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New podcast from the 13cast team, looking at pairs of linked stories from the Classic and New Doctor Who series

New podcast from the 13cast team, looking at pairs of linked stories from the Classic and New Doctor Who series
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New podcast from the 13cast team, looking at pairs of linked stories from the Classic and New Doctor Who series




Something Who: Blu-ray Giveaway

Due to a staggering piece of incompetence, I have 2 copies of the Doctor Who The Collection Season 23 Blu-Ray Set (UK version) and only room for 1 on my nonexistent shelf. This means I have 1 to give away to a Something Who listener who can answer a couple of questions. The email address to send your answers is:


Episode 5.5/A: Andrew Ireland

It's the second special episode in a week celebrating the release of the University of Central Lancashire's recreation of Mission to the Unknown. After last week's episode, in which Paul, Tim, Richard and Jac Rayner gushed over the YouTube release of the reborn Mission to the Unknown, we were contacted by the creative force behind the project - Andrew Ireland. Andrew joins Richard this week to discuss the project...


Episode 5.5: Transmission of the Unknown

It's our special episode to commemorate the release of the University of Central Lancashire remake of Mission to the Unknown. After Paul, Tim and Richard gather to plot the conquest of the podcast universe, we're joined by none other than Jac Rayner, who talks about her love of the enduring mystery surrounding this story and in particular the alien delegates. Then it's back to the regulars for their views on the original show, the remake, Terry Nation and 60s Daleks. Jac's remarkable...


Episode 5: Bullseye or a Load of Old Bull?

After a visit to a podcast studio that's not quite right, Giles, Paul and Richard discuss two stories with half man, half bull creatures - The Horns of Nimon and The God Complex. It's a treat for Richard, as it's the first time he's ever seen Horns, almost 40 years after he unaccountably failed to watch its broadcast. As well as determining that there's a lot more in common between these stories than you'd think, the team manage to discuss faith, Brexit (again) and Animal Kwackers. (Please)...


Episode 4.5: Terrance Dicks

Richard, Tim and Paul react to the sad news of the recent death of Terrance Dicks by celebrating the tremendous impact he made on our lives and on the lives of everyone who loves Doctor Who. Contact us on Twitter on @something_who.


Episode 4: Beneath the Surface

Richard may have eaten too much rhubarb as he goes exploring tunnels with Paul and Giles. Then it's down to business as the three of them discuss the work of the two Chrises - Bidmead and Chibnall - Frontios and The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood. En route they manage to weave James Blunt, Brexit negotiations and washing powder into the conversation. Contact us on Twitter on @something_who. The opening music is from All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow and the closing music is from Georgia on My Mind...


Episode 3: Shoot for the Moon

After the Moonbase commander sets the Something Who team the challenge of recording an episode in an hour and a half to solve a strange illness that's affecting the UK, Richard Giles and Simon discuss the Season 4 Patrick Troughton story The Moonbase and Series 3's David Tennant story Smith and Jones. What could the linking theme be? Contact the team on Twitter via @Something_Who, find additional content on our Something Who Youtube channel and note our very slight presence on...


Episode 2.5: What a Blinkin' Day

The Something Who crew are all on holiday, temporary hiatus or otherwise indisposed, so once his memory is restored, Richard invites Tim from The Doctor Who Grumpcast for a chat about the Season 10 Blu-Ray, Missing Episodes, Series 11 and, yes, a comparison of Day of the Daleks and Blink. Only question: is this Grumpcast X or Something Who 3? Neither - its Something Who 2.5! Follow us on Twitter on @something_who Find Tim on the Doctor Who Grumpcast at and...


13Cast Episode 7 - Talkin’ ’bout Resolution

Crowded TARDIS? More like crowded 13cast! Mike finally catches up with us and, after a Morecambe and Wise catchphrase competition, we discuss the New Year’s Day episode, Resolution. Given the early(ish) hour of recording, Paul still seems to be suffering from a bit of Temporal Drift, but at least the audio issues are behind us. And when we've finished with the episode itself, we make our own Doctor Who Resolutions. 13cast will return. Eventually. Originally posted on the Doctor Who...


