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Athlete’s PTSD Mantra Episode 22

If you have been in an accident or experienced trauma in your life, you might be no stranger to PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). Today's Athlete's Monday Mantra will help you reset and gain composure when a PTSD episode occurs. You will also learn a powerful breathing technique. Listen to this episode at The Athlete's Life Coach Podcast Episode 22. Read full show notes at To immediately ground you and calm your nervous system, practice the 4-2-4 breathing...


The Pregnant Athlete Episode 21

Today's Athletes Monday Mantra is customized with The Pregnant Athlete in mind. The Pregnant Athlete Mantra will center you, give you clarity and allow you to process your feelings calmly and logically. You will gently and lovingly arrive at your decision: To race or not to race during pregnancy. For an extra dose of loving support, learn how to pair The Thought Download Technique with Meditation, you will be amazed at the results. Link in bio. Listen to The Athlete's Life Coach Podcast for...


A Balanced Athletic Life Mantra Episode 20

Time wasters negatively impact your athletic and personal life. Learning how to maximize your time effectively will reduce your level of stress, help you stay sharp and focused and most importantly, it will generate a calming effect on you and those around you. Practice the Balanced Athletic Life Mantra to help you reset and get back into a good athletic training groove. Learn more: Let’s Practice! Sit in stillness in a quiet space. Close your eyes. Ground...


Deep Wounds Athlete Mantra Episode 19

While athletics is a healthy coping mechanism for many life stressors, there’s a limit to which your sport can help you heal from more profound wounds. Continue savoring your sport by addressing unresolved mental health wounds. Your athletic spirit will propel you to achieve the unimaginable with your mind and heart. It takes courage and discipline to confront mental health challenges. You are an athlete, you are one step ahead of the game, you are pure discipline and courage, all you need...


Professional Athlete Mantra Episode 18

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about your next big win? It’s exciting to wonder about the possibilities of becoming a professional athlete. A Pro-Athlete career path is for athletes who have mastered a deeper level of self-awareness and discipline; it requires a higher degree of physical and emotional wellbeing. Physical and Emotional roller coaster is daunting and challenging. It can hinder your Pro-Athlete career in an instant. Learn to overcome obstacles, prepare for the...


Athlete’s Listening Mantra Episode 17

How well do you listen? Are you an athlete that tunes out those around you when you practice, including your coach? Or are you the type of athlete that listens with eyes, ears, and heart wide open? Listening skills as an athlete is a skill that must be practiced and perfected. Unable to decode your coach's directives under pressure can have devastating effects mid athletic performance. As athletes, there is a natural ability to compete, an excellent quality to have on the court, not a great...


Athlete’s Missing Limb Mantra Episode 16

Being human is unpredictable. A missing limb can deter you or elevate you to release your most beautiful and unimaginable gifts. Athlete’s injuries take an emotional and physical toll on performance and your loved ones. Learn how to fall in love with your body after surviving a life-changing accident, after losing a limb. You are a beautiful Athlete. As a race director, I am privileged to meet athletes of all health levels. I recall meeting a blade runner (cross-country runner with a blade...


Well-Seasoned Athlete Mantra Episode 15

You are no spring chicken. You've raced fast, strong, and hard in your 20’s, now you are 70; you have stories to tell and wisdom to share. A well-seasoned athlete matures within a sport gracefully and accepts physiological changes as they come. Embracing your well-seasoned athletic body will allow you to adjust and reset how you train for your sport and your next chapter in life. The beauty of a well-seasoned athlete: You have mastered your sport. You know how to train efficiently and have...


A Healing Athlete Mantra Episode 14

Have you ever been around an injured athlete? If so, you have seen glimpses of depression. An injured athlete is a wounded soul. Injuries are part of the athlete’s journey; there’s no escaping them. An injured athlete needs love, patience, and kindness to recover fully and at a steady pace. Family, loved ones, and a supportive community will help an injured athlete heal and overcome glimpses of depression. Injured Athlete depression manifests itself in many forms. Signs of a depressed...


The Kid Athlete Mantra Episode 13

Your kiddo is an athlete, yay! Or nay? For some parents having an athletic child causes tension, unrest, fear, anxiety, and for other parents, it triggers pure bliss. You might fall into both categories from time to time. Releasing your child into the world is frightening, yet, it is simultaneously exhilarating. I believe every parent is bestowed a hearty account of helicopter parent quota, so use it wisely. Embrace your parental helicopter role for hand-selected moments, such as; taking...


