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Lee Bramley – One of the original pirates

Season 2, Episode 6 One of the original pirates By the time he was legally allowed to get a drink in a bar, Lee Bramley had already spent years DJing inside them. He’d also been throwing his own parties, while simultaneously trying to avoid getting arrested by government agents, intent on shutting down London’s infamous pirate radio network. Within a few years he was also running several record labels, and had even gone on to establish himself as one of the main players of the UK garage...


Jason Ayoubi – Back To The Future

Season 2, Episode 5 Back To The Future As the former co-owner of Future Entertainment, Jason Ayoubi is a legend in the Australian dance music scene, being responsible for Summadayze, Future Music Festival, Two Tribes, and Good Life. With a career spanning 25 years in the live music industry, he also toured some of the world’s largest festivals including Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, God’s Kitchen and Global Gathering. Starting out managing three of Melbourne’s top clubbing venues, Paladin,...


Ben Harrison – When Only The Best Parties Will Do

Season 2, Episode 4 When Only The Best Parties Will Do After landing a gig as a promoter for an under-age dance event, Ben Harrison quickly discovered he had a knack for convincing people to party hard. He soon realised it made more sense to run his own events rather than work for someone else, and before long he was working with global clubbing brands such as Pacha, Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound. He then took his career on a different trajectory, working for one of Australia’s largest...


Darren Glen – Under The Radar

Season 2, Episode 3 Under The Radar Darren Glen is one of the best known personalities in Australian electronic music that you may have never heard of. Flying under the radar using a variety of different aliases, Darren has had a number of club hits, including involvement in multiple ARIA Club Chart #1’s, and success in countries all over the globe. One half of the legendary due Smash n Grab (alongside Andy J), part of the Blackout team (alongside Andy J, Andy Van & John Course), plus...


Saul Bliss – Blaggin’ It

Season 2, Episode 2 Blaggin' It From teenage beginnings travelling backcountry Gloucestershire in the dead of night in search of rave convoys, to residencies at the top beach clubs and nightclubs of Bali, Saul Bliss has made a career out of always being where the action is. Growing up in the UK, but spending the majority of his adult life in Perth, WA, Saul is the consummate hustler. While he may have stretched the truth a couple of times to get his foot in the door, it’s his personality and...


Mikey Cahill – Culture Junkie

Season 2, Episode 1 Culture Junkie Many people would be content to be considered one of the leading music and culture journalists in the country, but then there are people who need a bit more than that. People like Mikey Cahill. When he’s not gracing the pages of publications such as the Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph, you might find him hosting the weekly quiz night at Melbourne’s infamous Revolver nightclub, appearing on stage with Sonic Animation and PNUA as the Wild Strawberry, DJing...


Ricky Stylianou – From Nightclub Don to Beverage Pedler

Season 1, Episode 8 From Nightclub Don to Beverage Pedler Originally from South Africa and now a resident of Perth, my final guest for Series One has managed to combine a career in the organised chaos that is a life in hospitality, with the considerably more structured environment of life as a chartered accountant. As a former director of many venues around Perth, including two of its largest nightclubs, as well as a director of numerous other hospitality-related companies, Ricky Stylianou...


Karen Priest – From Zambia to Perth, with a few stops along the way

Season 1, Episode 7 From Zambia to Perth, with a few stops along the way. Although she was born in the UK, and grew up in Zambia, Karen Priest has held managerial roles with tourism bodies in New Caledonia, New Zealand, and Australia. On a more local level she’s been responsible for the marketing and/or management for Australia’s South West (that’s Margaret River for everyone outside of WA), and the Mandurah & Peel region, where she was the CEO for a number of years. Karen has even spent...


Leon Steed – You’ve got to hustle for that muscle!

Season 1, Episode 6 You've got to hustle for that muscle! Even though he rebuffed my shameless attempt at gaining more female YouTube subscribers by stripping off, covering himself in olive oil and flexing for the camera, Leon Steed is still a really nice guy. After sustaining a career-ending injury that dashed his hopes of ever donning the baggy green, Leon discovered a new passion, as he focused on educating himself about human anatomy and peak performance. Yet another one of my guests...


Hamish Goonetilleke – Time flies when you’re having rum

Season 1, Episode 5 Time flies when you're having rum One of my favourite conversations so far, Hamish Goonetilleke (yes I can’t pronounce it either!) has opened a number of bars around Melbourne, and has even more in the pipeline. He’s also started his very own spiced rum brand, Rum Diary, which is sold in some of the best venues around the country. What I love about Hamish is that he’s just as happy to tell us about what’s gone wrong in his journey, as he is to explain the upsides. As he...


Aarom Wilson – Dreadlock Holiday

Season 1, Episode 4 Dreadlock Holiday This week’s guest has one of the most recognisable faces, or should I say hairstyles, in the local WA music scene. Since the late 90’s he’s been immersed in the fields of both media and music, with a super-impressive media resume covering radio, tv, print and online. The list of venues and festivals this guy has played at is just as action-packed as his media background, and it continues to grow as he further cements himself as one of the state’s most...


Paul Archer – The Irish Yogi

Season 1, Episode 2 The Irish Yogi My guest on today’s show hails from the land of Guinness, leprechauns and Enya, and encompasses all of the main focuses of the show. He’s a DJ, a chef, he’s managed hospitality venues, he’s been a presenter on Kiss FM, and he’s lived in a number of countries around the world. These days you can find him running yoga retreats and teaching at his Melbourne yoga studio, YogaCita. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, so I hope you enjoy my chat with my...


Bourby Webster – Because starting your own orchestra is completely normal…isn’t it?

Season 1, Episode 3 Because starting your own orchestra is completely normal...isn't it? One of the most impressive individuals I’ve ever at the pleasure of meeting, and I’m also very pleased to call her a mate, Bourby Webster turned her back on a burgeoning career in the corporate sector to throw caution to the wind and start her very own orchestra. That was in 2009, and in the past 10 years Bourby and her growing team have gone on to turn the Perth Symphony Orchestra into a phenomenal...


Steven Borovnjak aka Brov – 22 Years on the Strip

Season 1, Episode 1 22 Years on the Strip The only person who calls him Steven is his mum. To everyone else in the Melbourne music and hospo scene, we know him as Brov. Having started his hospitality career as a chef at some of Melbourne’s finest dining establishments, Brov knew that working for others was just not going to be an option moving forward. These days you can find Brov at the helm of the hugely successful, and highly consistent Chapel Street bar, The Social. Brov’s story consists...