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Episode 105: Timm Woods

Timm Woods, who was featured in an article in November, 2017 in Wired about being a professional Dungeon Master, joins me to talk about his fandoms and what he does. We first tackle a great comic, Rat Queens, before delving into the genre of Fantasy as a whole. We cover a variety of different fantasy novels and how Timm got into Fantasy. From there, we talk about Dungeons & Dragons and how he got into the business of being a professional Dungeon Master and all that it entails. To contact...


Episode 104: Tracy Gibbons of The Broadswords Podcast

Tracy Gibbons, a member of The Broadswords Podcast, joins me to talk about a variety of fandoms. We cover videogames such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, delve into the Star Wars universe and then talk about Dungeons and Dragons. We also talk about Tracy's involvement with The Broadswords, an all female D&D 5E actual play podcast. You can find Tracy at: https://twitter.com/Carouselambra1 You can find The Broadswords...


Wrestlemania 34 Preview with Tali

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Tali comes back for her second year in a row to review and discuss Wrestlemania 34, happening on Sunday, April 8th in New Orleans, Louisiana. All announced matches are covered from the pre-show to the main program. We talk likes, dislikes, picks and even propose how some of the matches should go down. Take a listen and then tune in on the WWE Network for 6+ hours of sports entertainment. You can find Tali...


Episode 103: Nate Ward of Inked Geek Studios

Nate Ward of Inked Geek Studios joins me to discuss a wide variety of topics. Unlike a normal episode, we delve more into the evolution of fandom and geek culture. We focus primarily on fandoms such as Star Wars and Power Rangers before talking about the Marvel and DC movie franchises. We also talk about Inked Geek Studios, its beginnings and evolution in the various podcasts that are there. You can find Nate...


Marvel Cinematic Universe / Avengers: Infinity War Special

10 years. 18 movies. One Cinematic Universe. All leading to Avengers 3: Infinity War, releasing on April 27, 2018 in the United States. My oldest friend and one of the most knowledgeable about comics and the Marvel MCU, S. Brady Calhoun, joins me to discuss the past 10 years. From the start of the MCU with Iron Man, to The Avengers, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and everything else in between. We leave no Infinity Stone unturned, as we discuss the movie, the characters, the successes and...


Episode 102: Paul Combs of the C&C Geekcast

Recorded in January, Paul Combs of the C&C Geekcast joins me to talk about two of his favorite fandoms - both with connected universes. The first fandom we cover is Stephen King. From his books to the TV and movie adaptations, we cover a lot of ground. We also explore the connected universe that is woven in much of his work. Next up, we dive into one of the most connected universes out there - the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Iron Man to Black Panther and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity...


Episode 101: Tamara aka AfroQween Cosplay

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Tamara aka AfroQween Cosplay joins me to talk about her wide variety of fandoms. We cover Tabletop Roleplaying including Dungeons & Dragons. We then move over to Marvel Comics before we talk about Cosplay. You can find Tamara at: www.facebook.com/afroqween01 www.instagram.com/afroqween_cosplay www.patreon.com/afroqween www.twitter.com/tpayne15 tpayne15.tumblr.com Promo by: Dumbgeons & Dragons Podcast You can find them at:...


Episode 100: Rose aka Legendary Rose Cosplay

Joining me for Episode 100 is Rose aka Legendary Rose Cosplay as we talk about some of the fandoms that she enjoys. We cover RWBY, Overwatch and Adventure Time before delving into Cosplay. You can find Rose at: Www.facebook.com/legendaryrosecosplay Www.Instagram.com/legendary_rose_cosplay Www.legendaryrose.wix.com/cosplay https://twitter.com/Legendaryroseco Promo by: Zeng This! You can find them at: http://zengthis.podbean.com/


Episode 99: Summer from Off the Table and Encounter Roleplay

Summer from Off the Table and Encounter Roleplay joins me to talk about a wide variety of fandoms. We kick things off talking about the US version of The Office before diving into talking about the Twilight series of books and movies. We then talk about tabletop roleplaying and Dungeons and Dragons. She talks to me about her Twitch stream, Off the Table and her work for Encounter Roleplay. You can find Summer...


Episode 98: KP aka Salt Lake City's Green Arrow

KP aka Salt Lake City's Green Arrow joins me to talk about a number of different fandoms. He was recommended to me by previous guest Briana Decoster aka Utahime Cosplay. We cover Green Arrow & DC Comics, comics such as Saga and Invincible, the Friday the 13th video game and cosplay. You can find KP...


