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Tales from the Fandom is a podcast that explores fandoms with a different guest each week. Each guest brings their own insight into fandom. We discuss topics such as television shows, movies, books, cosplaying and more.

Tales from the Fandom is a podcast that explores fandoms with a different guest each week. Each guest brings their own insight into fandom. We discuss topics such as television shows, movies, books, cosplaying and more.


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Tales from the Fandom is a podcast that explores fandoms with a different guest each week. Each guest brings their own insight into fandom. We discuss topics such as television shows, movies, books, cosplaying and more.




Episode 183: Sarah Gulde

Sarah beams in from the Twitterverse to talk about some of her favorite fandoms. We talk about the Star Trek franchise, The Magicians TV series and Netflix's Locke and Key series. Sarah also talks about starting her own fanzine, Star Trek Quarterly. You can find Sarah at: https://twitter.com/sarahmiyoko You can find Star Trek Quarterly at: https://www.facebook.com/startrekquarterly/ https://twitter.com/StarTrekQtrly


Fandom Friday Live Show with Tonia Thompson of Nightlight Podcast on GetVokl - June 26, 2020

Joined by returning guest (and first guest on the live show) Tonia Thompson of the Nightlight podcast, we kick off the second Fandom Friday episode! We discuss some recent announcements of upcoming TV shows and movies. Then we talk Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, and Netflix's upcoming reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. We also talk about the Nightlight Podcast - what it is, how it came to be and how to get involved. You can find Tonia...


Episode 182: Aaron Radney

Artist and Creator Aaron Radney joins me to talk all about his favorite fandoms as well as what he creates! We dive into a discussion about the long running collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering. Not only does Aaron play but through his work, he helps new and returning players get into the game. Aaron then talks to me about MV Media (publisher of Afrofuturism, Sword and Soul, Steamfunk and more) and the larger works of Black Speculative Fiction/Fantasy. Then we talk about tabletop...


Fandom Friday Live Show on GetVokl - June 19, 2020

The first live show streamed on GetVokl.com! Streamed live at 6pm EST every Friday for their Fandom Friday block. No edits, no guests. Just me, talking for nearly an hour! I primarily talk about 2 of Netflix's animated shows: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and The Hollow. I then talk about the upcoming Percy Jackson series on Disney Plus along with the announcement that the Animorphs book series is being turned into a movie. Then, I ramble about Jurassic Park, my June guests and a little...


Episode 181: Marissa aka CanonPiper

Marissa aka CanonPiper on Instagram joins me to talk about fandom! We jump right into Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, along with covering the Riordanverse as a whole. From there, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are talked about. We discuss The Hunger Games franchise and then wrap things up with Cosplay. You can find Marissa at: https://www.instagram.com/canonpiper/ https://www.tiktok.com/@canonpiper https://www.wattpad.com/user/riptidefirebender


Episode 180: Roxie aka GalaxyyFairy

Roxie aka GalaxyyFairy on Instagram joins me to talk about a number of her favorite fandoms. We discuss the Tangled franchise, which covers the movie and the TV series. Then we jump into Netflix's reboot of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. This episode was recorded prior to the final season being released, so we speculate on what may happen during the final season. After She-Ra, we transition to Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and then we talk Cosplay with a discussion about being a...


Four Year Anniversary Special with Jachelle Overstreet

Tales from the Fandom turns 4! The first episode released on June 6, 2016 and now here we are - 4 years later. First (and most prolific) guest, Jachelle Overstreet returns to the podcast for her 10th episode. We cover fandoms new and old. We discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Schitt's Creek and Leverage. You can find Jachelle at: https://www.instagram.com/sugarshocking/ You can listen to Jachelle's previous episodes here: Episode 1: ...


Episode 179: Sara Moni Returns

Almost 3 1/2 years later, Sara Moni returns to the podcast as we catch up and discuss old and new fandoms. We revisit one of her favorite fandoms, the X-Men and talk about the TV series Legion. We also talk a bit about Brian K. Vaughn's Saga comic series. Then it's all new fandoms as Sara talks about Umbrella Academy, Lore Olympus and Snotgirl. Then we discuss cosplay and how Sara has expanded her repertoire and improved her skills since last we talked. You can find Sara...


Outlander Season 5 Review with Amanda

Outlander Season 5 aired its final episode on May 10, 2020 and Amanda returns to talk about the whole of Season 5. Content Warning: Discussions of Rape and Sexual Violence We talk about what happened to the characters over the course of 12 episodes, the storylines that moved through the season, some deaths and some episodes/plots that we had issues with. Amanda also provides some guidance on what we may see in the upcoming Season 6 (scheduled for a 2021 release) You can find Amanda...


