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Episode 32 - Tandy Assembly 2019 Preview and Buzz Murphy

In this episode we start by previewing the upcoming Tandy Assembly 2019. We have a lot of big news to relate regarding the 3rd annual gathering of Tandy Radio Shack computing enthusiasts in Springfield, Ohio. We also discuss a new document archiving project of original Radio Shack Customer Service Bulletins. There's the usual segments on new projects, new acquisitions, listener feedback and the book review. We then try to decide what do you do with a wall of Model I Video Displays. Finally,...


Episode 31 - News, Acquisitions and Valerie See

In this episode we discuss the latest Tandy Assembly 2019 updates, the 40th Anniversary of the TRS-80 Model II, archiving of rare Radio Shack Dealer Franchise documentation, the third Connecticut Vintage Computer Auction and a lot of acquisitions. Then, in the latter segment, Pete interviews Tandy Radio Shack Engineer Valerie See.


Episode 30 - Lots of Acquisitions and Rick Papo

Spring is in the air at Trash Talk headquarters, so weve been itchy to make quite a few acquisitions lately that we discuss, including a long weekend drive to Chicago. We also introduce a new TRS-80 search engine that should prove to be a highly valuable resource to the TRS-80 community. Then, we do some eBay shopping for TRS-80 computers and related items. Finally, we interview TRS-80 programmer Rick Papo. Rick was the author of several important reference books for the TRS-80 which...


Episode 29 - Interview with Steve Leininger

In this episode, Peter Cetinski talks with Steve Leininger. Steve was the designer of the first TRS-80 microcomputer which became known as the Model I. In the interview, Steve talks about his early life and how he came to be hired by Tandy Radio Shack to design their first computer in 1976. He tells us what it was like to work at the fabled company with a number of interesting stories, many of which you you probably haven't heard before. Then, he finishes up by discussing what he's been...

Episode 28 - Buying and Selling TRS-80s

In this episode, the Trash Talkers discuss how to buy and sell TRS-80s. Using their wealth of knowledge about the Tandy collector's market, they go in-depth on tips and techniques to use at live auctions, eBay, Craigslist and other marketplaces. Whether you're buying, selling or doing both, you're likely to learn quite a bit from their experience.


Episode 27 - The First Tandy Computers

In this episode, the Trash Talkers discuss a little known time in the history of Tandy Radio Shack computing. There was a short period just before and after the release of the TRS-80 Model I in 1977 when Tandy sold many different microcomputers, from Altairs to Vectors, under the Tandy Computers brand. Later in the episode, we interview one of the key players of the original Tandy Computers division, former Tandy Radio Shack senior manager, Joe Sigler.


Episode 26 - TRS-80 Collecting

In this episode, regular Trash Talkers Peter Cetinski and Ian Mavric welcome Aaron Brockbank and Eric Dittman to the show. First, we run through the schedule for the upcoming Tandy Assembly 2018. Then, we spend some time discussing one of the more popular TRS-80 newsletters from the period, 80 US Journal, which is 40 years old this month. Finally, in our main segment, we talk in-depth about TRS-80 collecting.


Episode 25 - RetroStore is a TRS-80 App Store

In this episode, Trash Talkers Peter Cetinski and Ian Mavric welcome guest host Aaron Brockbank as he joins us to discuss the latest news and current events in the world of the TRS-80. Then, we talk with some of the management team from Tandy Assembly to discuss the preparations for the big event in November. Finally, we interview Arno Puder and Sascha Haeberling who have developed a TRS-80 App Store including the hardware needed to access it from your TRS-80 via the Internet.


Episode 24 - Summer 2018 and Ken Brookner

In this episode, Trash Talkers Peter Cetinski and Ian Mavric welcome the Summer of 2018 (at least in the North) with a bunch of TRS-80 news and current events updates. We discuss the upcoming Tandy Assembly 2018, a new TRS-80 Model I diagnostics cartridge and do some eBay shopping. Then, we interview former Tandy Radio Shack employee Ken Brookner. Ken served in many roles at Tandy Radio Shack in Fort Worth, as he climbed the ladder in technical support, starting as a phone rep and ending up...

