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Albert and Mike from The Cantina Cast have started this Ready Player One podcast. Frequency is every two weeks. Thanks, guys! -Albert

Albert and Mike from The Cantina Cast have started this Ready Player One podcast. Frequency is every two weeks. Thanks, guys! -Albert
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Albert and Mike from The Cantina Cast have started this Ready Player One podcast. Frequency is every two weeks. Thanks, guys! -Albert






Episode 0006, Part 4: ...And Godzooky!

Fresh off the Halloween holiday, The Basement is back and Albert's enlisted the help of Ear Glue Media's very own Social Media Manager, Josh Crawford, aka Imperial Moonwalker! Join us in a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of Chapter 0006 as we discuss Altered Carbon, Fahrenheit 451, The Sandman, Knight Rider, Voyager, Fight Club, Clerks, The Clash, Midnight Oil, Godzilla...and Godzooky! We even found a way to cover Lio's "Banana Split"! Ready Player Josh Richard Morgan...


Bonus Stage 02: Halloween 1 and 2

Just in time for Halloween, Albert and resident psychopath Mike look back on John Carpenter’s Halloween 1 and 2, the sequels, the music, and much more! This Bonus Stage is brought to you by the gracious sponsorship of Silver Shamrock Novelties! A Tale of Two Mikes Halloween (1978) Halloween 2 (1981) Music Legacy John Carpenter's Films Final Thoughts Support Us


Episode 0006, Part 3: And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

This week Albert is joined by Joe Kane (EGM’s Community Manager) as they cross the halfway mark of the pop culture references in Chapter 0006! We talk about the answer to everything, dodge what the other half of the battle is, and get into band name origins for some of the groups we’ve discussed on past episodes. We wrap it up on the dark side of a wormhole with the dark horse of the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Deep Space 9! J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 – 1973) Orson Scott Card...


Episode 0006, Part 2: Make It So!

Episode 0006, Part 2: Make It So! After a quick breather, we’re back this week with Part 2 of Chapter 0006! Journey with Albert and Crowley as they gush over Steve Perry, talk about picking up trashy women with Better Off Dead, roll one with Sid and Marty Kroft, and then sober up with Star Trek: The Next Generation! No wolves or leppards were injured in the making of this podcast. Enjoy! News Neal Stephenson (1959 - ?) Alfred Bester (December 18, 1913 – September 30, 1987) Gibson...


Episode 0006, Part 1: More Than Meets The Eye!

Episode 0006 starts NOW! Join Albert, SP, and Jeremy Dennis of the Transmissions Podcast in the first of six parts dedicated to toppling the monolith of pop culture references that is Chapter 0006! Each show will be a grab bag of authors, tv shows, cartoons, movies, directors, and music so you'll never know what you'll get...unless you read these notes of course. Anyway, join us as we try to answer a question steeped in controversy, “What the heck ever became of Hauler?” Ready Player...


Bonus Stage 01: The Films of Richard Donner

Here it is...The Basement’s first BONUS STAGE episode: The Films of Richard Donner! Join Albert and Bill as they tackle Superman, Superman 2, Superman 2: The Richard Donner Cut, Ladyhawke, and The Goonies! From Super Pimp to Super Sloth, the guys have you covered in looking back on the Donner films of Ready Player One! Superman (1978) Superman 2 (1981) Superman 2: The Richard Donner Cut (2006) Ladyhawke (1985) The Goonies (1985) Final thoughts on Richard Donner and his early impact...


Episode 0005: You Have Chosen...Wisely!

Recorded on June 12th, we celebrate James Halliday’s birthday in the best we know how by covering chapter 0005! Join Albert, Billy, and Instagram's _readyplayerone_, Morgan Marshall! News From the Front Lines! Ready Player Morgan Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail (1989) Gary Gygax (1938 –2008), Richard Garriott (1961), and Bill Gates (1955) Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook (Early to mid 80's) Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011) and Steve Wozniak (1950) John Lennon (1940 – 1980) and Paul...


Episode 0004: Worlds Upon Worlds!

