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TTP Episode 64 - Miller Valley Part 1

To begin Season 3, the Tap Takeover Podcast journeys deep into the bowels of MillerCoors for a 2-Part Interview to finally sit down with Kain Escobar and discuss Miller Valley Brewing - the experimental brewery portion of MillerCoors' production! They come up with unique one-off concoctions which are then released and shared at different beer festivals. As of now the beer isn't available for purchase, but they have created quite a cult following for their tasty brews. Kain gives us the...


TTP Episode 63 - Season 2 Bloopers

As we wrap up another season of the Tap Takeover Podcast, we like to take the time to revisit some of our favorite bloopers from 2018. And there were plenty to go around! Let's just say that drinking high ABV beers with professional brewers, and then speaking into a microphone, can have some hilarious consequences. So sit back, grab a pint of your favorite holiday ale, and enjoy a collection of bloopers from our time recording with Goose Island, Tyranena, Great Taste of the Midwest, our...


TTP Episode 62 - Smells Like a Beer Tasting

Today's special tasting on the Tap Takeover Podcast is the culmination of our thrilling listener contest to join the fellas for a chance to enjoy every distinct variation of Smells Like Bean Spirit that has been produced by Mikerphone Brewing in Elk Grove Village, IL. Our special guests for this episode are Joel and Ian, our contest winners, as well as our wonderful host Kyle Vetter, owner of 1840 Brewing in Milwaukee, WI. An extra special shout-out goes to Mike Pallen and his crew at...


TTP Episode 61 - Revoluton Part 2

After taking a little break for Black Friday, we are back with Part 2 of our interview with Marty Scott and Aaron Keefner from Revolution Brewing in Chicago, IL! We'll finish our live tasting of the Deth By Currants, Code Switch, and VSOJ, we'll discuss the wildly popular Anti-Hero IPA and the League of Heroes Series, and we'll tackle the reasons behind the success that Revolution has had in becoming the largest independent brewery in Illinois. Grab a can of VSOJ barrel-aged blended-barley...


TTP Episode 60 - Lakefront Black Friday 2018

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew returns to check in with owner Russ Klisch at Lakefront Brewing in preparation for the 2018 Black Friday Release! We have a live tasting of some side-by-side comparisons of both the 2017 & 2018 Black Friday Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, as well as the 2017 & 2018 XXX Reserve - a barrel-aged blend of the previous three years of Black Friday Stout. Get some insider info on the 2018 Black Friday release and all that Lakefront Brewing has in store for 2019! Pour...


TTP Episode 59 - Revolution Part1

The Tap Takeover Podcast has taken another "beer-run" for a very special super-sized two part interview with Revolution Brewing in Chicago, IL! We sit down with Quality & Innovation Lead Marty Scott and Specialty Beer Coordinator Aaron Keefner as they lead us through a sneak-peak live tasting of their "Deep Wood Series." We'll be discussing the skill and craft of barrel-aging and blending, the "Van Halen Culture" of Revolution, and we'll hear some great stories about the early days of...


TTP Beer News - 11-14-18

Just in time for the Revolution Deep Wood series Release this weekend, stay up-to-date with a quick 5-minute Installment from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast! Certified Fresh as of 11/14/18. Grab a can of Deth's Tar Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and join us. Cheers!


TTP Episode 58 - Pumpkin Patch Tasting

November is upon us and with it, a fun array of holiday flavors. Today we explore some of those flavors as we take our 2nd Annual Tour through Jesus' Pumpkin Patch! We'll be tasting pumpkin beers, pumpkin stouts, and barrel-aged pumpkin ales from Southern Tier Brewiing Co., Schlafly Beer, O'Fallon Brewery, Badger State, and Lakefront Brewing. Will Andy finally come around to the pumpkin beer experience, or will we ruin his one slice of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving like we did last year? Grab...


TTP Beer News - 11-01-18

Just in time to get you ready for the weekend! Stay up-to-date with a quick 5-minute Installment from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast! Certified Fresh as of 11/01/18. Grab a bottle of Central Waters' Brewhouse Coffee Stout and join us. Cheers!


TTP Episode 57 - Working Draft

The Tap Takeover Podcast Crew returns to Madison, WI this week to sit down with one of the hottest new breweries of 2018. Working Draft Beer Company's head brewer, Clint Lohman, and owner Ben Feifarek tell us about some of their amazing beers and we learn about the origin of their idea to open a brewery. And we also find out about the efforts that went into creating their new space. If you live in Madison, or if you are visiting the area, make sure to check this place out! They'll always...


