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Strong Life Coach delivers premium content that elevates people in their leadership, attitude, career, romance, friendship, family, finances, trials, and more. Each episode, Derek Daniel Guajardo hosts a special guest who showcases their experience and expertise with the ultimate goal of adding value to the listeners.

Strong Life Coach delivers premium content that elevates people in their leadership, attitude, career, romance, friendship, family, finances, trials, and more. Each episode, Derek Daniel Guajardo hosts a special guest who showcases their experience and expertise with the ultimate goal of adding value to the listeners.
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Strong Life Coach delivers premium content that elevates people in their leadership, attitude, career, romance, friendship, family, finances, trials, and more. Each episode, Derek Daniel Guajardo hosts a special guest who showcases their experience and expertise with the ultimate goal of adding value to the listeners.






Thriving as a Therapist with Mark Tovar

Therapist/Counselor Mark Tovar Joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast! Owner and Operator of Real Counseling Incorporated: We Guide, You Thrive Central Michigan University Bachelor of Arts and Broadcasting 1998 Master of Arts Professional Counseling Degree Central Michigan in 2001 PHD Work at UTSA in Counseling and Supervision Education 20 Years in Higher Education and Mental Health Agencies working with Ages 6-60 Why did you decide to start your own counseling practice? What...


Power, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare with Author Julia Dee Motycka

Author - Julia Motycka - joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast. She has 40 Years of experience Walking with God in His word, 40 years of marriage, three grown children, seven grandchildren. Julia is a Style Coach and a representative for a line of jewelry. In addition, she has nearly four decades of leadership experience with small group leadership and Sunday school teaching. When did you decide to become an author? How have authors contributed to your growth as a person? How did Max...


Child Custody Perspective with Attorney Shirley Ehrlich

Shirley Graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University with Business Degree Focusing on Accounting In addition, she has seven years of insurance experience with Aetna and USAA. Then, she attended Law School at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Tx. Altogether, Shirley has 39 Years of Expertise as an Attorney with 37 years of experience focusing on child custody litigation. Questions Covered: When you were growing up, did you see yourself as an attorney? What inspired you to become...


Teacher of the Year Award Winner - Michael Sandoval - Joins the Show!

Southwest Independent School District Teacher of the Year 2018-2019 * Top 19 Finalists For Best Teacher in Bexar County * Non-Profit Board Member * Overseeing Benevolent Distribution * Geography Teacher Team Leader * Coach for Academic World Quest You're Included for a Special Invite for December 9th, 2020! Find Out What Is Happening! What is a unique challenge that you have overcome as a teacher? When did you first know you wanted to be a teacher? Who inspired you the most to...


Called to Coach Featuring Kisha Pollard

Kisha Pollard is a Dynamic Leader and Outstanding Development Coach! She's coached me into thousands of dollars of salary increase! Undergraduate in Leadership from Strayer University * Author of The Smile in My Voice which was Published in March of 2018 * 17 Years in Insurance Industry * Corporate Leadership: 11 Years * Podcast on YouTube Kisha Pollard * Vlog: Kisha Pollard on Instagram What inspired you to write your first book? What advice would you offer to aspiring authors out...


Overcoming Obstacles in Leadership with Paige Hiyane

Paige Hiyane Joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast! We discuss Paige's approach to leadership: connecting with people, overcoming doubts and worries, and influencing in a male dominant industry. Lastly, we discuss Page as the a Cat Woman; she loves cats!


Leadership Legacy with Art Gonzales

My High School Basketball Coach - Art Gonzales - Joined the Strong Life Coach Podcast! Coach Gonzales has been leading and coaching basketball for a lifetime. He has influenced, invested in, and developed countless men and women over the years. Truly an honor to showcase his journey!