Get ready for the wildest, sexiest, and most scientific episode of The Basement to date! (NOTE: We had to cut out the wild and sexy so you're left with science) Albert is joined by Astronautical Engineer and host of the Legends of SHIELD and Starling Tribune podcasts, Stargate "SP" Pioneer! Ready Player SP Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870) More on Holodecks (1974 – Present) King Tut (1332 – 1323) really Fantastic Voyage (1966) Jupiter, Io, Europa, and the Great Red spot or A Reason To...


Episode 0003, Part 3: Highlander 2 Lame!

We wrap up Chapter 3 in this episode and use Highlander 2 as a lameness measuring stick. Join us as we jump into the worlds of Krull, Highlander 2, and Legend and stop to talk about music contributions of The Alan Parsons Project and Tangerine Dream. We get into the nuts and bolts of the Swordquest contest and the public shaming I-r0k receives as well as questioning why Spaced!was ever mentioned in this chapter to begin with…enjoy! Krull (1983)Highs and lows Alan Parsons Project (1975 -...


Episode 0003, Part 2: Surely, you must be joking!

The Endorians are back! Albert, Mike, and Bad Gamer Crowley return like rabid Ewoks (just go with it) to bring you Part 2 of Chapter 0003 of Ready Player One. We pick up right where we left off with a brief touch and go on Starlog magazine, and then rip the Star Wars bandage off exposing the double trouble duo of Caravan of Suck and The Battle for Endor. No punches are pulled an no Ewok is sparred as we attempt to find the “great moments” Aech spoke of…full show notes below: News from...


Episode 0003, Part 1: What Up, Humperdinck?

The “Wild Boys” (Albert, Mike, and the main host of Bad Gamers Anonymous, Bad Gamer Crowley) start the first of THREE episodes dedicated to Chapter 0003 of Ready Player One! Join us for a fun trip down memory lane where we talk about really weird things like videophiles, Vulcans, and Duran Duran! We then hit the classic coin ops like Contra, Ikari Warriors, Golden Axe, and the “Zeppo Marx” of the bunch, Heavy Barrel. We kind of end on Tron but see the show notes below for the full list...


Episode 0002: Never Had One Lesson!

In Episode 0002, we break down chapter 0002 and Albert is joined by long time friend, former World of Warcraft guild-mate, and all around great looking guy, Bill Alewine. We’re talking Princess Leia, Monty Python, The Terminator, World of Warcraft and of course, “The John Hughes Blues”: Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Full show notes here: News from the front lines! Wade’s Locker Time...


Episode 0001: We Die!

Episode 0001: We Die! Our powers have doubled (recording time) since the last time we met so get ready! Albert and Mike return along with help from Cantina Cast co-host Jonesy and Cantina Cast Discord’s Veteran Joe to cover the woolly mammoth that is Chapter 1! There’s a crap ton of stuff to cover so stop reading this and just jump on in: News from the front lines! Galaga (1981) Defender (1981) Asteroids (1979) Robotron 2084 (1982) Family Ties (1982 - 1989) The Amazing Spiderman...


Episode 0000, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!

We’re back! Albert, Mike, and Will pick up right where we left off in the prologue and bring you more talk on the pop culture references you love and some you may have missed! Here’s what we have lined up: News from the front lines! Clash of the Titans (1981) Heathers (1988) SSI (1979 - 1994) You Can’t Take It With You (1938) Muppets (1976 - 1981) That 70’s House (70’s) Atari 2600 (Part 1) The Art of AtariStarship Adventure (1979) 80’s Fashion (80’s) Hosts: Like us, follow us,...


Episode 0000, Part 1: Showtime, Synergy!

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Basement, a Ready Player One podcast for people who love things! In this episode, Albert, Mike, and Will come together like the REAL Ghostbusters (sans Ernie Hudson) to discuss the first half of the prologue and break down the following pop culture references: Ghostbusters (1984) Corn Flakes (1894) Zapruder Film (1963) Space Invaders (1978) 80’s Dance Moves (Duh, the 80s) Dead Man’s Party, Oingo...