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s1e28 The Vice of the Law

It's downtime time! The crew ties up loose ends and attempts to end a war with The Law, along with improving their skills and de-stressing. Because sometimes you need to relax and just INDULGE... in your most terrible vice! The post s1e28 The Vice of the Law appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e27 A Crystal for a Soul

The missing Crystal of Kaze is within reach, but there's a last obstacle in the way of The Night Snails before they can grab it. Well, technically, there's several identical last obstacles in the way - will the Snails get leap over them with wicked aplomb, or be stopped in their tracks? Also... do clones have souls? These questions answered and more all in the next episode of Tales from Mauxferry! The post s1e27 A Crystal for a Soul appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e26 Never Have I Ever

Uh-oh! The mysteries of this dinner party are starting to unravel, and they're even stranger than The Night Snails thought they would be. Tune in this week to hear a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever", a desperate bathroom brawl, and a stealing spree for the ages! The post s1e26 Never Have I Ever appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e25 Dinner Party #16

It's a party! A very fancy dinner party. And the Night Snails are invited! Or, rather, they've found a way to invite themselves without arousing too much suspicion. But there's something... strange about this particular party and its guests. Will the Snails make new friends, or run into old enemies? Will they get to the bottom of this strangeness? And where the heck is that Crystal of Kaze? Tune in to find out! The post s1e25 Dinner Party #16 appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e24 A Jeweler a Butcher and a Doctor

The Night Snails are doing the dirty work of the Vanguard of Light, but sometimes you have to work with your enemy to ensure you don't get... well, you don't all get killed. Using the Crystal of Kaze, the Snails are able to hunt down the missing artifact, but it's a wild (and kind of weird) chase, leading to a very unlikely final location... The post s1e24 A Jeweler a Butcher and a Doctor appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e23 What Is It Good For

Ends up killing a bunch of guards can have major consequences! The Vanguard of Light is officially at war with the Night Snails, and it's a war that our criminal heroes very well may lose. Will the Snails try to make peace, or go to the mattresses with The Law? And what the heck is up with that crazy crystal Bug was running around with? Find out in this exciting episode of Tales from Mauxferry! The post s1e23 What Is It Good For appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e22 Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Hohoooo boy. The last score did NOT go as planned, and now there are a bunch of dead guards, a wagon full of vampire corpses, and some very traumatized Night Snails out in the open. Can De'Marko and Vezz rally the rest of the Snails and get out of there before the Vanguard of Light arrive? Will Bug be able to mentally recover from accidentally killing his girlfriend? This and many more questions answered... now! The post s1e22 Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e21 The Wind Blows

Sometimes simple missions go awry - sometimes they go REALLY awry. The Night Snails did their due diligence and did as much intelligence as they could, but once you're in the field, things get crazy. Can they escort their wagon filled with vampires past several paladin-filled checkpoints? And will Bug use his magical artifact on De'Marko's childhood friend (and now police guard) Grace? Many questions and many answers in this episode of Tales from Mauxferry! The post s1e21 The Wind Blows...


s1e20 Water Buffalo and Caskets

The Night Snails have what seems to be a seemingly simple escort mission, but nothing is ever simple when vampires are involved! A score like this will take intricate planning and detailed preparation, and the Night Snails are great at that! Right? ... Right? The post s1e20 Water Buffalo and Caskets appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e19 Monsters Pink

With possible gang wars being incited, police stations being visited, pet badgers being gambled for, and possible brothel houses shopped for, this is possibly the most exciting Downtime to date! Listen in to this episode of Tales of Mauxferry to learn how this Time goes Down! The post s1e19 Monsters Pink appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e18 Derek and Fluffy

The Night Snails have just taken down one of their biggest foes to date - but they did it in enemy territory and EXTREMELY loudly. Not to mention that that foe swallowed two of them before they killed it! How will Vezz, Tombs, De'Marko, and Iora get out of this one? And will they be able to do the job before getting caught? Tune in to find out! The post s1e18 Derek and Fluffy appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e17 Debt Collectors

Tombs has made his bones, so it's time for a proper score with the New Night Snails (tm). When a goblin comes a-knocking with a classic debt collector job, the Snails find themselves doing some breaking and entering and smashing. Will they betray their employer in the pursuit of more coin? Will they make new friends and new enemies? Will they screw it up somehow and only make new enemies? Listen in to find out! The post s1e17 Debt Collectors appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e16 The New Guy

Welcome to the newest Night Snail, Hevok aka Tombs! Or rather prospective member - to be a true Night Snail you have to earn your place, and the mission this time is one of expansion. The neighboring tavern seems like a good place to start, so Tombs - let's see what you got! The post s1e16 The New Guy appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e15 New Help Wanted

Wilker is gone! For good! Say your farewells. And in his absence, The Night Snails need to find a replacement! With applicants waiting at the ready, it's time for Vez, Nuks, Iora, and De'Marko to put on their interviewing hats and find a new member of the crew! The post s1e15 New Help Wanted appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e14 A Rat and Four Snails

It seems like everything is going swimmingly for the Night Snails in their latest score. Will everything work out with their mysterious employer? What possible problems might they run into during Downtime? Tune in to find out! The post s1e14 A Rat and Four Snails appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e13 An Uncomfortable Situation

Iora drops some hard truths on The Night Snails before they are approached by definitely-not-a-Vampire, who has a new score for them. Will The Night Snails change their ways and successfully take down the score without making a ton of noise and blowing things up? Do they have any concerns working for a vampire? Find out... now! The post s1e13 An Uncomfortable Situation appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e12 Payment Problems

A Score Successful! Sort of. Kind of. Relatively speaking. And with the success of any score comes the inevitable downtime. What will our heroes do with their time off? The post s1e12 Payment Problems appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e11 Friends Family and Blood

Things get more tense as it becomes clear that The Night Snails may have wandered into more than just a fancy costume party. Brawls, stabbings, and intrigue abound in this action packed episode of Tales from Mauxferry! The post s1e11 Friends Family and Blood appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e10 A Party of Oddities

The Night Snails split up to get to the bottom of what went wrong with the Underhill exchange. Vez and Iora follow Willow Underhill to get answers, Wilker tries to find a way back into the Party, Bug's relationship with Matilda gets even weirder, and De'Marko runs into someone from his past who could ruin everything. The post s1e10 A Party of Oddities appeared first on Geekspective.


s1e09 The Wilker Way

Betrayal! With the trade with the Underhills gone awry, the Night Snails scramble to figure out what happened and who deserves to be hit with a bat. Meanwhile, separated from the rest of the group, Wilker responds to a seemingly innocent conversation in a way that only Wilker can. The post s1e09 The Wilker Way appeared first on Geekspective.