

Sipping Sisters take you on a journey through their thoughts on Fall TV. We talk bone broth, sexualizing thighs, our The 100 predictions, Shameless plugs and our adoration of Janet & all things The Good Place. Grad something brothy and join the convo! Tweet with us at @3SippingSisters Share your screen impacts at Subscribe, Review, and Tell a Friend. Cheers! Music by Patrick Lee


Episode 31: "You have a dad but you don't have a dad"

Grab your adult beverages and listen along as we discuss how fatherhood is portrayed on screen. Focusing on TV dads, we discuss toxic fathers, best-dad awards, and everything in between. Three sisters, with serious daddy issues, sip and chat about the impact that fathers on our screens can have.


Episode 30: Definitely NOT Married to Marriage Tropes with The One With Podcast

In our Dirt Thirty episode we continue our campaign to #KillYourTropes while we talk about Marriage on Screen! We all agreed a good marriage is hard to find, at least on TV. We talk Shameless, This is Us, Phil&Claire Dunft, Coach&Tammy, Roseanne&Dan, and many more! No on screen couple sways baby sis towards marriage, but Reality TV makes her no marriage decision even more solid! At some point we talk about Hillary and hand jobs--just like real marriage it gets a bit dicey at points!...


Episode 29: Sports on Screen--The other FANDOM

Sip along with the sisters this week as we talk sports! Listen as we discuss our favorite sports to watch and the way we watch them, sports fandoms, and of course politics in sports. We might have different views but we all sure like sipping as we watch athletes compete at the highest level possible. Put on your jersey, pour a glass of your favorite tailgate beer, and gear up for some sports talk with the Sipping Sisters!


Episode 28: Christians On Screen- OMG, Twisted Sisterds and Sipping Sisters MASHUP!

OMG, in this epic mash-up two trinities join forces to talk about Jesus on Screen. We discuss the stuff on our screens that moves our spirit and the stuff that makes us groan. We also dig deep into how the way the "good Christian" is shown on screen distances us from the loving message of Jesus. We ponder why "Christian" movies have a sheen of crappiness, and we talk some mad trash about Nicholas Sparks. We also share some of our personal experiences with church and how that has led to...


Episode 27: We Ship it While We Sip It-Sipping Sisters Talk Shipping

Get ready to Sip It and Ship It this week as Sipping Sisters talk about ships! Shockingly, none of the sisters have Joey & Pacey on their top ten, but some other popular ships make the cut. Listen in for our top ten ships, our favorite and least favorite ship tropes, and a nice discussion of #SideShips that we love. We also share which ships we're looking forward to, Hello Timeless! For Sipping Sisters, loose lips SAIL ships! Come Sip & Ship with us! A secial thanks to @shippingroompod for...


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