Episode 178: Tori Carlini

Tori joins me from the podcast's home state of Florida to talk a number of different fandoms. We explore the long running franchises of Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem series, exploring old and new titles. Tori also talks to me about the new video game series, Pillars of Eternity. We wrap up with a conversation about tabletop roleplaying games. You can find Tori at: https://twitter.com/ToriCarlini


Episode 177: Francita Soto

Our first guest from South America, Francita Soto joins me from Chile to talk fandom! We start off with talking about the Hannibal TV series and mixing in some of the Mindhunter TV series as well. From there, Francita talks to me about LGBT fiction including a discussion on Casey McQuiston's book, Red, White & Royal Blue. We also discuss fanfic in the realm of LGBT fiction. A discussion of Olivia Hill's iHunt series follows along with talk about the upcoming RPG based on it. Finally, we...


Episode 176: Noir Enigma

After following each other on Twitter, Noir Enigma joins me to discuss some of his favorite fandoms. Prepare for laughs that may just make you cry! We discuss the Highlander franchise (TV Series and Movie) along with the rebooted Netflix TV Series, Lost in Space. After that, the Devil May Cry franchise is discussed before we talk about Tabletop Roleplaying Games. You can find Noir Enigma at: https://twitter.com/Noirenigma https://www.instagram.com/noirenigma/


Episode 175: Ashley aka Sailor Geek Cosplay

Ashley aka Sailor Geek Cosplay joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms and cosplay. We first talk about the Disney TV series, Tangled: The Series (or Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure) followed up with another Disney series, the reboot of Ducktales. Then we discuss the Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian. After talking TV, Ashley talks to me about Cosplay. You can find Ashley at: https://www.instagram.com/sailorgeekcosplay/ https://twitter.com/thesailorgeek Tiktok:...


Unpopular Opinion: Game of Thrones - The Final Season

Previous guest Lauren aka Lauren Does Cosplay & Owner of In The Reads joins me for another Unpopular Opinion episode. This episode, Lauren tackles the Game of Thrones final season. Her unpopular opinion? That the final season was good. Lauren walks us through making her case. We cover story arcs, characters and their characterizations in the final season, some "this was good BUT...." and more. It's a well balanced and fun episode and we hope you enjoy it. You can find Lauren...


Beyond the Binge: The Boys - Season 1

David teams with his wife, Michelle, to discuss their latest binge watch: The Boys. Available on Amazon Prime, The Boys focuses on a small team of vigilantes fighting back against superheroes that have been abusing their powers. We talk about whether we liked the show, some of our favorite characters, and we go into some of the things to expect from the series. Like this format? Let me know via Twitter, Facebook or email. Have a binge watching suggestion? Let me know!


Episode 174: Kris Lozano

After finding some of her wonderful cosplay photos on Instagram, Kris Lozano joins me to talk about her favorite fandoms. We first discuss the long running video game franchise, Final Fantasy before diving into the massive Disney fandom. We also touch on the bridge between Final Fantasy and Disney - Kingdom Hearts. We wrap up with a conversation about Cosplay. You can find Kris at: https://www.instagram.com/tin.apay_/


Episode 173: Leona Maple

Leona joins me to discuss a number of her fandoms. We first dive into the Marvel Universe, discussing movies, TV shows, comics and video games. Then we discuss the MTV TV series, Teen Wolf. Leona talks about getting into Tabletop Roleplaying Games along with her work with the Welcome to the Party community (discord and Twitch). Then she talks about her freelancing consulting work. You can find Leona...


Episode 172: Hyrule Holly

Holly aka Hyrule Holly on Twitch joins me to talk about some of her favorite fandoms. After getting to know her via Hyrule Gaming Group, I started following her on her channel. We start off talking about The Legend of Zelda franchise and Star Wars before discussing classic literature. Holly then talks about getting into Twitch streaming, what she plays on her stream and more. You can find Hyrule Holly...


Episode 171: Mayanna Berrin Returns

Returning to the podcast after three years, Mayanna Berrin comes back to talk to me about some of her older fandoms, some new fandoms and updates us about her life! Mayanna was on Episode 47 and we talked about a number of fandoms. This time, Mayanna and I catch up and talk about the recent happenings of Steven Universe and Legend of Zelda. Then we switch gears to newer fandoms including Detroit: Become Human and Untitled Goose Game. Mayanna then tells us of her move from Orlando to...


Interview with Dean Devlin

Writer, Director and Producer Dean Devlin (Stargate, Independence Day, Leverage, The Librarians) joins me to talk about his new show, Almost Paradise. Almost Paradise reunites Devlin and actor Christian Kane for their third outing. We talk about his inspiration behind Almost Paradise, shooting in the Philippines, working along Christian Kane, some of his early influences, current shows he enjoys and his guilty pleasures. Watch Almost Paradise on WGNA (WGN America) starting on March 30th at...