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The Desire TAZ

In this episode we'll talk about the TAZ, or temporary autonomous zone, that is Desire and how that environment has the ability to change someone' personality in various ways. We'll also have some sexy details from #SummerDP2018. TAZ by Hakim Bay Mini Podcast-a-palooza Nov 3, 2018 in NYC! As always, you can find us online here: Twitter - @SpiritualSwing www.spiritualswingers.net Our Kasidie Community Email - Adam@spiritualswingers.net or Eve@spiritualswingers.net Kasidie & SLS -...


For the Ladies

No...this isn't the subject line of a creepy message from Adam with a d**k pic attached...there's actually some real substance here in the form of advice and perspectives for ladies in the lifestyle. We'll answer listener questions from a Christian female with bisexual interests and a sexually active lifestyle female and mother who is looking to balance the two roles. We'll also address how women in the lifestyle can be more clear with being receptive to the advances of somewhat hesitant...


We Came Out! Sort of...

In this episode we sit down with our former pastor (Ahab) and his wife (Jezebel). We discuss their feelings about us revealing our secret of being in the lifestyle, their thoughts on what the lifestyle is from a vanilla perspective, and their qualified advice for Christians in the lifestyle who may need to reconcile the perceived conflict between Christian doctrine and lifestyle activities. As always, you can find us online here: Twitter - @SpiritualSwing www.spiritualswingers.net Our...


We Gotta Desire Thing - Live

Mr and Mrs Jones, along with several of our new friends, join us for a live podcast from Desire Pearl. We discuss the differences between our first and second visits, share a few snapshots, and some funny observations. As always, you can find us online here: Twitter - @SpiritualSwing www.spiritualswingers.net Our Kasidie Community Email - Adam@spiritualswingers.net or Eve@spiritualswingers.net Kasidie & SLS - SpiritualSwing Namaste sexy friends! :x



As we prepare for our second trip to Desire Pearl, we look back on our first trip there as part of the DP2017 podcast takeover group. We'll discuss everything from the surprise of finding an open room at the last minute, to the personality changes, abundance of fun, and lack of sleep that left us exhausted at the end of the week. As always, you can find us online here: Twitter - @SpiritualSwing www.spiritualswingers.net Our Kasidie Community Email - Adam@spiritualswingers.net or...


Halloween Parties and Feelings

In this episode we discuss both of our Halloween parties...one with some fun sexy details and another with a potentially awkward meeting that left us with some feelings to ponder. We also talk about Reid Mihalko's "Casual Sex Protocols" and how we're combining that information with our past experience to keep us casual in the lifestyle. We'll wrap up the episode with some wonderful calming affirmations to help you enhance your solar plexus (confidence) chakra. As always, you can find us...


Bonus - Spiritual Swingers' Vanilla Spice Vacation

What? Another bonus episode? That's right...we're fast forwarding again to talk about our sexy times in Miami with Mr and Mrs Florida at Trapeze, the always fabulous and sexy Sapphic Swingers, and our (mis)adventures on our vanilla cruise. Did the black rings work? Are single guys REALLY successful sneaking their way into playrooms? Does Piper secretly hate us? All that and more in this episode! sapphicswingers.blogspot.com As always, you can find us online here: Twitter -...


A Series of Firsts

In this episode we come to the end of our Summer of Adventure by pushing our boundaries a bit further and engaging in some first time play experiences. We also manage to stumble into the role of party planners when we decide to invite all our new lifestyle friends to join us at a club. We'll also discuss what we learned from this large group event and how that translated into another group event over the winter. Finally we wrap up with an impromptu discussion of our "closing ratio" as...


Bonus - H.P. and the Lifestyle Interview

In this interview we jump ahead in time to the present and interview our first and only single guy...H.P. No...not Daniel Radcliffe...that would be crazy. Maybe Eve would have liked that though. We received some outstanding questions from our Twitter follows for Harry, and asked some of our own. Those answers along with a little unqualified advice from us on how to find a quality single guy and our reasoning behind moving to this level of play hopefully make for a fun bonus episode. As...


Pushing Past Boundaries

When is the right time to push a boundary in the lifestyle? Since we came back into the lifestyle with some old baggage, we thought we might have further to go than the average newbie couple. But soon we started to find our groove! In this episode we discuss some confidence boosting moments during our "Summer of Adventure" and our decision to take some steps forward. Yet as we usually find, we're not really growing until some uncomfortable situations pop up. We talk about how we...


Tantric Explorations

In this episode we discuss Tantra and a few of the things we learned as we explored this ancient tradition that interweaves the spiritual and the physical. We talk about some basic techniques and explore the different types of lovers as they relate to the 5 elements of nature. What kind of lover are you? Then things get personal as Adam goes where he has never gone before. He shares how he "came" away with a mind blowing discovery and has some tips for all of you adventurous guys out...


The Summer of Adventure Begins

In this episode, we discuss the term "sapiosexual" and how it relates to our lifestyle journey as well as where each of us fall on the "sapiosexual spectrum." We also tell a few stories from the beginning of our Summer of Adventure...our first three months of "ripping off the band-aid" of getting back into the lifestyle. We also answer a few of our own Not-So-Stupid Questions about how and where to find other people in the lifestyle. As always, you can find us online here: Twitter -...


Our Story

We share significant points of our relationship story from our beginning to the present including our sexual journey early in our marriage and a false start into the lifestyle that loomed over our relationship for quite a while. We discuss how we're currently at a sexual exploration phase of our recovery process realizing that we still have room to grow in our own relationship by letting go of the negatives. We also share our stories since reentering the lifestyle. Even though there is a...



Hello sexy friends! We're Adam and Eve...and we're in the lifestyle. How can that be? Isn't the swinging lifestyle all about sex? Maybe it starts out that way, but we have found the lifestyle relationships we've formed to be some of the most authentic, least judgmental friendships we have. In our introductory episode we'll share a bit about our intentions for the podcast, what kinds of topics interest us, and try to give you an idea of what to expect in our full episodes. We invite you to...