13Cast Episode 6 - Battle-scarred

The Gremlins have got a tight grip on 13cast this week. Giles' PC didn't record the first half, Paul's PC decided to reboot at random intervals and Simon's microphone was a bit variable, so Richard may have sacked the lot of them. But despite this, we've got our review ready for The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos and our thoughts on the season as a whole. Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 15-12-2018. 237


13Cast Episode 5 - On Reflection

It's Advent and the 13cast crew ponders the move of Doctor Who from Christmas to New Year. Then it's review time for The Witchfinders and It Takes You Away, before a debate on the nature of Doctor Who and whether the last episode is an allegory for the latest series. Finally our Christmas lists. Note: Simon's audio was badly affected by interference. We've done our best to edit round this, but there is distortion on his contributions and some have been lost. Originally posted on the Doctor...


13Cast Episode 4 - Bubble Trouble

13cast wonders - just why is there a 10 minute colour animation of Wheel in Space for Missing Believed Wiped at 25? Then the crew returns to the task of reviewing Demons of the Punjab and Kerblam! with diversions into Puncast and Latincast. And the famous sweet Yorkshire staple of Rhubarb. Which may, or may not be connected to Kerblam! Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 21-11-2018. 367


13Cast Episode 3 - Anamorphic in the UK

After the 13cast crew perform their tribute / insult to the 4 Yorkshiremen, it's time to deliver their reviews of Arachnids in the UK and The Tsuranga Conundrum, with a brief diversion into BakeOffcast. And after a couple of positive episodes, there's a bit more grumpiness this time. Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 07-11-2018. 297


13Cast Episode 2 - Sit Down

After Richard finds out he's on a different wavelength from the rest of the 13cast crew, he's also a bit hazy on the nature of Rosa Parks' protest. The team then give their reviews of The Ghost Monument and Rosa, including chapter 3 of anamorphic lenses. Keep listening to the end for the first installments of Masterchefcast and SkyAtNightcast. We also break it to Simon that Jane Horrocks is from Lancashire. Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 26-10-2018. 290


13Cast Episode 1 - Sheffield Steel

After watching Doctor Who for over 45 years, Richard finally has a Doctor that sounds like him. Well, a little bit. Since none of them could get a ticket to the all-star Sheffield premiere, he's invited the 13cast crew round to discuss the debut of the Yorkshire Doctor in a story set in Yorkshire with someone who was born and brought up in Yorkshire. Yorkshire. Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 08-10-2018. 567


13Cast - Preview Episode - The Podcast That Fell To Earth

After losing his grip at the helm of the Grumpcast, Richard falls to Earth and recruits some new friends. Together they chew over the latest trailer for Series 11 and take a fair few tangents. If Paul sounds like he's locked in a cupboard in the Dalek city on Skaro, thanks to the magic of Skype, he may very well be. Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 23-09-2018. 525


Something Who Episode 2: Dummies' Guide

We're back, and frankly it's a bit late. And we've lost Simon along the way. But we're here now, and after Paul gives Richard a Something Who briefing, it's on to Something Old - Spearhead from Space - and Something New - Rose. Join the Something Who gang - Richard, Giles, Paul and Mike - while we ponder first stories, Autons, where we originally saw the stories and who thought it was a good idea to invite Robert Holmes back after The Krotons and The Space Pirates.


Something Who Episode 1: Not Just Any Old Crab

Well, it's finally here. We light the blue touch paper with Something Old(ish) - the Macra Terror - Something New(ish) - Gridlock - superficially linked by the Macra, but actually with much broader ties than that. Join the Something Who gang - Richard, Giles, Paul, Simon and Mike - as we chew over this story pairing, pondering issues such as faith, redemption, whatever happened to Ben and when exactly will Mike mention chocolate eclairs?


13Cast Episode 8 - Summat Who Pilot

Richard's excited about the imminent arrival of Grexit Day, until the rest of the 13cast team point out what exit from the Grumpcast might actually mean. After comparing notes on how podcasting has changed their lives (hardly), it's time to review Series 11 in the style of our new podcast, Something Who, comparing new and classic Doctor Who stories. Something Who will arrive in a new podcast feed from April. Originally posted on the Doctor Who Grumpcast feed on 23-03-2019. 236