Man Behind The Brand of Rizo Insurance Group with Fernie Rizo

Fernie Rizo joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast to share his leadership journey. With a wealth of experience, he has attained a Masters Degree from New Mexico State, over 13 years of experience in education - as a teacher and assistant principal, decades of experience coaching and overseeing athletic programs, and now seven years of experience in the insurance industry. Fernie owns Rizo Insurance Group LLC and Nike Proskills San Antonio.


Learning for a Lifetime with My Mom

My Mom (Terry Puente) has never settled for complacency, but always has had a healthy hunger for more! What has helped her learn for a lifetime? How has Derek improved as a motivational speaker? What would Terry say to those over 40-years-old to inspire them to keep learning? Where does most of Terry's learning come from? What are the two ingredients in Derek's ideal growth plan? What experience helped Terry grow the most? How deep is their love for reading? What keeps Terry growing in her...


Transcendent Friendship with Chris Flores

Chris and Derek discuss transcendent friendship. When a life change occurs - marriage, job, children, move - does the bond between brothers have to change? They intertwine a little international flavor using proverbs from around the world to reveal a friendship principle. How does Derek describe his inmost circle of friends? What is the hardest part of building a deep friendship for Chris? Who is easiest to trust for Chris? When a prior co-worker passed away, how was Chris there for Derek?...


Passion with Purpose Featuring Vince Pierce

Dynamic and Inspiring Church Leader - Vince Pierce - is the Special Guest on the Strong Life Coach Podcast! Derek and Vince discuss Passion with Purpose. Vince has been a mentor, big brother, and great friend to Derek for over a decade. What is something you are excited about? What is something that makes a difference? What is something that matters? How can you avoid the mundane routines? What helps ignite Vince's passion? Derek shares about USAA recruiting him for a role that offered him...


LionLife with Eric Nuncio

LionLife Founder/Owner/CEO - Eric Nuncio - joins Derek on the Strong Life Coach Podcast to discuss the journey behind the brand! What inspired the creation of LionLife? How did Eric set a new standard of educational excellence for his family? Find out what he's doing for the children who feel left out, less than, and at the bottom in their basketball journey. He's a big time influencer in the community with stellar character.


Cultivate Your Career with Andrew Alanis

Special guest - Andrew Alanis - joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast to discuss Cultivating Your Career. He brings expertise in resume refining, interview tactics, mock interviews, and salary negotiation. Andrew empowers people to elevate their self value. Find out what "Fighting Back for Your Value" means in your career. What misconceptions exist in attaining a high-caliber job? When should you NOT change jobs? When outside job opportunities attract you, what does that indicate in your...


Dealing with Dad's Death with Kiel Carter

Kiel Carter joins the Strong Life Coach Podcast! You name the masculine venture and Kiel has been there and done that: Staff Sergeant in the Army, Air Force service, hunter, fisherman, weight lifting competitions, basketball coach, jumping out of helicopters, motorcycle riding, tae kwon do, boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, deck builder, husband, and father of three. He is a man's man. Derek and Kiel discuss dealing with each of their Dads' deaths: how it influences their relationships, the...


Magnify the Needs of Your Spouse

The Strong Life Coach podcast producer - Jason Riley - joins the show! What changed Jason's plan about how to ask Melanie to marry him? Derek shares about the challenges of learning to listen effectively early on in his marriage. How has divorce influenced both Derek and Jason growing up? Find out what made Jason know that Melanie was the one he wanted to marry.


Success in Sales with Chris Flores

Chris Flores joins the show and shares the strategies that helped him rise to the top of the sales force in a top insurance company. Derek relates the sales insights to wooing his wife, grocery shopping, and to his new venture of building the Strong Life Coach speaking and coaching business. Chris transitions to share about the most important experience of his career.


Fierce & Fearless: Derek's Mom Joins the Show!

Terry (Derek's Mom) joins the show to share what has cultivated her fierce and fearless attitude. She shares openly about the challenges being a single mother with three children, starting businesses, investing in real estate, and more. They both are crying in gratitude by the end. Beautiful time!