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In each episode we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you reach your greatest goals!

In each episode we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you reach your greatest goals!
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In each episode we bring you an inspiring person or message to help you reach your greatest goals!




Nathan Whitaker: Impact For Living

Nathan Whitaker: Impact For Living


Frazer Buntin: Monkey Business

A conversation with Frazer Buntin


Howard Partridge: From Welfare to living the "American Dream"

Howard’s story is truly one of rags to riches. He went from a boy in a leaky house in Mobile, Alabama to spending time at the beach while his multi-million-dollar company operates in his absence. His journey is one of ambition, taking risks, having some failures, learning along the way, and then teaching others how to succeed and fulfil their purpose. A turning point for Howard was when he read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth. He rescued his failing business by creating and implementing systems. He...


Nancy Matthews: Who you're being determines the quality of life you're going to have.

Nancy is a writer, speaker, mentor, coach, and founder of the Women’s Prosperity Network. As a young woman, she was ready to head for law school when she found herself pregnant and decided to keep her baby and become a single mom. This was one of many surprising turns in her personal journey, and she’s learned to find joy and abundance in making lemonade from whatever lemons life throws her way. With energy and positivity, Nancy spreads her message of kindness, responsibility, and living...


John Eldredge: A conversation with John Eldredge

John Eldredge: On the Stages of Manhood, the Dangers of Social Media, and Why You Should Get out in Nature John Eldredge is a storyteller of his own and others’ journeys. His own path has gone from brokenness to becoming wholehearted. It’s the story of a kid who was into drugs, got kicked out of high school, encountered Jesus, and became a healing force in the lives of others. As a counselor, he’s heard the stories of many who were seeking to restore that which was broken – hearts,...


Kevin Brown: The Hero Effect

Kevin Brown, author of The Hero Effect — being your best when it matters the most I was fortunate to spend one-on-one time with Kevin before he spoke to a group of executives. Not only is Kevin an exceptional communicator on stage, his sit-down conversations are authentic and speak straight to the heart about the things that matter most. Kevin came from a working-class background and was a straight-A student who went through some very turbulent teenage years, dropped out of high school,...


John Rivers: The art of barbequing brisket and the passion of helping others

John is a Florida native, but his two passions — his wife, Monica, and brisket — he met while in Texas. Thanks to his 20-year stint in the healthcare industry, he got to experience barbecue in different regions around the country and determined to learn how to master the art of barbequing brisket. His combined passion of helping others and cooking was rekindled after John barbecued and hosted a fund-raising event for a child with cancer. That was the beginning of a four-year barbecue...


Art Ayris: Sharing the story of the Bible through comics

Art Ayris: Sharing the story of the Bible through comics Art Ayris is the CEO of Kingstone Comics and creator of Kingstone Bible, the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever created. He and his team work with comic artists to produce comic books, graphic novels, books and animations about the Christian faith; and the Bible trilogy was nominated as a finalist in the Christian Book of the Year in 2017. Art created Kingstone Comics to solve a major problem he faced as a pastor, how...


Kay Rawlins: How do you establish a healthy and interactive community?

How do you establish a healthy and interactive community? Kay Rawlins is the founder of Orlando City Soccer Club where she sits as the Vice President of community relations. Her drive to help Orlando’s community thrive awarded her the title of Businesswoman of the Year in 2016, yet this is just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from her role as VP, Kay is involved with creating awareness around homelessness, children’s cancer, and child obesity. Her goal is to better her community and showcase...


Joe Brilliant: What happens when you master your body?

What happens when you master your body? Joe Brilliant, known as Dr. Brilliant, is a chiropractor at Destination Dallas. He holds the title of IFBB Classic Physique Pro and is a RYSE Sponsored Athlete. His advice to people starting their health journey is to be realistic. If you can be honest about where your starting point is, simple with your diet and consistent, you can become a master of your own body. His most successful clients are those that have the discipline to maintain this...


Yan Tougas: What does it mean to be an expert in organizational culture?

Yan Tougas is the Global Ethics and Compliance Officer of United Technologies Corporation. As an expert on company culture, he has found the golden intersection between leadership and community. His advice to companies struggling with culture is simple. Understand the importance of front-line supervisors. Where most companies go wrong is in thinking that culture begins and ends within their c-suite employees. What Yan has found is, as necessary as good culture is at the highest level of...


Father's Day 2018

Father's Day encouragement and inspiration. Gratitude for my dad and what a blessing it is to be a father.


Jeffrey Buntin Jr: Family Business and the Ad Industry

Do you want to be a 30 under 30 honoree, be one of the top 100 businesses in your industry and be featured in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal? Take a page from Jeffrey Buntin’s book. The well awarded CEO of Buntin Group explains how he grew his family business into a profitable and powerful brand communications agency. His advice to CEO’s looking to find the same success is to, Always lead by example Invest in your talent, team members and take care of the culture Don’t...


James Orsini: Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Accepting the role as COO of Vaynermedia was the last puzzle piece for James Orsini. His first job in public accounting, time at Goldman and Sachs, decade in public relations and last few years as a chief operating officer had all led to this moment. When Orsini turned forty, he knew it was time for something new. That’s when Gary Vee entered the picture. Gary explained to James that his goal was to build a 500 million dollar international and independent integration company. He offered...


Marc Mero: Never Stop Dreaming

Marc Mero: Never Stop Dreaming It all started with a pen and a sticky note. At ten years old, Marc wrote down all of his largest aspirations. He wanted to be a professional athlete, find the cure to cancer and become a billionaire. In this episode, Marc explains the concept that it's not about the specific goal. It's all about how high you are aiming. His career as a professional wrestler has taught him, failure only occurs when you aim low and hit your mark. Success comes to those who...


Thomas Blackwell: Solving The Code to Success

Thomas didn’t start as a high demand speaker, paid to travel the world and give advice to corporations, executives and more. He wasn’t granted a successful mentor by luck of the draw. In fact, Thomas’ story starts with him saying, “I quit.” Shortly after almost walking away from his career in financial planning, Blackwell increased his profits from $7.00 to $124,000 in four months. He solidified a mentor, made his first speech and officially cracked the success code. Thomas attributes his...


Michael Dash: Putting Your Ego Aside & Finding Balance

If Michael Dash were to give one piece of advice about attaining success, it would be to start taking action. As Dash explains in this episode, his ability take action and overlook fears and intimidation is the reason he was able to create a multimillion dollar company. With a humble childhood growing up in New Jersey, his passion for hard work was sparked at a young age. Using his experience in door to door sales, Dash landed a job in the sports industry immediately out of college. Choosing...


Dwight Bain: Managing Fear and Changing Your Life for the Better

Ready to manage your fear and take a huge step forward in changing your life for the better? Join Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Life Coach, author and professional speaker Dwight Bain as he shows you how you can take action now to achieve your goals and create your best life. In this episode of Activate, Bain uses real-world examples drawn from his personal experience, faith, and recent world events to take on tough topics such as how your creative chaos may be hurting you, how...