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Created for the tennis enthusiast! In depth chats with pro players, industry experts & all things tennis!

Created for the tennis enthusiast! In depth chats with pro players, industry experts & all things tennis!
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Created for the tennis enthusiast! In depth chats with pro players, industry experts & all things tennis!




008 | Tennis Science Talk: Power Potential Explained

We are back at it as we join our in house Tennis University Professor, Crawford Lindsey, and string guru, Jonathan Wolfe, as they get into the nitty gritty of power potential! Bring your calculators and scratch paper as we help you tap into defining powerful potential and why that's important when selecting your next racquet! In this episode we dive deeper into defining power potential and explaining how YOU can find the most powerful racquet that you can swing. ➤Tennis Warehouse...


007 | Mark Weil: The Ups & Downs of Tennis Academy Life and Why Grigor Trained at Weil

Mark Weil tells us all about how he dreamt up the Weil Tennis academy that even Grigor Dimitrov has spent time training at! Founded in 1997 in Ojai, CA Weil was the first full-time boarding school and academy on the West Coast. He talks to us about his passion for tennis, why he created what he did and all the ups and downs in between. Learn the traits he looks for in players and his best, and worst moments as the founder and Director of the Weil Academy. Weil Academy:...


006 | WTA's Hayley Carter: Top 100 Player & Tour "Geek" Explains the Untold Story of Dealing With Illness on Tour

Recently, Hayley Carter, broke into the top 100 on the WTA Doubles Tour and just won her first Grand Slam career match last week at the US Open. She also has been navigating her tennis career with an unknown illness and has found it isn't always easy to break through on the WTA Tour...especially when she doesn't get cleared to compete. There's no doubt, this young lady with great hands has seen lots of success on the tennis court as a junior player, a collegiate standout and now a top player...


005 | Did we get it completely wrong?! TW Playtesters make bold US Open Predictions

Tennis Warehouse playtesters, Chris, Jason and Michelle preview the 2019 US Open Men's and Women's Draw! Listen up as they offer their two cents on who will win it all! We also answer some questions from you -- like what are our thoughts are on Nick Kyrgios and should women play 3 out of 5 sets?! And yes, we realize Michelle mispronounces just about every ATP and WTA name that comes out of her mouth, and for that, we apologize. Shop ATP Gear:...


004 | Vicky Duval: From Cancer to Comeback

Imagine breaking into the top 100 on the WTA, qualifying for Wimbledon and finding out you have cancer, all in the same week. In 2014, that is exactly what Vicky Duval had to deal with. She has an enormous amount of strength and the biggest heart and we got to chat with her about all of the ups and downs she has gone through in her life. And she is only 23 years old. And this week, she will be competing in the 2019 US Open Qualifying draw in New York! Take a closer listen to find out how she...


003 | Wilson's Clash Craze Takes Over the Courts!

Wilson shook things up this spring when they announced their newest family of tennis racquets, the CLASH! With some of the lowest stiffness ratings in the industry, these racquets are not only arm-friendly but easy to swing and come fully loaded with power, control and spin. And best yet, they are fun racquets to play with and have an absolute unique feel that doesn’t compare to anything else on the market. Whether you've tried on or not, you'll want to tune into today’s episode as we chat...


002 | Scientist Reveals Racquet Performance Myths

Ever wonder what makes a tennis racquet powerful? Or why you can put balls away with one racquet but can’t seem to get the ball past the baseline with a different one?! Me too! In this episode, I chat with the founder and brains behind Tennis Warehouse University, Crawford Lindsey! He has co-authored countless papers and books about the science of tennis including "The Physics and Technology of Tennis" and "Technical Tennis," so you could say he knows a thing or two on the topic. Joining him...


001 | Bethanie Mattek-Sands Introvert to Olympian

With some of the best hands on tour, today's guest continues to be a shining, bright star on and off the WTA Tour! Bethanie Mattek-Sands is a world class tennis champion. She has won over 25 WTA Doubles Titles, has been a World Number One, won several Grand Slam Titles and even has an Olympic Gold Ball -- but today, she talks to us about how she has grown as a person on and off the court whether it be with her new, positive outlook or her collection of fashion-forward court clothes with...