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Episode 22 - 10 Steps to a Better Investment Experience - Step 10 – Focus on What You Can Control

In the final step to a better investment experience, we talk about one of the biggest behavioral influences that will really benefit us. This concept applies to numerous facets of our lives and not only in how we handle our personal finance. When looking at it from a bigger picture, this can really affect how you look at life in general. Learn more about Step 10 in this podcast:


Episode 21 - Step 9 – Ignore the Financial Media

We are surrounded with financial media that tries to sell us products, make us believe they can pick winners or time the market better than anyone else. The truth is the financial media makes money by selling these ads, not by giving financial advice. There are five strategies you can use to help you ignore the headlines and stick to your plan to yield the financial results you want. Learn more in this podcast as Scott discusses step 9 of the 10 Steps to a Better Investment Experience -...


Episode 18 - Step 6 - Practice Smart Diversification

Diversification is important. We diversify in our everyday lives. We seldom wear the same clothes every day or eat the same foods for breakfast everyday. We change our route to work to avoid traffic and we change how we communicate with others to improve our understanding. We are constantly diversifying how we live because we know it is good for us, because it increases our opportunities for success. We need to practice this for our investments as well. Learn more in this podcast as Scott...


Episode 15 - The 10 Steps to a Better Investment Experience Step 3 – Don’t Chase Past Performance

Scott Stauffer shares why trying to chase past performance has left many investors disappointed, and how studies have shown that the past performance of a money manager does not ensure their future success. Scott also shares his insights on why it is better to let the market work for you instead of chasing a money managers past performance. Learn more with Scott Stauffer and his team at Better Wealth in this podcast.


Episode 14 - Step 2 Don’t Try to Outguess the Market

10 Steps to a Better Investment Experience Scott discusses Step 2 to a Better Investment Experience – Don’t Try to Outguess the Market. In this podcast, Scott shares how trying to outguess the market, can be related to a jar of jellybeans, and how we need to change our mindset from what we have originally been taught when it comes to investments. Learn more in this podcast with Scott Stauffer.


Episode 9 - Manage Your Emotions and Stay the Course.

Trying to make sense of the investment headlines we read in newspapers, magazines and various investment publications can confuse the best of investors. Our rule of thumb is if you can’t control it, then don’t worry about it. Understand that it is normal for the market to go down. What you don’t want to do is change your long-term course based upon fluctuating, short-term data. This is why it is so important to identify your long-term goals and write them down. When people follow their...


Episode 4 - Start Saving Towards Your Goal(s)

You can determine whether you are saving enough later, but in the short term, you need to start the discipline of saving and investing. Investing really is delaying a current “want” for a future “need” so just get it started and learn to increase your savings every year. While an advisor can help you make specific allocations for your saving priorities, you should generally be maxing out your 401k/403b/457 plans, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, regular investment accounts, etc. If your company...


Episode 2 - Understand What You Cannot Control.

When it comes to investing and building our wealth, we can’t control whether the market goes up or down. We can’t control whether interest rates fluctuate or what decisions the Federal Reserve will make for key interest rates. We can’t control whether the economy is heading into or out of a recession nor can we control what happens in Greece or China. We can’t control what happens with inflation, the price of gasoline or the cost of our basic food items. The list goes on and...


Episode 1 - Introduction to Scott Stauffer

Scott Stauffer, Managing Partner, of BetterWealth, has been a teacher, coach and mentor and is not complacent with plug and play strategies for clients that don’t adapt to individual conditions and prepare for how things can change when it comes to game time. Just as athletes require the discipline of maintaining a positive attitude, setting goals, managing their emotions and staying focused, Scott understands his role as a wealth advisor is to accomplish this by helping to educate clients...