An Athlete’s Form Mantra – Episode 12

As an athlete, perfecting your form is pivotal to achieve success in your sport. No slouches here! You practice perfecting your unique physical attributes, and polish what you have obtained after years of discipline and commitment to your sport. It’s time to pause and savor your beautiful form. You’ve sculpted your body into its original flawless form. Repeat the Athlete’s Form Mantra to help you slow down, enjoy each workout, focus on each rep, maximize each drill, and beautify with each...


Rookie Athlete Mantra Episode 11

You're the newbie teammate! Welcome to the team. Fear of not fitting in, uneasy about not meeting your marks and wonderment about getting along with your teammates is part of your new adventure. Rookie Teammate nerves manifest in several forms: You are extra giggly. You might feel queasy. You are withdrawn and quiet. You are chatty pants. You can't keep anything in your stomach. You miss your athletic mark. That incredible landing, dance move, super-fast sprint go out the window when you are...


Transgender Athlete Episode 10

This week I've customized a mantra for our Transgender Athletes and Teammates. Let's Love, Protect, and Respect our transgender athletes. Do you know a transgender athlete? Are you an Ally? Meaning, have you been listening and learning from your transgender teammate? Do you educate others on transgender challenges, provide a shoulder to lean on when your transgender teammate is in emotional distress? You can become an Ally just by being you; listen, learn, and love your transgender teammate....


In Awareness Athlete Mantra Episode 9

The In Awareness Athlete Mantra will allow you to be fully present and deeply savor each moment. Practice this mantra to reset your relationship with your loved ones and your sport. Being in awareness takes practice; just like your sport, you can't expect to be a great athlete by showing up once to practice. You must practice and be open to change, to the challenge, to the discomfort, to all of the love and discipline it takes to be fully present. You may apply the same approach with your...


The Athlete’s Flexibility Mantra Episode 7

The Athlete’s Flexibility Mantra is designed to help you remember to stretch. Your athletic body is a sculpture. You sculpt your body with each workout, training, and cooldown session. Repeat The Athlete’s Flexibility Mantra when you finish your training session. It will bring a soothing element to your cooldown time. If you have been skipping your cooldown stretching, write The Athlete’s Flexibility Mantra on a post-it, and place it in your gear bag. If a post-it note is not your cup of...


Productive Athlete Mantra Episode 6

Productive Athlete MantraThere are days or even weeks when looking at your desired goal may seem overwhelming and daunting. Aligning your mindset to engage in a productive pattern will create a wave of productivity. When you wake up on a particularly busy day, begin your day by repeating the Productive Athlete Mantra. You may repeat the Productive Athlete Mantra multiple times throughout the day. At the end of the day, do a one-minute thought download. Write down what you accomplished during...


Meditating Athlete Podcast Episode 5

Show Notes Meditation will give you inner clarity and tranquility; in return, this stillness will help you perform at your peak. You will store that pre-race/pre-game energy and organically release it as necessary. The goal of meditation is not to quiet your mind/thoughts; the goal is to see your thoughts, catch your thoughts as they are in mid-motion, acknowledge, and gently release them. When you master this technique, that's when 'mini gaps' of stillness happen. During these blissful...


Equipment Malfunction Mantra Episode 3

There are moments in an athlete's life when our equipment malfunctions, and it seems to happen at the most inopportune moments. The Equipment Malfunction Mantra will give you mental clarity to release your upset state of mind and help you obtain a creative solution at a moments notice. Let's practice the Equipment Malfunction Mantra. Visualize your malfunctioning equipment. Take deep belly breaths as you repeat the mantra.Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your nose. Equipment...


Injury on the Horizon Mantra Episode 2

Hello, Athlete's, today I prepared a mantra for those of you who feel an injury prevailing or those of you who are healing from an injury. Your body softly speaks to you. Once you accept that there is an injury on its way, you must address the Injury and embrace the circumstance. Tuning into your body will help you catch injuries before they escalate to greater depths. Do as you are told, listen to your coach, physical therapist; most importantly, listen and trust your intuition. Repeat the...


Summer Athlete’s Glow Mantra Episode 1

The Athlete’s Monday Mantra Please tune in every Monday for your Monday Mantra power-dose. It will help you kick-start your training week with focus and intention. You’ll benefit from the carefully curated Athlete’s Mantras: • Learn how to implement mantras in your training. • Practice mantra techniques. • Save time and energy by re-framing your thought pattern. Trust that each time you tune into the Athlete’s Life Coach podcast and land on a particular mantra, that the Athlete’s mantra is...