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A Podcast for ACC sports junkies by ACC sports junkies!

A Podcast for ACC sports junkies by ACC sports junkies!
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A Podcast for ACC sports junkies by ACC sports junkies!






Week 12 Preview

It's Week 12 featuring Thursday night ACCtion! Doug and MR are back for another installment of the ACCeptable Benefits Podcast, breaking down all the games this week and how they effect the Division races. How will Wake Forest manage without their star WR? Does anyone care about Duke and Syracuse when it doesn't involve a basketball? Also, the guys recap some of their preseason prognostications and discuss the latest rumors hitting the Coaching Carousel. All that and always more on this...


Week 11 ACC Football Review

Doug and MR are back to put a bow on Week 11 in the ACC! The guys run through the (admittedly not great) slate of ACC football action and storylines, including who might be the frontrunner to take over at Florida State, whether or not Wake Forest can still make a New Year's Six bowl, and what exactly Miami did to get the offense cranked up against Louisville (if you thought you were making it another year without having to hear about Kyle Wright - guess again). All that, and a special...


Week 11 ACC Football Preview

The domination is complete, the first and only conference to have every team ranked in the college football playoff at one point or another, the ACC extends its run proving once and for all this is the only real conference and all other stats should not be considered when making that judgement. With the speed and grace of a 13 year old escaped convict this podcast covers all the games and provides the kind of detailed analysis that Tommy Lee Jones himself would be proud of. If you care about...


Week 10 Review + Willie Taggart In Memorium

We've wrapped up Week 10 in the ACC; and unfortunately for Patron Saint of the Pod, Willie Taggart (*prayer hands* RIP), there won't be a Week 11. Doug and MR start this week's Review Episode on The ACCeptable Benefits Pod by discussing the end of the Taggart Frat Party in Tallahassee. The guys discuss the factors that led to his downfall, candidates that Florida State may be taking a look at, and running through the buyout numbers (get them checks, Willie!). However, FSU wasn't the only...


Week 9 Reviews & 10 Previews of ACC Football

Fall is upon us. The time of the year with the most closely associated with change, leaves change colors, clocks take a step back, and laptops die faster than South Carolina's bowl hopes after getting thrashed by Tennessee. No place is change more visible than in the ACC; redshirts are being burned with beans and rice, seats are getting hotter than a union busting po boy, and bon temps are being had in and out of the big easy. With only one installment of the pod this week I ask you to...


Week 9 ACC Football Preview

Coming one week after the death of Doug's twenties; time remains undefeated, as the podcast celebrates its quarter life crisis. Much like the Clemson offense, on a field formerly pledged to the papa, this first quarter has had ups and downs, but the next three should be smooth sailing. Twenty five episodes in the podcast has become a lean mean content machine providing cutting analysis on the performance of Duke's front 7, the creative blitz packages unfurled by Louisville, and the amount of...


Week 8 ACC Football Review

Week 8 is in the books and so are Doug's 20's. The Old Man and MR dive right in to chatting about all the action from around the Conference: Virginia and Clemson's impressive victories, Syracuse's struggles and the 6 overtime thriller between North Carolina and Virginia Tech. That said, if you're a fan of mid-2000's Kansas basketball - this is probably the episode for you. All that and always so much more on the ACCeptable Benefits Podcast!


Week 8 ACC Football Preview

China. It's on the mind of every American man, woman, child and otherwise unidentified - much like the ACCeptable Benefits Podcast! It's Week 8 in the ACC and Doug and Michael-Robert bring you an unfiltered (but otherwise censored as to not upset the real overlord: Mrs. Sewak) look at all the games on deck - with no influence of Chinese money or LeBron James (we canceled his appearance - ha!). Which team will have the upper hand for domination of Doug's heart in the Pitt v. Syracuse...


Week 7 Review

The number 7 is significant. It's brought up in every major religion as relevant, it's the number of wonders in the world both ancient and modern, 1 in 10 people choose it as their favorite number, but most important of all it marks the halfway mark of the college football regular season. A point in time where optimist and pessimist lock in eternal struggle to decide whether that 150 year old crock pot we call college football is half full or half empty of the bubbling sludge of a cheese dip...


Week 7 ACC Football Preview

Doug and MR are comin' to you a day early (thanks Syracuse and NC State...selfish...) on the ACCeptable Benefits Podcast! After a perfect week against the spread, the guys break down the Week 7 slate of games in the ACC: can Louisville pull off the upset? (maybe.) Does Trevor Lawrence really have a shoulder injury? (no.) Will Doug find a way to complain about Pitt even on a bye week? (definitely). All that and more on this Thursday-edition of The ACCeptable Benefits Podcast!


