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Thank you for helping spread the word about domestic abuse!

Thank you for helping spread the word about domestic abuse!
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Thank you for helping spread the word about domestic abuse!






Ending SHATTERPROOF Thriving After Domestic Abuse Podcast

This podcast episode is about business. Specifically, My Business. And the fact that it’s not working. Warren Buffet is the third richest person in the world…he has owned and started businesses that have not worked. Here is one of my favorite Warren Buffet quotes: “In a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”– Warren Buffett You know that I have changed my mind, changed my life, changed my name, changed my...


I Created A New Stronger Me! Jitka Bernardova

My guest today is Jitka Bernardova. Jitka grew up in the Czech Republic behind the Iron Curtain. Despite the confines of living in communism with very controlling parents, she was a very happy and active child. Her parents were very strict and she didn’t feel loved enough, so she was constantly seeking love from babies and animals. Jitka loved to play outside and take care of all the neighbors’ kids on the street. She was so blinded by looking for love that she didn’t see the problems she...


You May Be the Exact Inspiration Another Woman Needs with Mickie Zada

You never know the influence you have on someone’s life. As you deal with your reality, feeling like you are drowning in emotions and responsibility, someone else’s view of you is that of inspiration, strength, and success. My cousin died last week. She was a favorite cousin, my big sister by proxy. She was the one I ran to when I left my abuser for the very first time. At that time, she was recently divorced, had emotional and financial responsibility for two young sons; she was a...


You're Not Crazy; You Were Abused

People often see the victim of narcissistic abuse as “crazy” and full of fear and doubt. The narcissist shows up cool, calm and collected. Right? Why is that? Because the narcissist has the ability to make their victims responsible for any and every negative thing. Even things they make up…using our words! They convince us we are crazy. They convince us we are the abusers! They separate realities and stay calm, while the light us on fire. You are not, and were not, crazy. You...


Childhood Violence and Emotional Domestic Abuse did not Deter this Dynamic Author with Laurel Anne Hill

Laurel Anne Hill grew up in San Francisco, with more dreams of an adventure than good sense or money. Her close brushes with death, love of family, respect for honor and belief in a higher power influence her writing and life. Her early home life included a happy-drunk Grandfather and a mean-drunk Dad: So mean and violent that she, her Mother, Grandmother, and brother often hid in the basement to escape his wrath. This life pattern, of course, set the stage for the first marriage to an...


Lessons in Life and Love with Riana Milne

It was the lies and emotional abuse that lead my guest to research and discover that BOTH her Exs had extreme childhood trauma. She said “This fact was something NOT taught in a triple Masters program in Psychology!” After 2 years of research, she discovered childhood trauma leads to emotional abuse and that made total sense, for her healing and the healing of her psychotherapy and coaching clients as well. My guest is Riana Milne. She is a certified, Global Life, Dating &...


God Must See So Much Strength in Me

Her abusive marriage mirrored a made-for-TV movie. Then she decided that God must see so much strength in her; she shifted her focus from victim to thriver. Kim Lyons describes domestic abuse as emotional terrorism and says what we all know to be true: If you haven’t lived it, you just don’t get it! Thrivers are a sorority of sisterhood. (Not a sorority in which we want to be Members, but in a sisterhood of support, encouragement, and inspiration.) Now Kim works with people who want...


There is Always an Upside

Many of us can relate to Rena Romano’s statement that for many years, on the outside her life looked perfect. She was a successful business woman, friends were envious, her Mother was proud. On the inside she was dying, a broken soul. Harboring a horrific secret since childhood, no one knew the pain she was suffering. Then she chose to become a Thriver: she created and embraced her truth that there is always an upside no matter what you’ve been through. In October 2009 Rena was...


How Foolish I was – I Thought He Was Perfect Christine Cristina

Raise your hand if you have you said this about your abuser: “How foolish I was. I thought he was perfect.”? My hand is up! Christine Cristina shares her story of shocking awareness of being undermined by a narcissist. She sold her home and her business because he encouraged her to live the life he had created. They decided to build a new home. She chose to travel with him, to spend a lot of time on his boat, to give up her own life to embrace his. She was 60 years old. She had...


YEA! I Finally Got 50/50 Custody of My Daughter!

A 90-day temporary order took two years to resolve…YEA! I finally got 50/50 custody of my daughter! This conversation is not to discourage anyone. It is to validate that right can eventually prevail, even in custody cases with abusive Dads. Amber went to court without an attorney and everything her abuser and his attorney told the Judge was believed. Her abuser was given full custody of their daughter, then and there. The lies he told were that she was addicted to drugs and alcohol. ...


