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Sister Night S01 Ep 07 - An Almost Religious Awe

You should probably turn your volume down a bit, because we start off yet another #SisterNightPod recap with lots of screaming! WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING YOU GUYS! The 7th episode of HBO’s Watchmen entitled “An Almost Religious Awe” is a total paradigm shift. Not only do we get to witness life through Angela’s adolescent eyes, we discover that some things never change for our favorite law enforcement family. The origin story for Sister Night is even better than we imagined and DOCTOR MANHATTAN...


Sister Night S01 Ep 06 - This Extraordinary Being

Prepare yourself for lots of random screaming in this #SisterNightPod recap, as we breakdown episode 6 of HBO’s Watchmen entitled “This Extraordinary Being.” We knew this episode was going to be huge, but we had no idea how much Lindelof had in store. Happily there is no need to adorn ourselves in clown makeup this go round, as many of our predictions actually came true. Angela goes through it, Will’s complicated backstory is exposed, and Cal needs cue cards to remember his life story. A lot...


Sister Night S01 Ep 05 - Little Fear of Lightning

In this installment of #SisterNightPod we recap episode 5 of HBO's Watchmen entitled "Little Fear of Lightning." We get way more information on why Looking Glass is the way he is, the 7th Calvary makes a move, and Angela swallows a whole ass bottle with questionable pills. Will we ever forgive Looking Glass for being a snitch?? Probs not. Will Angela smash her husband again before the series is cancelled??? Probs yes. A lot went down this episode, and the clown makeup is ON. As always, we'd...


Sister Night S01 Ep 04 - If You Don't Like My Story Write Your Own

It's dewy outside and cars are falling from the sky in this latest episode of HBO's Watchmen entitled "If You Don't Like My Story Write Your Own". We finally get to meet the infamous Lady Trieu and she does not disappoint! Serving Vulcan realness with a trillion dollar bank account, Lady Trieu leaves us with more questions than we began the episode with, BUT we also think she provides a few important answers. What are her and Will plotting? Why is her child having such visceral nightmares?...


Sister Night S01 Ep 03 - She Was Killed by Space Junk

We're delighted to see that Laurie is back! She makes her debut in episode 3 of HBO's Watchmen, where she's no longer going by Silk Spectre, and is instead now a federal agent who catches masked vigilantes. Talk about intense life changes! So where is Night Owl? Did Laurie flip on her man? Why is she harassing great value Batmans for fun? We discuss Angela's car returning from the sky, her face off with Agent Blake, and of course a myriad of more theories. What the hell is Adrian up to?? As...


Sister Night S01 Ep 02 - Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship

Soo.. it looks like we were right! Judd was a man of many secrets, and In this episode of #SisterNightPod Candice & Nicole breakdown every single explosive revelation in episode 2 of HBO's Watchmen entitled 'Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship'. What does that title even mean? Does it have to do with that suspect painting in Judd's house? What does Will have planned for Angela? Does she have a masked sibling somewhere out there? As always, we'd love to hear from you and any theories you...


Sister Night S01 Ep 01.5 - WTF is up with Judd & other conspiracy theories

In this Bonus Episode of #SisterNightPod Candice and Nicole get into a host of conspiracy theories spawned by the brilliant pilot episode of HBO's Watchmen. Who killed Judd? How many secret members of the 7th Calvary are on the force? Why are broken androids hanging out with Adrian?? So many questions, and even more theories. Join us as we make wild predictions for where season 1 could take us, and feel free to email any theories of your own or comments to


Sister Night S01 Ep 01 - It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice

Welcome to Sister Night a Watchman podcast, join us as we recap this limited HBO series. On this episode hosts Candice Jones and Nicole Daniels as they break down the 1st episode HBO's Watchman.