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EP72: How To Set Goals and Plan For A New Year

We are coming up to the end of the year and I know what you’re thinking, “Oh wow! I have to plan 2019.” Well don’t you worry - I’ve got you. Today’s episode is a mini workshop that is going to help you review 2018 and really help you get clear on goal setting and planning for 2019. Settling into the CEO role of your health business (and you ARE a CEO if no one has told you lately!) means stepping up your game when it comes to planning. Since you are a professional, planning 2019 can’t look...


EP71: How to Become a Blog and Social Media Influencer: Behind the Scenes with The Vibe Tribe

Joining me this week are Rachael Hunt & Becka Crowe! Together they are Vibe Tribe Wellness but they each have their own individual businesses as well, GlutenFreedom & Going Grainless. Becka and Rachael are two Instagram-turned-real life gal pals who started Vibe Tribe Wellness as a passion project. Their friendship blossomed when they bumped into each other in real life at an event and over gluten free food - they quickly as they discovered a mutual interest in exploring different wellness...


EP70: How to Increase Confidence and Maintain Motivation in Q4

This episode is a #GSD tough love conversation! Hold onto your Facebook ads because I share exactly what to do to set yourself up for success for the rest of Q4 with rocking confidence levels and super solid motivation. I wanted to have this conversation because every day I see members of my community posting in our Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook group asking questions about so many things… that they shouldn’t be worrying about yet! And I want this so bad for all of you. I want...


EP69: Recommended Tech Platforms for Your Online Health Business

Joining me this week is Elan Zusman from Zigi Media and we are talking technology! Get ready for an open and honest conversation about what tech is needed and what is not needed and what you should be using at various points in your online health business. Elan Zusman and his business partner Joey Abenstein and the team at Zigi Media specialize in providing tech support, training and resources for entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. They have everything from Done For You Funnels...


EP68: Part 2 - How To Train Your First Team Member

Today is part 2 of the 2 part mini series I’ve put together on how to hire and train your first, or next team member. If you missed Episode 66 which was Part 1: How To Hire Your First Team Member then I highly recommend you go and listen to that episode too because in it I walk you through how to determine what position you are hiring for and outline some critical tips to think about when hiring your first or next team member. Ok, so you’ve hired the team member and now what? How do you...


EP67: How to Set and Create Boundaries in Your Health Business

This week’s episode is SUCH a good conversation! Dr. Rishma Walji joins me and we talk boundaries. Why they are important and we share lots of practical strategies (that we use in our own lives) to create boundaries in your health business and in your personal life. This is a hot topic because so many of us who work in the healing professions are also empaths, parents and partners and can burn out so quickly if we don’t put some key boundaries in place. Rishma has been a licensed and...


EP66: Part 1- How To Hire Your First Team Member

Today is part 1 of a two part series all about hiring and training your first team member. Now, if you already work with team members don’t disqualify yourself here, this will still be helpful for you too. Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar to you -- you wake up and do work. You work all day. Then you eat dinner and work some more. You can’t take on any more clients or grow your business any further because you are tapped out or don’t have the specific skill set and you need to sleep at...


EP65: How To Create A Peer Run Mastermind

I have something special for you today! Rather than a formal interview, we are doing more of an informal round table… with my three business besties! Whoot whoot! First, we are joined by Alicia Streger who is a fitness business owner turned business coach who specializes in helping fitness business owners magnify their impact and streamline their businesses. Also with us is Karen Pattock who is an International Business Coach specializing in Email List Building and Customer Attraction...


EP64: The Rules Of Offering A Money-Back Guarantee

Today we are talking about money back guarantees -- this is a hot topic especially in the health and wellness niche because the results that clients get is dependent on two things: The quality of your program (which is what you are guaranteeing by the way!)That the client actually does what you recommend and follows through (even if just a little bit.) There is a companion guide with worksheets so make sure to download them at the link at the bottom of the page! One of the questions I get...


