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Voiceover, Audio Production, Radio Imaging


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Voiceover, Audio Production, Radio Imaging






Episode 137: Neil Wilson

Neil Wilson is an experienced Voice Actor based in the Baton Rouge area. His work is found on Radio like GO COUNTRY in L.A., TV Promo work such as FX Network and HBO, TV Affiliate, Commercial and more. Neil is also, possibly, the biggest football fan I know…like right up to the edge of annoying…


Episode 136: Pete Gustin

Pete Gustin is the voice of many Radio and TV stations, Movie Trailers, national commercial campaigns and perhaps most notably, the signature voice of The Fox News Channel. Pete also has a background in radio production starting his career at WEEI, one the more powerful stations in one the largest American Radio Markets, Boston, Mass. …



JAMES STODD is Group Production Director – Celador Radio plus Classic Rock Imaging Producer at Benztown. James is a UK based Radio Imaging producer who has held a well rounded variety of jobs. From his start as a “jock” in college to Radio Mercury in Crawley where he got his start with Production among other…


Episode 134: Malcom Ryker

I can safely say my guest is a “ROCK GUY” and that is both a compliment and true. He would also be the first to tell you it’s what he loves and what he has done his entire career. The thing is, he also does a ton more. Malcom Ryker is the Creative Services Director…


Episode 133: Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor has been on an impressive RISE over the last few years. For me, I went from sort of knowing of him and hearing him some places…to befriending him and hearing him EVERYWHERE! Based on his work with iHeart Radio Stations, TV Networks and Local TV Affiliates… and everything else he does… he might…


Episode 132: Jeff Schmidt 2019

Another returning guest, Jeff Schmidt is back for a very specific reason: He is producing some of the biggest and most successful podcasts available. Jeff is atop-tier radio imaging producer and sound designer based in the Bay Area. Most recently, as I mentioned, he’s focused on podcast production. In this “new” podcast realm he has…


Episode 131: Issa Lopez

As a Voice Actor Issa Lopez makes it very clear that she knows who she is…and who she is NOT. This is one of the biggest factors in her growth and success. Issa is a bilingual talent focusing on Radio Imaging, Commercial, Narration, IVR and more in both English and Spanish. She is heard all…


Episode 130: Mark Peeples

A veteran Voice Actor, Mark Peeples is heard…everywhere. Radio, TV Affiliate are the BIG ones for Mark but he also reads Promo, Trailers, Commercial, Late Night TV bits and more in his Alabama studio. Mark started in Radio but shifted to Voiceover pretty early in his career in Atlanta. One of his big “breaks” was…


Episode 129: Roger Keeler 2019

Roger Keeler is UNIQUE. He is also immensely talented, creative, experienced, off-beat, musical, and highly SKILLED in all things audio. BUT above all else – UNIQUE. This is one of the few people I wanted to have on for a second time. When I am out in the wild talking Imaging with other pros his…


Episode 128: Dan Mumford

Our guest, Dan Mumford, spent a decade at RADIO 1 in the UK starting at age 25. He then had some other Radio Imaging related jobs but quickly found his place as a successful music and sound design producer/composer/engineer. We discuss his music background, radio background and how they intersect. Of course we talk tech…


Episode 127: Beau Weaver

Today I bring on a Voice Actor with an enormous body of work. Beau Weaver has seen great success in TV Affiliate work, Network Promo, Syndicated TV Promo, Commercial, Narration, Trailers, Live Announce (Emmy’s and more), Animation, Radio Imaging and everything in between. Beau started in radio in the 60’s moving into voiceover in the… The post Episode 127: Beau Weaver appeared first on Ryan Drean | Audio Branding.


Episode 126: Capital FM/Xtra 2018

To finish off 2018 in style I decided the show would require a TEAM as opposed to ONE guest. In fact, I welcome not just "a" team but perhaps THE team. The 7-man Imaging Collective at CAPITAL and CAPITAL XTRA are ALL guests on the show. We commandeered the big studio at Capital and even had multiple remote locations mixed in. I can't begin to summarize everything we discussed but I did my best to cover most of what goes into Imaging such Epic brands like Capital and Capital Xtra plus all the...


Episode 125: Nik Smon

I should lead with one of the big reasons I wanted Nik Smon on the show: He uses Ableton. Music producers, especially electronic producers, might say, “So what?” But in the Radio Imaging world it’s rather rare to work in this DAW. (Warning – Voice talents or NOT-so-nerdy-audiophiles – we get super nerdy with audio…

Episode 124: Rich Van Slyke

“Write it down. Write down what you want. Write down your goals.” I’ll lead off this post with those wise words provided from my guest, Rich Van Slyke. Sort of seems obvious…yet is it? How many of us actually do that? I do not. On top of being a stellar Radio Imaging Voice, Rich is…


Episode 123: Brad Leask

Brad is the Network Imaging Producer for NOVA Entertainment based in Sydney, Australia. Great gig for a seasoned veteran of the industry…or for someone who has been in for 5 YEARS and is all of 24 YEARS OLD! You wouldn’t know how old or young he is by talking to him. You will know how…


Episode 122: The Imaging House

Kelly Doherty, K3, KellyKellyKelly is the guest…again! Kelly has been a big player in the Radio Imaging world for a very long time and became a household name playing at highest levels at a rather young age. She is an Imaging Voice Artist heard on some of the pinnacle radio brands across the world in…


Episode 121: Josh Goodman

The transition from a successful career on-the-air in radio to independent full-time voice artist is not exactly an easy proposition and certainly not as easy as some people might expect it to be. Denver-based talent Josh Goodman is a multi-faceted voiceover artist who is LEGIT good at all the various….facets… and has navigated that radio to…


Episode 120: Ron Tarrant

UPDATE: I am not going to say Ron owes me $10 (I don’t think he accepted my bet) but today, June 7th 2018, Ron was able to announce he is joining the team at Reel World. A GREAT Get for them! The entire staff at the Producers Podcast (me) wishes him continued world domination and success. …


Episode 119: Bob Schmidt

Bob Schmidt is the voice of the Fox Sports Radio Network, The Dan Patrick Show, AM 570 in LA and countless other (mostly sports) stations and shows around the US. Bob is also…yes ALSO… an extremely talented Radio Imaging Producer. He produces AM 570 in LA, calls that his home base and has been in…


Episode 118: Scott Matthews

After this interview, and based on our conversations away from the show, I can safely say that Scott Matthews LOVES radio and is proud to make it his primary focus. Scott Matthews is a Radio Imaging Voice. I think I could leave it there and he would be fine with that. But alas that is…