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Signing off for 2018

Who would you like to hear from on Talking Cities in 2019? Who has been your favourite guest over the past four seasons? As we wrap up Season 4 and plan our escape from the city to the beach, we encourage you to get in touch and tell us how we can improve the show. Thanks for listening and best wishes for the holiday season. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at Let us know who should be our next guest, what you like or how we can improve Talking Cities. Connect with...


Live from Boomtown. Western Sydney is not just building an economy, its building a society.

Western Sydney is experiencing an unprecedented boom, will there be a bust? Live from the Boomtown conference we explore Australia’s fastest growing economy, Western Sydney. Joining this special episode is; Maryanne Graham, Western Sydney Airport Co; Natalie Malligan, Uber; Paul Walker, GPT; Sara Mansour, Bankstown Poetry Slam and Christopher Brown, Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue. They discuss flying cars, the 30-minute city, multiculturalism and poetry slams. GET IN TOUCH: Email...


Mayor Lianne Dalziel believes governments are not always the best at leading the way.

If you could redesign your city, where would you start? After a devastating earthquake in 2011 Christchurch had this unique opportunity. Lianne Dalziel became Mayor of Christchurch in 2013 and talks about the redevelopment of the city. Find out why a central government department should run a city’s recovery and hear about an award winning model to capture 100,000 ideas from the local community and what lessons she’s learned along the way. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at...


Anna Chau discusses how she helps take the politics out of infrastructure.

Did you know you make economic decisions daily? Anna Chau, Acting Chief Executive at Infrastructure Australia appreciates that society has unlimited needs but with limited resources they need to evaluate projects effectively. That’s why economists have been involved with creating our national infrastructure to do list. Find out how Anna and the Infrastructure Australia team use social and place based analysis to ensure cities get the best return on their infrastructure investment decisions.


The Hon. Rob Stokes wants to start the education system again.

What would you change about your city’s education system? If the Hon. Rob Stokes, MP, NSW Minister for Education had a magic wand he would start again. Hear why on this episode of Talking Cities along with his views on STEM, shared facilities and the real reason why schools have big fences around them. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at Let us know who should be our next guest, what you like or how we can improve Talking Cities. Connect with our host, James...


Roma Agrawal wants design to reflect the whole population.

Did you know 91% of engineers in the United Kingdom are male? Roma Agrawal, associate director at AECOM in London has been using this insight to inspire girls to become engineers. She was recently awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honour’s list. In this episode you will hear about robotics, balancing bridge functionality and sustainability, the Good Wife and the importance of designing cities for everyone. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at Let us know who...


Julie Mitchell knows technology will radically change transport.

How would you solve a city’s biggest transport challenges with only two days to brainstorm? Julie Mitchell, Deputy Director General for Policy, Planning and Investment for the Department of Transport and Main Roads talks about the Department’s focus on innovation, the longest electric superhighway in a single State and teraflop's of data. Two hackers also join the conversation live from CityHack18, which facilitates fast paced idea generation and group problem solving. We fast-forward a...


Zac Jordan believes electric vehicles are the solution to electricity outages.

What would you do without access to water for 100 days? Wellington’s primary water supply lies on a major seismic fault. Zac Jordan, deputy Chief Resilience Officer for Wellington discusses how the city is using an island concept to overcome stresses and the role of insurance literacy in educating communities. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at Let us know who should be our next guest, what you like or how we can improve Talking Cities. Connect with our host, James...


Toby Kent & Mike Gillooly don't want us wait for a crisis before we fix our cities.

Did you know that Mexico City only has 5 years of water left or the second highest threat to Melbourne’s GDP is a cyber-attack? Toby Kent and Mike Gillooly, Chief Resilience Officers for Melbourne and Christchurch respectively, discuss resilience and how cities need to strike the right balance between safety and security and livability and social cohesion. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at Let us know who should be our next guest, what you like or how we can...


Jason Twill doesn't want governments to sell public land, ever.

Would you live in a micro apartment, give up your car and share a laundry if it meant you were close to work and all a city has to offer? Jason Twill Founder and Director of Urban Apostles discusses collaborative urbanism, South Lake Union and negative gearing. GET IN TOUCH: Email the show at Let us know who should be our next guest, what you like or how we can improve Talking Cities. Connect with our host, James Rosenwax, via LinkedIn. For any further...


Sneak Peek, Jason Twill's solution for global nomads.

Coming Soon Jason Twill doesn't want governments to sell public land, ever. Enjoy this sneak peek of season 4 of Talking Cities today. Subscribe now so you do not miss out on upcoming episodes.


Which episode has been your favourite this season? James discusses his personal highlights and looks ahead to season 4.

Closing out Season 3, James shares his highlights from our local and international guests and gives a flavour of what to look out for in Season 4.


Dr Catherin Bull and James explore subtropical cities, open space and the appeal of a beach in a CBD

Whilst in Brisbane James has the pleasure of meeting Dr Catherin Bull, landscape architect and urban design extraordinaire. They discuss designing and planning cities for the long term, Brisbane’s Southbank and the importance of open space and how to do it well


Peter Droege talks about renewable energy, low carbon vs carbon neutrality and the dirty truth about fossil fuels

James chats with award winning author, international urban sustainability expert Professor Peter Droege about renewable energy technology advancements and Sydney’s path and its prospects for renewable energy self sufficiency


Melinda Cilento, CEO of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, explains the three Ps of growth - population, productivity and participation - and their impact on our cities

In Melbourne, James and Melinda discuss how Australia's 20% population growth between 2006 and 2016 needs to be balanced with liveability, transport, infrastructure and housing affordability so that the benefits of economic success are shared with people in both cities and regions


Guillaume Arth tells us how Best Mile's cloud-based technology platform is optimising the flow of vehicles through cities using modelling and simulation to understand supply and demand

While in London, James catches up with Guillaume Arth to discuss how technological improvements and a consumer-oriented approach to services (such as transport) are revolutionising the way we move around cities by prioritising convenience and cost over ownership


Kayvan Karimi and Chris Choa, architects and urban designers from London, debate the walkability, wayfinding and experience of organic street networks vs. Cartesian grids

Barcelona, London and New York are often singled out as some of our favourite places to live and visit. They share a number of common traits such as being described as a connection of distinct but easily walkable villages. Recorded on a recent visit to London, James meets Kayvan Karimi from Space Syntax and Chris Choa from AECOM to discuss how people move around cities, how technology is being used to influence design and transit planning and the impact on liveability.


Following an esteemed career as a landscape architect, Saneia Norton now specialises in helping designers articulate their ideas to stakeholders and decision makers

This week, James returns to Sydney to meet with Saneia Norton who spent her early career working on public projects for the public good at the NSW Government Architect's Office and now focuses on assisting designers and related disciplines communicate their ideas and collaborate with clients


Peter Murray, chairman and co-founder of New London Architecture, talks design excellence, tall buildings and the role of the green belt as London densifies

Chairman and co-founder of New London Architecture, Peter Murray, meets with James to discuss new ideas and solutions to the challenges facing London and the built environment, including the need for high quality architecture and design excellence as some 430 new tall buildings emerge on London's skyline


David van der Leer and Stephen Engblom discuss the key issues arising from the hOUR City student ideas competition

Talking Cities is in London this week for the hOUR City student design competition, presented by AECOM and Van Alen Institute with 100 Resilient Cities - Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, where James, David and Stephen debate how to make people’s lives better and more connected with both the local and global context through good design, place making and measuring the performance of places