Episode 23 - Tandy vs IBM

In this episode the Trash Talkers welcome vintage computing podcast pioneer David Greelish as a guest host. Pete, Ian and David discuss how Tandy reacted to the the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer in 1981. Tandy Radio Shack had all the advantages with its massive distribution network, its existing business focused Model II computer and with the forthcoming powerful Tandy 2000 computer. How the company attempted to compete with IBM and eventually failed is the main focus of the...


Episode 22 - TRS-80 Clones: The Dick Smith System 80

In this episode the Trash Talkers discuss one of the most popular of the TRS-80 compatible or ''clone'' computers, the Dick Smith System 80. The System 80 was mainly sold in Austrailia and New Zealand but variants were also sold in the United States and Europe under the PMC-80 and Video Genie brands.


Episode 21 - The TRS-80 in Scientific Research

Join the Trash Talkers as we discuss a bunch of TRS-80 related topics, from Pete Cetinski's new TRS-80 Game ''Breakdown'' to a Radio Shack store reproduction on TV's ''Little Sheldon'' to a discussion of how TRS-80s were used in scientific research. We wrap up with some eBay shopping of interesting TRS-80 related accessories and collectables.


Episode 20 - 2017 Review, 2018 Plans and Jerry Heep

This episode includes significant portions of our live show from this past December where we review our episodes from 2017 and talk about our upcoming 2018 TRS-80 related projects. Also, in our continuing series of interviews with Tandy Radio Shack engineers, we talk to Jerry Heep about his long career working as a Tandy engineer.


Episode 19 - TRS-80s on the Farm and Paul Schreiber

In this episode Pete C. and Mav discuss the TRS-80 and it's role in agriculture while discussing some recent acquisitions. Pete C. relates a tale about an interesting Tandy rescue trip to Newark, NJ. Then, we play a little TRS-80 generated music. Finally, in our continuing series of interviews with Tandy Radio Shack engineers, we talk to Paul Schreiber about his experiences working as a Tandy engineer.


Episode 18 - Tandy Assembly Recap and Mike Yetsko

In this episode the Trash Talkers discuss what happened at the inaugural Tandy Assembly event on October 7th and 8th 2017. After that we do a little eBay shopping. Then, Peter Cetinski interviews Tandy engineer Mike Yetsko. Mike has quite a few interesting stories to tell about his time working at Tandy Radio Shack back in the day.


Episode 17 - The First Tandy Assembly

In this episode the Trash Talkers are joined by fellow podcasters from the Coco Crew Podcast, John Linville and Neil Blanchard. We present an in-depth preview of the inaugural Tandy Assembly event which is taking place on October 7 and 8. We also review the VCFMW 12 which took place in early September.


Episode 16 - Happy 40th Birthday TRS-80 and Ira Goldklang

In this episode the Trash Talkers are back from summer vacation to wish the TRS-80 a happy 40th birthday. In the first segment, we talk about Tandy Assembly, VCFMW, TRS-XENIX, the Tandy 3, PC-1 and the Network 4. In the second segment, Randy Kindig interviews's Ira Goldklang.


Episode 15 - TRS-80 Software Development

Join the Trash Talkers as we discuss various ways to write software for your TRS-80. Whether you're looking for a truly vintage software development experience or you're looking to write a modern integration using the latest tools, we have you covered.


Episode 14 - TRSVID and George Phillips

We start this episode with the news and current event segment where we first discuss the Vintage Computer Festival East 2017 and the winning TRS-80 exhibit. We also talk about Tandy Assembly. Then, we talk about two new TRS-80 software projects that were recently released: TRSVID, a TRS-80 video player and Sharp-80, a new Model III emulator. Following that is an obituary for Bernie Appel, aka ''Mr. Radio Shack''. Then, we talk about the Line Printer I and the Quick Printer II printers a bit....


Episode 13 - VCFE 2017 and Jim McGinley

The Trash Talkers start the show by discussing a bunch of TRS-80 related items such as the Exatron Stringy Floppy and Mailgrams. Then, Peter Cetinski interviews team members from the TRS-80, Apple II and Commodore PET mega-exhibits at this year's VCF East. Finally, Randy Kindig interviews Jim McGinley about his well received TRS-80 games presentations.