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In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 9

In the final episode of this series where Glen Gordon explores Jonathan Mosen's life, we learn about the events that led to the formation of Mosen Consulting, the redefining of his role at Freedom Scientific, his major self-improvement drive which has included adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and embracing a meditation practice. He talks about the impact of the arrival of his wife Bonnie in his life. In late 2018, Jonathan began working with Aira. He explains why he joined the company and why...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 8

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen's life, we begin this episode talking about Jonathan's use of assistive technology. He remembers the real sense of concern that Windows may represent a huge step backwards for the blind, and his first use of JAWS for Windows. We learn about the first website Jonathan set up in 1996 and its ambitious goals. Jonathan remembers the first cell phone he bought in 1989, how much it cost, and how little it did. Glen asks Jonathan about his...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 7

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen's life, we begin this episode by talking about Jonathan's Internet radio activities outside ACB Radio, including the founding, phenomenal growth, operation, closure and resurrection of Mushroom Fm. We learn about Jonathan's best and worst interviews, and the Internet radio station he established to protest the second Gulf War. In 2003, Jonathan began working full-time in the assistive technology industry when he became the Blindness...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 6

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen's life, we learn about the origins, operation and expansion of ACB Radio, which Jonathan founded in 1999. You'll hear a few rare recordings from the period.


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 5

Glen Gordon continues exploring Jonathan Mosen's life by discussing the epic struggle for governance reform of the Blind Foundation in New Zealand, another initiative that was to attract international interest. Jonathan was instrumental in ensuring blind New Zealanders took ultimate control of how the Board of the agency was put there. We learn how he became the only person to have led the consumer movement in New Zealand, and chaired the board of the agency, although of course not at the...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 4

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen's life, we begin by talking about why it was necessary for Jonathan to quit full-time radio in the interests of starting a family. But their attempts to start a family began tragically. Jonathan talks candidly about his then lack of domestic skills and what that did for balance in his relationship. He says being a dad is the single most important thing he's done in his life. We hear some memories from his children; Heidi, Richard, David...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 3

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen's life, we learn about Jonathan the undergraduate at the University of Auckland, and some of his early technology use including the VersaBraille from TSI, the Apple 2 E, the Keynote XL and its companion KeyTerm program that connected him to dial-up bulletin board systems and the CompuServe Information Service with the aid of a modem. He discusses finding NFB literature on CompuServe and the positive impact it had both on his life and...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 2

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen's life, Jonathan describes picking himself up from the depths of despair using a formula that had worked so well for him before. This time, it earned him his first full-time commercial radio gig. We learn about his first after-school job. Like many other blind people, Jonathan was fascinated by telephones and the phone system. We learn about some of his phone escapades. Jonathan talks about moving to mainstream schools with resource...


In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 1

Glen Gordon begins this 9-part exploration of Jonathan Mosen's life by asking about his childhood. We learn about Jonathan's family, and the impact of radio from a very early age including his being well-known on radio in Auckland from the age of four. You'll hear a rare extract of one of Jonathan's Christmas shows which he co-hosted aged eight. We learn how, as a teenager, Jonathan took control of his radio career by audaciously starting a radio station of his own. But no one's life is...


The Blind Side Podcast 107, the final episode in this series. Jonathan Mosen's smart home

As Jonathan prepares to take up his new role with Aira next week, this is the last episode of The Blind Side Podcast that will be produced on a weekly basis. As circumstances allow and subjects arise of interest, you will still see the occasional episode being produced. After listener comments, we conclude our smart home series with Jonathan describing some of the technology he and Bonnie are using. Thank you so much for listening to these regular episodes over the last two-and-a-bit...


The Blind Side Podcast 106, Jonathan Mosen's presentation on iOS 12 to Accessible World

Jonathan Mosen talks about iOS 12 in this, a recording of his presentation to Tek Talk on Accessible World. The material is based on his book, "iOS 12 Without the Eye".


