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The Astrophotography Podcast - Portable power and Portable imaging

It's the First day of summer! What a great reason to podcast! Have you setup all of your equipment in the middle of the field and then realized that the lights are not on because you no power? Do you run a small camera tracker and worry about polar alignment? then this Podcast is for you


The Astrophotography Podcast - Episode 32 - WE ARE BACK....and taking moon shots

The Raptors won........and we are back! Yes after a brief break we came back after dreaming it all up again! We argue over the significance of SII and what do when waiting for your target to clear a house


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 31 - NEAF, Spring and setups for

It's that time of year again! NEAF and the start of Spring! We recorded this one a few weeks ago and got caught up in a multitude of things that we almost forgot to upload it. Hope you enjoy!


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 30 - Galaxy Season

It's that time of year again! The time of year we all gather around the telescope and look off at distant galaxies and awe in wonder. Yes its GALAXY SEASON!! What do you need to capture those distant faint fuzzies?


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 29 - Filter Wheels

Hello Everyone! Yes we are still here.....hiding from the clouds and coming up with new material. 2019 is going to be a great year for astronomy. New equipment has come our way, and we are kicking it off with a new toy. Filter Wheels. Why you wan to use one, and which one to get!


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 28 - Winter Targets

As Trevor is famous for saying, "Winter comes around once a year". True words of wisdom. My choice of words about winter are not appropriate for a family rated podcast. Need a new target or challenge this snow season?? Here are some sugggestions!


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode27 - Big Scopes!!!

I have one, Trevor has one, my friend Dave has a small one.... I'm talking about BIG TELESCOPES!! Small refractors are great for wide field objects....But the Big scopes get the far out objects with ease! If you have ever though about getting a big scope.....listen to this podcast. Full disclosures.....I had a cold when this was recorded


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode25 - Widefield Astrophotography

Want to have some fun with equipment you might have sitting around? Widefield DSLR astrophotography is all the rage!! So many possibilities and its really fun. Trevor and Steve talk about there experiences with this fun area of astrophotography and how to get started or add to your current setup


The Astrobackyard Podcast Episode 24 - Astronomy imaging cameras

It's been a LONG time!!! Too long some may say.....Sorry for the long break, but the weather has been great. Astrophotography requires a camera....that is the critical hardware part for the hobby. We talk about some of our favorites!


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 23 - Warm weather and a black hole

ITs been a while, but we are still here. The weather has been gret and lots of time has been sent at the eyepeice, or in most cases the the guide graph.... A coupe of new items that Trevor has been playing with! Take a listen!


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 22 - NEAF wrap up and Pre-Summer Objects

We are back! After a brief break and a visit to NEAF we came back to give you the rundown of the show, and to talk about some interesting targets. With Spring in full fores, and summer only a month away, it is time to dust off the equipment and take it for a spin!!


The Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 21 - Mono Cameras

Well it has finally happened. Trevor is using a mono camera! Take a listen and see what he thinks about the transition form one shot colour to mono and narrow band imaging. There is a huge difference and lots of great advantages on making the switch to Mono imaging!


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 20 - Planetary Imaging

Planetary imaging season is among us! Yes you ready that right. After 19 episodes of Deep Sky Imaging....WOW....we are on episode 20.....we decided to do a talk on planetary imaging. Planetary imaging can be just as challenging and rewarding as DSO imaging! So much to learn, but you can image with a full moon and low cost cameras! Listen to find out more and hopefully be inspired to give it a shot.


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 19 - Spring time Objects

This is a long one! With Spring just around the corner (Thank goodness) its not only a change in season, but also a whole new set of targets are presented. It is Galaxy Season! The list is SO long of what comes into view this month, and in the the rest of spring. Galaxies, Open Clusters, Closed Clusters, Nebula, so much to choose from. I'm sure you will hear our excitement on this one....what are great time to take images!


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 18 - Barlows, Reducers, and other correcters

A great way to increase your telescopes focal length is with an accessory called a barlow, or extender. you can also decrease the focal length of your telescope with a reducer. There are several different names and accessories to let you frame up your object........we go over some of them in this episode of The Astrobackyard Podcast!


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 17 - Work And Astronomy Life Balance

Most of have this thing called a "Job" that can get in the way of our astrophotography hobby. Make the most of you night with planning and setup. Or do what I do and do everything by headlamp...... - Steve


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 16 - Cable Management

With all of the available accessories that you can put on your camera that require a USB cable or a power cable, or both, it can very easily become a bit of a mess. There are several great products on the market that help with this. WE talk about them on this episode as it was a topic that was in demand. We like to give our audience what they here you go!


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 15 - Year In Review

WOW!! 15 Episodes so far. What are great way to end 2017. It has been an exciting year for both myself and Trevor. This time I interview Trevor about 2017, and what his plans are for 2018. It gets a little weird.....but its really quick.... Thanks for listening and please tell your friends to check us out and subscribe. Post your images on our Facebook page and let us know your comments. -Steve P.S. I'm working on my audio.....I promise


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 14 - Automating your focuser

If you are a serious imager you might already have one. If you want to step up your game, you may want to consider one. If you want to have total control you will need one. I'm talking about a motorized focuser. You can do a complete swap out, or an upgrade of you current focuser with a stepper motor. Listen to some advantages and keep an eye out for Trevor's YouTube review of his recent upgrade!


Astrobackyard Podcast - Episode 13 - Sharpcap imaging software

What a great interview!! In this episode we interviewed Robin Glover. Robin is the author of Sharpcap software. Robin explains the beginning of Sharpcap and the reason why he wrote it. We go into some of the advanced features. Focusing with Sharpcap and the different options available, native camera support, The Polar Alignment routine, and what lies ahead with the software. Once you listen to this podcast you will either want to start using it, or you will try out something new if you are...