Episode 97: Kristin Flemons of The Broadswords Podcast

Kristin Flemons aka Yllairies on The Broadswords Podcast joins me to talk about her fandoms. We get to talk about The Expanse (TV show and books), the video game Divinity: Original Sin, The Adventure Zone podcast and tabletop gaming. We also talk about her role on The Broadswords, an all female 5th edition D&D Actual Play podcast. You can find The Broadswords...


Book Trek: Victoria Avalor, Author of Realm of Lore

Victoria Avalor makes her third appearance on the podcast, this time to talk about her recently published book, Realm of Lore. Victoria talks to me about what motivated her to write the book and how long some of the stories have been in the works for. We go over the 10 different short stories and poetry pieces and talk about which pieces may go well with different audiences. You can find the book online at: Amazon - http://amzn.to/2DDy3dc You can find Victoria at: Podcast episode 48:...


Episode 96: Joseph Siemsen aka The Daddy Gamer of Hexes & Bows Podcast

Joe aka The Daddy Gamer, another member of the Hexes & Bows Podcast joins me to talk about his fandoms. We cover tabletop roleplaying games including a focus on the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games. We then talk about his YouTube channel, The Daddy Gamer and what it's all about. We also cover the Hexes & Bows Podcast. You can find Joe...


Episode 95: Gnomedic of Hexes & Bows Podcast

A longtime friend, Gnomedic from the Hexes & Bows Podcast joins me to talk all about his fandoms. We cover Overwatch first, followed by a discussion of Runaways by Marvel Comics (the comic series, not the TV show). We then talk about a new RPG that he's gotten into - Starfinder, from the publishers of Pathfinder. Then we talk about his podcast - what it is, what they do on it and more. You can find Gnomedic...


Ultimate NPCs: Warfare Kickstarter by Nord Games

Lou Fryer, Editor and Content Contributor for Nord Games, joins me to talk about their latest Kickstarter for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Ultimate NPC's: Warfare is the second in their Ultimate NPC series where they offer 30 fully fleshed out characters for use in your D&D game. Whether they're high ranking military officers to soldiers to noncombatants, you will find a mixture of characters in this book (clocking in at over 200 pages) Hear Lou talk about the book and why you should...


Episode 94: Lanie Hobbs of True Crime Fan Club Podcast

Lanie Hobbs of True Crime Fan Club Podcast and We're All Just Pretending Podcast joins me to talk about the fandoms she's into as well as talking about her two different podcasts. We cover TLC's 90 Day Fiancé, HBO's Ballers and then talk all about how she got into podcasting and her two podcasts, True Crime Fan Club and We're All Just Pretending. You can find Lanie at: True Crime Fan...


Episode 93: Lisa Ayanami of I Love That Movie Podcast

We return to Texas with cosplayer and podcaster Lisa Ayanami. She has a great number of fandoms to talk about and we had to narrow it down to just a few. Harry Potter kicks things off, followed by a discussion about DC Comics (and movies). After that, we talk about cosplaying followed be a discussion about movies and her movie podcast "I Love That Movie". You can find Lisa...


Book Trek: Emily Martin, Author of the Creatures of Light Trilogy

Emily Martin, Author of the Creatures of Light Trilogy, joins me for January's Book Trek episode. We talk about her early fandom influences such as Harry Potter, the Queen's Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner, and The Lord of the Rings before we turn to her journey as an author and her books. You can find Emily at: http://www.emilybmartin.me/ https://www.facebook.com/EmilyBeeMartin/ https://twitter.com/EmilyBeeMartin https://www.amazon.com/Emily-B.-Martin/e/B01E9EEKKS/ Promo by: Oh...


Episode 92: Curtis Bolin of Dungeons and Dragons and Daughters Podcast

I'm joined by the host of one of my favorite D&D actual play podcasts, Curtis Bolin of Dungeons and Dragons and Daughters. It's an actual play podcast where he runs the game for his two 8 year old daughters along with a semi-rotating third player. We first start out talking about Frank Herbert's Dune series (books and movies). From there, we talk about the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies and then our favorite Trek series, Deep Space Nine. After that, we of course talk Dungeons and Dragons and...


Episode 91: Kirk Dube of You Meet in a Tavern Podcast

Kirk Dube of You Meet in a Tavern podcast and The Super Rod-Cast joins me to talk about his fandoms. We discuss the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Kirk's involvement in the competition side of it. We discuss how he got into the game as well as the formation of The Super Rod-Cast podcast. Switching gears, we discuss how Kirk got first into Dungeons and Dragons and then his involvement with the You Meet in a Tavern Podcast playing Tug Mugbar, a Halfling monk. It's a really fun episode and...


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