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Battlestar Galactica 15th Anniversary Special

15 years ago, the Battlestar Galactica mini series started of the SyFy Network. Characters were changed from the original show and a diverse cast to center stage in the war between Man and Machine. From that mini series came a regular series, a spin off, a number of web series and more. Returning guest Barbie Wi joins me to talk about how the series stands up to time 15 years later. We discuss characters, relationships, storylines we didn't understand, the plot, the ending and so much more....


Leverage 10th Anniversary Special

Leverage started airing December 7, 2008 on TNT. After 5 years, the show wrapped. It left an indelible impression on its fans for its storytelling and characters. They stole our hearts, in a good way. Joining me to talk about the show are previous guests Jachelle Overstreet and Chelsea Doyle. They previously hosted a Leverage podcast called The Long Con Podcast (from 2010-2013). We talk characters, stories, what worked, the aspect of found families and so much more. Enjoy the listen, find...


2018 State of the Podcast

I talk about the State of the Podcast as we end 2018. Two episodes to come and a frank talk about my mental health, podcast burnout and finding a place. Thanks for everyone who has supported me and the podcast, especially those who gave up their time to be a guest and record with me. To those who listen, thank you. I'll be taking a break after this week for the remainder of the year and will be back in 2019 with new episodes.


Episode 132: Kienna Shaw

Kienna Shaw joins me from the Twitterverse to talk about a number of different fandoms. We cover video games such as the Cube Escape series by Rusty Lake as well as Undertale. Sandwiched in between them is a discussion about NBC's The Good Place along with talk about the ethics and philosophy that it teaches. We end by talking about tabletop roleplaying games as well as the active Twitch live streams of games. You can find Kienna on Twitter (and her Twitch schedule)...


Episode 131: Isabella Jones of the Dice for Brains Podcast

Isabella Jones returns again after being a guest during the Women in Tabletop Gaming Month to talk about her fandoms. We first talk about Doctor Who and then follow that up with a discussion about Harry Potter and the new Fantastic Beasts series (prior to the release of the latest movie). After that, we talk about the YA novel "Children of Blood and Bone" by Tomi Adeyemi. Then we discuss Isabella's work with the Dice for Brains podcast. You can find Isabella...


Episode 130: Melissa of Moms and Murder Podcast

We remain in Orlando and I'm joined by one half of the duo behind the Moms and Murder Podcast, Melissa. We overlap on a number of favorite fandoms and dive right into them. We start off with traditional TV shows, talking about our love for The Office and then Parks and Rec. From there, we jump into reality TV territory with 90 Day Fiancé and a few other mentions of reality shows. Then, Melissa shares how Moms and Murder came about, what their podcast is and more. You can find Melissa and...


Episode 129: Rachael Swertfeger of DnD Raw & Epic Endings Podcasts

Episode 129 features Rachael Swertfeger of DnD Raw & Epic Endings Podcasts. We start off by talking about we met in a local Orlando Roleplaying meetup and then dive into her fandoms. We talk about TV shows first, with Doctor Who and The Office. We move into tabletop roleplaying games and her work with Hero Spark. Finally we talk about her podcasting as a part of DnD Raw and her Epic Endings Actual Play podcast. You can find Rachael...


Episode 128: Aly Grauer of the Warda Podcast

Aly Grauer, one of the creators of the Warda Podcast joins me to talk about a number of her favorite fandoms. Having recently moved to Orlando, Aly and I got to meet in person at MegaCon 2018. In this episode we talked about two of the bigger animated Disney fandoms on TV right now - the Ducktales cartoon series along with the Tangled TV series. We also mixed in some Disney World talk. After talking Disney, we move in a totally different direction talking about the works of Jane Austen....


Episode 127: Jeff Stormer of Party of One Podcast

Jeff Stormer, host of Party of One Podcast joins me to talk about a number of fandoms along with the recent launch of his Kickstarter for MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED! We start off by talking about the world of Professional Wrestling, focusing less on the WWE and more on smaller independent promotions across the globe. Then we talk Tabletop Roleplaying Games. We discuss the start and evolution of Party of One Podcast. Then we dive into his Kickstarter for Mission: Accomplished!, an RPG inspired by...


Episode 126: Tonia Thompson of Nightlight Podcast

Tonia Thompson joins me to discuss a few of her favorite fandoms as well as Nightlight Podcast. Tonia talks about her love of the Twilight Zone (and we discuss Black Mirror too!). Then it's American Horror Story followed by the character discussion of Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries. Finally, Tonia talks all about Nightlight Podcast. What it is and more importantly, why you should listen. You can find Tonia...