The Blind Side Podcast 105, Jonathan's move to a new role at Aira, Judy Dixon demonstrates Braille Screen Input on iPhone

Jonathan Mosen begins the podcast by describing his new role at Aira. He talks about what he'll be doing, what it means for Mosen Consulting and this podcast, and why he was so excited about accepting the role. You can read Aira's announcement, view Jonathan's blog post, and read Freedom Scientific's take. Judy Dixon describes and demonstrates Braille Screen Input on the iPhone. It's a way to turn your iPhone into a virtual Braille keyboard, giving you rapid input anywhere you go,...


The Blind Side Podcast 104, Unboxing a silver iPhone XS Max 512GB

Jonathan Mosen and Heidi Taylor unbox a silver iPhone XS Max 512GB. Jonathan demonstrates the gestures for phones without a Home button in case you’re upgrading this year. He discusses backup strategies, demonstrates setting up Face ID and more.


The Blind Side Podcast 103, recap of Apple's September 2018 event

David Woodbridge and Heidi Taylor join Jonathan Mosen to talk Apple Watch series 4, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.


The Blind Side Podcast 102, previewing our Apple event coverage, iOS 12 without the eye, and the smart home from a blindness perspective part 2

On 12 September, Apple will be holding its "gather round" event in which it will be announcing new hardware. Jonathan Mosen talks about our coverage here on The Blind Side, and what he's hoping to see at the event. Subscribers to our Daily Fibre Premium podcast get exclusive access to a live stream of our post-Apple event. Subscribing gives you the latest technology news every week day for just $5 USD per month. Check out The Daily Fibre Premium podcast. A listener this week mentions our...


The Blind Side Podcast 101, the smart home from a blindness perspective, part 1

The smart home offers the potential for greater independence and control of our home environment. But it’s a bit of a jungle out there, full of disparate systems and many choices. Then, of course, some solutions are more accessible with screen reading technology than others. We begin our series on the smart home from a blindness perspective with some of our listeners offering thoughts and demonstrations. Jonathan makes mention of Richard Mosen’s new podcast that is sure to be of interest to...


The Blind Side Podcast 100, reflections on 100 episodes, Jonathan Mosen's presentation to the All of Government Service Innovation lab in New Zealand

Thanks for being with us on this wonderful journey to episode 100. After some reflections on 100 episodes of The Blind Side Podcast, we hear Jonathan Mosen's presentation to the All of Government Service Innovation Lab about blindness accessibility, in the aftermath of the New Zealand census debacle.


The Blind Side Podcast 99, guide dog ownership

Some guide dog schools let you purchase your guide dog, making it clear that the dog belongs to you and you're completely responsible for it. it is yours to keep. Other guide dog schools retain ownership and can withdraw the dog at any time. Some guide dog schools claim to offer ownership, while still reserving the ability to withdraw the dog. It's a subject many people feel passionately about. This week, we hear some listener comments on guide dog ownership, and Jonathan Mosen speaks with...


The Blind Side Podcast 98, Ged Maheux, co-founder of Twitterrific developer The Icon Factory, talks about Twitter's forthcoming API changes and their impact on third-party Twitter apps

We begin with an explanation of Aira's Do More Foundation, and how it is currently raising funds to help more university students in the US become Aira explorers while they study. If you'd like to support Jonathan's goal of raising $1,000 for the Do More Foundation, and can spare even a little, here's the page where you can learn more and donate with any major credit card. Jonathan Mosen then speaks with Ged Maheux, co-founder of The Icon Factory, developers of the popular Twitterrific app...


The Blind Side Podcast 97, Aira is 24/7, should all guide dog schools allow blind people to own their dogs, and Darian Slayton Fleming talks about the documentary she's making about her late husband John

Jonathan is seeking feedback on any experience listeners have had with home automation, in advance of a special episode on the topic. If you've dabbled in home automation, let us know what you have and how it's working for you. We'd love to make this an episode with a range of perspectives and solutions. We celebrate Aira going 24/7, and ask for your views on whether all guide dog schools should allow handlers to purchase their dogs. Our feature story is an interview with Darian Slayton...