I Was Wrong! I Thought I was Safe from His Violent Behavior

Jacqui Oh is a career teacher, student and vocalist who loves to ask questions, from dumb to inappropriate and often introspective. Jacqui likes to have fun. She is passionate about education, diversity and culture. All of those areas are addressed on her podcast, StartDis. She is also a victim turned thriver of domestic abuse. Her story in this interview is openly shared with heart-felt honesty and emotion. While Jacqui’s abusive relationship did not last many years, the trauma...


Hope When There Was None Melinda Kunst

My guest just celebrated 10 years out of abuse…she created a Facebook video and titled it her “Survivor-versary”! A long hard road that began as a young child through abuse by her step-father, she was conditioned that being treated poorly was “normal”. My guest is author Melinda Kunst. At 17 Melinda moved into teen dating violence … like most of us, she ignored the red flags. Now, she teaches teens and parents to pay attention to their daughters’ behaviors and words, to listen for...


I Wanted to Be That Adoring, Loving Wife

My guest’s favorite quote is: You can’t change where you have been, but you can change where you are GOING!! When she was in her 20′s, she thought she had met her soul mate, the love of her life. He was a very successful businessman who owned an advertising/direct mail business. They married and she soon became his right-arm partner in business. In September of 2001, The World Trade Center collapsed: their business income fell 90% that year. Her husband was able to choose retirement,...


Just You and Your Thoughts in the Midnight Hour

Just you and your thoughts in the midnight hour: What are you thinking about? Can’t sleep because you worry, you’re still fearful, you’re wondering if you REALLY can make it on your own, were you really abused? Sheila Malloy-Hall talks about carrying the shame, pain and hurt of abuse, knowing these emotions are not who she is or who she was meant to be. Still the feelings kept her awake at night. Sheila is now an Empowerment Speaker, Advocate, Survivor Strategist, Best Selling Author,...


Magic Words to Use with a Narcissist

Wouldn’t you love to have magic words to use when communicating with your narcissist…or any abuser? My guest, Lindsey Ellison, tells you exactly what to say on this podcast and in her book by the same title, Magic Words. Lindsey is an author, a relationship coach and founder of Start Over Coaching, Inc. She specializes in helping people break free from narcissistic abuse, navigate their divorce or break-up, and find happiness and peace. Originally stemming from her own personal...


Your Most Abundant Year

How is it possible for this to be your most abundant year? That’s what I wondered…then I thought about what “abundant” really means! Abundant is finances, of course. And much more than that! I discovered that this being my most abundant year included changing my perspective, releasing even more negative self-talk, recognizing and letting go of undermining beliefs tied to the Imposter Syndrome. I spent the past few weeks changing my attitude and my energy. This is my most abundant...


I Easily and Effortlessly Smile

I easily and effortlessly smile! Why? Because smiling is the quickest way to increase positive energy. Several women in my Community have asked this week how to change their negative moods and attitudes…they were feeling sad, guilty, lonely, frustrated, angry, alone. We all feel negative emotions now and then. Having left domestic abuse does not mean everything is good now…no more sad days, living in the past or fearful of the future. Right? We still carry all that negativity with us,...


One Thing You Don’t Know About Living in Domestic Abuse

There is a pervasive reality described and discussed by women who have lived in domestic abuse…it is generally only talked about after we leave. We don’t want to accept the reality of our lives when we are still living in abuse. Here’s the one thing: You did not know you were an abused wife, significant other or girlfriend. For months, years or decades you did not know, did not believe, did not accept that you were abused. Your mind told you that you were the strong one, that you were...


Your Ripples Will Change Someone’s World

As kids, we threw rocks into water to watch the ripples…I still do! I like to see how far they will travel. We know that ripples of light and sound travel into infinity. The same is true of what we say (sound) and the energy we release (light). Our words and energy are felt and heard. They affect objects they bump into…like our family members, co-workers, and friends. We are totally responsible for the ripples we send into the Universe and into our little space of life. The...


Your Abuse was Not About You

My guest’s Mission is to break the stigma of being abused by breaking her silence. One of the realities that empowered her and that she teaches other victims of abuse is that your abuse was not about you. It was about your abuser. In our conversation, she shares that her former step father abused her physically, psychologically and sexually. He told her every single day, from the age of 2 til 12, that she was ugly, stupid, useless, worthless, and unlovable. She believed him, not just...