TTP Episode 56 - 25,000 Downloads Tasting

For our 25,000 Downloads Celebration Episode, the Tap Takeover Podcast Crew has put together a special tasting with 4 bottles to celebrate some of our favorite milestone episodes over the past 2 years! The four brews on the taps today: a Tropical Milkshake IPA from Eagle Park Brewing, a 2016 BCBS from Goose Island, a 2017 Morning Delight from Toppling Goliath, and the Barrrel-Aged Paid Time Off from 3 Sheeps. Thanks to everyone for downloading and spending some time with us! Cheers!


TTP Episode 55 - Special Releases

The Tap Takeover Podcast crew hits the road for a special beer release Saturday. First up, we sit down with Max from Eagle Park Brewing in Milwaukee to discuss the release of their Nelson Sauvin New England-style IPA, as well as some other upcoming releases. Then we travel to contract-brewers Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, WI to check out the release of the Untitled Art/Mikerphone collaboration Barrel-Aged Hazelnut Stout. We sit down with Isaac Showaki from Octopi and Levi Funk from the Funk...


TTP Beer News - 10-04-18

Stay up-to-date with a quick 5-minute Installment from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast! Certified Fresh as of 10/04/18. Grab a bottle of The Brewing Projekt's Dare Mighty Things IPA and join us. Cheers!


TTP Episode 54 - Oktoberfest Tasting

The changing colors and the cooler nights can only mean one thing: Oktoberfest beers! The boys are back in the studio for an Octoberfest tasting, trying four Marzen style beers. With so many being released now, we wanted to see what a couple of old friends and some larger breweries had to offer. In today's episode, we tried the Oktoberfest beers from Fermentorium, Mobcraft, Bell's and Sierra Nevada. Hear what the guys had to say about the 2018 offerings from these four breweries, and enjoy a...


TTP Episode 53 - Pulpit Rock

This week, we've taken the Tap Takeover Podcast on a "beer-run" to visit Pulpit Rock Brewing in Decorah, IA! We sit down with head-brewers Robert Slack and Justin Teff as they lead us through a live tasting of their many highly sought-after brewery creations. In today's episode we'll be discussing Pulpit Rock's ties to the Decorah community and it's Norwegian heritage, the advantages and challenges of brewing in small, boutique batches, and we've got a number of shout-outs to many of Pulpit...


TTP Episode 52 - Hazy IPA Tasting

The Tap Takeover Podcast Crew get together for another special tasting episode. We wanted to pay tribute to the hazy beers of summer by trying the New England Style Hazy IPA's. We'll be discussing the transition of a "craze" into a "style," what the additions of different hops at different times in the brewing process can mean for the flavor profiles, and the spectrum between "juicy" and "bitey." The tasting begins with a side-by-side comparison of Eagle Park's Demon Haze IPA and 1840's New...


TTP Episode 51 - Great Taste of the Midwest Event

For Brewers and Fest-Attendees alike, the Great Taste of the Midwest feels like coming home, thanks, in large part, to the amazing volunteers and organizers who have performed the herculean effort of putting on this event for the past 32 years. This week on the Tap Takeover Podcast, we present our "Love Letter" to the Great Taste. Featured on this week's episode are a number of world class brewers discussing their beers, their breweries, and their reasons for returning to Madison, WI year...


TTP Beer News - 08-22-18

Stay up-to-date with a quick 5-minute Installment from the Beer News Department at the Tap Takeover Podcast! Certified Fresh as of 08/22/18. Grab a bottle of Lift Bridge Octoberfest Bier and join us. Cheers!


TTP Episode 50 - Antioch Summer Tent Event

The crew heads just south of the WI-IL border to visit Antioch Fine Wine and Liquors for their 7th Annual Summer Tent Event! We catch up with old friends like Lakefront and Only Child, and meet some new friends from Canarchy, Collective Arts, 9th Hour, Half Day, Zum Bier, and the Boot Campaign for Veterans! We also sit down with Rick from Antioch for a special tasting at the end, along with Chris, our MVP! Lots of special beers from all of these breweries for our live tasting, and breaking...


TTP Episode 49 - Great Taste of the Midwest Organizers

As promised, this week Fred Swanson and Jason Walters - organizers of the Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival in Madison, WI - sit down with the Tap Takeover Podcast to discuss the entire process behind the scenes of organizing one of the most successful beer fests in the country. We discuss some of the most outrageous table display award winners, the pre- and post-celebration festivities, and we put Fred and Jason to the test when we ask them to "take over the taps" with some of their...