Week 6 ACC Football Review

Grab your tinfoil hats, gang: Doug and MR sit down to talk ACC football, conspiracy theories, and the roles each would play in a bank heist! While it was a lighter slate of games, it wasn't short on wacky plays and wild finishes. The guys go in-depth on each game, including hitting on what Virginia Tech did well to save their season from the brink, if Louisville has a Russian spy at quarterback, what Georgia Tech can be optimistic about (hint: not a ton), and if Pitt can repeat as division...


Week 6 ACC Football Preview - Flashback Friday Edition!

It's the Friday edition of The ACCeptable Benefits Podcast and there are only 4 games on the ACC slate for the weekend; so you know what that means....Flashback Friday Story Time with MR and Doug! The guys hop in the wayback machine to talk the star-studded Miami-Virginia Tech games from '99-'04, along with "The Game the Internet Forgot": North Carolina and Georgia Tech's tie in 1990. The fellas also run through The Pitt List, where they try to decide who fits the bill as being "the most...


Week 5 ACC Football Review

The guys tackle the dismal slate that was week 5. From GA tech's embarrassing loss to Temple to Clemson almost losing to UNC, this is as disappointing as the battle of Gettysburg was for the south. (I'm throwing in another "disappointing" because we're super disappointed.) MR and Doug also have a quick discussion about It Chapter 2, Ancient Rome, and Shelbini's green curry, so this episode has something for everyone. Join us, Clowns! (this message is approved by the great Shelbini tm)


Week 5 ACC Football Preview

If you could go back to 1915 and ask former coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels Thomas Gawthrup "Doggie" Trouchard to preview week 5 of the ACC slate odds are he wouldn't mention Game of Thrones, the burning of the Cuyahoga River, and rabbit hemorrhagic fever. Unfortunately these two podcasters can't make that same promise. If you've found this episode you're lucky enough to be listening to pure content gold revolving around what can only be described as the biggest game in college...


Week 4 ACC Football Review

With the pure uncut joy that can only be felt by a Pitt fan celebrating the annual tradition that is upsetting a highly ranked opponent, the ACCeptable Benefits brings you the facts, fiction, and mixed metaphors that help to color in those blurred lines from a wild week 4. Whether you're fired up over the undeniable rivalry between a directional Michigan and a city in Florida or the demise of a directional Florida at the hands of a city in Pennsylvania we're here for you. So stick with us...


Week 4 ACC Football Preview

The ACCeptable Benefits is celebrating 1,000 listeners! To commemorate the occasion, MR and Doug are doing the exact same thing that got them here - preview' and riffin' on some ACC football! It's Week 4 in the league and the teams are looking to bring their A-game to bounce back from a tough Week 3 for most of the conference. The guys go through the betting lines, complain about some questionable coaching decisions, and get a surprise appearance from Coach Mike Sewak of Georgia Tech fame!


Week 3 ACC Football Review

Week 3 in the ACC is in the books! Doug and MR roll through all the action - breaking down the coach speak following some questionable decisions by Pitt and Florida State; bad losses by Georgia Tech, Boston College and NC State; and just who wants to be the second best QB in the ACC? All that - plus what can the United Kingdom's cycling team teach us about football (for real) - and more on this episode of The ACCeptable Benefits Podcast!


ACC Football Week 3 Preview

Doug's back from mourning Syracuse's loss and MR is back from California to preview Week 3 in the ACC! The guys hit some recruiting trail notes before diving into all the week's action. Is Jamie Newman the best QB in the ACC? Does Pitt have what it takes to win the 100th matchup against the criminal organization known as Penn State? Will Jim Leavitt run more laps around the Florida State practice field than the team itself? All that - and of course a bit of Louisville hot dog talk - on this...


ACC Football Week 2 Review

Doug and MR take you on a journey through a conference that experienced highs (UNC/Louisville) and lows (FSU/Syracuse). No sane podcast would spend an entire episode on a conference where 10/13 games were played against group of 5 teams or lower, but that's just what we do. With special emphasis on a clash near the top of the coastal and a review of which teams took care of business against lesser competition the guys step through the week that was and take down their takeaways. Two hosts...


ACC Football Week 2 Preview

Doug and MR are two podcast hosts divided by a country, a country that has no time for old men, no time for scrubs, and certainly no time for an inferior Carolina to inhibit the Return of the Mack. We're previewing the entire Week 2 slate of ACC games, including Louisville vs Eastern Kentucky. From the shadow of the Golden Gate bridge to the closet that Syracuse built back in Atlanta the guys go through each game, discussing their predictions, a few news and notes, and an ultimatum for VT....