Episode 125: Katy Morgan of Off the Table

Katy Morgan of Off the Table joins me to discuss some of her favorite fandoms. We start off with the critically acclaimed Cowboy Bebop, the Japanese anime that continues to influence media 20 years after its release. On the total opposite spectrum, we discuss the rise of True Crime podcasts and why Katy is drawn to them. Then we delve into Tabletop Roleplaying and her work with Off the Table, a Twitch channel that runs a number of games every week. You can find Katy...


Episode 124: Kristine Chester of Heroes of the Hydian Way Podcast

Kristine returns to the podcast after being a featured guest on June 20th for Women in Tabletop Gaming Month. On this episode, we talk Star Trek, Star Wars, the video game series Valkyria Chronicles and Tabletop Roleplaying Games interspersed throughout. Kristine then talks about Heroes of the Hydian Way Podcast along with other projects she has taken part in. You can find Kristine at: https://twitter.com/12thKnight You can find Kristine on other podcasts...


TLE 2: Captain Cody Cosplay

The Lost Episode #2 with Cody Irvine aka Captain Cody Cosplay. Recorded in June of 2016, in the infancy of the podcast, I ran into computer and audio issues that delayed its release. Finally, it is here. My apologies to Cody for the delay in the release. I spoke to Cody about Marvel comics and movies along with cosplay. He also talked to me about his his desire (at the time) to become a stuntman. You can find Cody...


Episode 123: Nicole Davis, hosted by Brett Stewart of Movie Go Round Podcast

For the month of September, each week will have a special guest host. Today's episode features host Brett Stewart of the Movie Go Round Podcast talking with Nicole Davis, one of the co-hosts of the Movie Go Round Podcast. For this episode, Nicole and Brett have an in-depth conversation about comic book creator Terry Moore. They discuss his comics including Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising, his history and more. You can find Nicole...


Episode 122: Aric Berg, hosted by Justin Zenger of the Zeng This Podcast

For the month of September, each week will have a special guest host. Today's episode features host Justin Zenger of the Zeng This Podcast talking with Aric Berg. Aric is a recurring guest on the Zeng This podcast and brings a number of different fandoms to Tales from the Fandom. Aric talks primarily about The Simpsons TV series along with the Dragonball anime franchise. He also talks about the Godzilla movie franchise. You can find Aric at: https://twitter.com/aricberg You can find...


Episode 121: Travis Vengroff and Kaitlin Statz of The White Vault & Liberty, hosted by Russ More of Dumbgeons and Dragons

For the month of September, each week will have a special guest host. Today's episode features host Russ More of Dumbgeons and Dragons talking with Travis Vengroff and Kaitlin Statz of The White Vault & Liberty Podcasts. Travis and Kaitlin talk about the horror movie genre as well as how they got into making audio drama podcasts. Along with that, they talk about Dungeons and Dragons as well as creating their own roleplaying game using their established world setting. They also talk about...


Episode 120: Faery Rene of Geeky Bugbear

Faery Rene of Geeky Bugbear joins me for today's episode. We talk about Supernatural, Charmed and a number of great reading recommendations. We also talk about tabletop roleplaying games. The tabletop roleplaying game discussion was featured as Episode 24 for Women in Tabletop Gaming month in June. You can find Rene at: https://twitter.com/faeryrene https://twitter.com/Geeky_Bugbear https://www.facebook.com/geeky.bugbear.5 https://twitch.tv/geekybugbear


Episode 119: Mysty Vander of Ladies Slaying Dragons Podcast

Mysty Vander joins me from the Twitterverse to discuss her fandoms. We start off with Harry Potter and Doctor Who before changing it up to talk about tabletop roleplaying games. The tabletop roleplaying game discussion was featured as Episode 1 for Women in Tabletop Gaming month in June. We discuss tabletop gaming and at the time of recording, the recent launch of Ladies Slaying Dragons podcast. You can find Mysty...


Episode 118: Alli White aka Skirtzzz

Artist Alli White, better known online as Skirtzzz, joins me on today's episode. We first delve into our love for Final Fantasy. We talk mostly about 9, 10 and X-2 before going back to the SNES days and discussing 4 and 6. Then we jump over to the Disney universe and talk all about the Disney movies, characters and more. Learn about which characters we feel need to be given more love and respect by the House of Mouse. We wrap up with Alli talking about her journey as an artist from first...


Episode 117: Angela aka Kiss Kiss Cosplay

Angela aka Kiss Kiss Cosplay joins me in this special episode focusing only on Cosplay. If you're at all interested in Cosplay, this is the episode for you. Angela discusses her lengthy time in the cosplay community from how she got her start to her current projects. We discuss fandom and how it relates to the cosplay community, community organization and cosplay competition. You can find Angela at: https://www.instagram.com/angieraaaah/ You can find the Pretty Guardians...