EP63: What It's Really Like to Be a Mom & Grow A Business

In this episode, I sit down with two amazing women who I have the privilege of working with every single day. Joining me are Laura Wood and Leanne Sedentoph. Laura has a fully online nutrition business called Lavish Nutrition and she is also the Head Coach for Launch it like a Boss within Team LK. Leanne has been been a long time entrepreneur and is an alumni of the Wellness Business Academy. She ran a nutrition business for several years and shifted recently to become the Director Content...


EP62: 7 Key Areas To Focus On When You Are Starting Your Health Business

In today’s episode we are starting from scratch. We are rolling back the clocks and going right back to the beginning. I’m often asked if I could go back in time and start my business over again - what would I focus on? And you know what? The things I would focus on THEN… are the same things I focus on now. It doesn’t matter if you are a total business newbie or a seasoned veteran - this episode is a starting guide or a benchmark to make sure you are focusing on the right things! There is...


EP61: The Secret To Success: Taking YourSELF Seriously

This conversation is SO good and I’m certain you’ll agree. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Kristine Peacock inside The Wellness Business Academy this past year and have been so inspired and energized by her drive to achieve success and her own personal story and big reason WHY. I invited her on the podcast this week to share this story with you. Because I know you need to hear it. No matter where you are in your business building journey we need a reminder from time to time that we...


EP60: How To Go From 1:1 Service Packages To Group Coaching

Here’s what I need you to know…Making money as a health coach, nutritionist, licensed practitioner or fit pro is possible. I know you might be feeling defeated but it’s totally possible. I’ve done it and I’ve helped hundreds of others do it too. It’s possible if you focus on moving away from 1:1 service packages as your main offering (save it for your high ticket VIP clients) and adding in a group coaching program. It’s not your fault if you didn’t know this was an option. It’s not the...


EP59: The Journey From 5 To 6 Figures In Your Health Business

These are honestly some of my favourite episodes. It’s so fun for me to sit down with those in my community and help them tell their story. This time the story is about the journey from five to six figures in your health business. Let me introduce you to Alyssa Labrecque who has done the Wellness Business Academy and is now a member of the Launch it Like a Boss Mastermind. We talk about her journey from working fulltime in her family automotive business, to owning her own successful health...


EP58: How to Know What to Charge in Your Health Business

One of the most common questions I get from my community is, “Lori - what should I charge?!” I get it. You don’t want to charge so much that your potential clients can’t afford you and you don’t want to charge too little that no one takes you seriously. I have seen many practitioners get paralyzed when they have to put a dollar value on their services… they get overwhelmed and start to feel “yucky” and “salesy” and their momentum grinds to a halt. Well here is the crazy truth. It really...


EP57: The (Not So Secret) Secrets to My Success

I’ve got a bit of a different episode for you this time around! A few months back the tables were turned on me and I for once I wasn’t the one asking the questions. I was a guest on The Health Coach Academy podcast with host Omar Cumberbatch, who just also happens to be a student in The Wellness Business Academy. We talked about how I’ve found the success I have so far, and what that word success even means anyway. He asked so many great questions and provided me an opportunity to share...


EP56: How to Find a Business Coach or Mastermind Without Getting Ripped Off

So this is one of those episodes where my mistakes are your major win! Over the years I’ve invested thousands (and thousands) in business coaching and masterminds. And some of those investments have been more beneficial than others. In my opinion, investing in yourself is a must if you want to accelerate your business and your personal growth. You need someone that can teach you what you don’t already know but these days it feels like there are thousands of potential coaches and...


EP55: How To Craft Your Brand Message

How do you talk about your business? Maybe you’ve never thought about it before, and if that’s the case this episode will hopefully change that. Every word you use in and about your business is part of your brand. It’s part of how the story and feelings that are elicited when people think about you and your business are crafted. Your brand message is SO important and it’s often a step people skip until they’re months (or years deep) into a mediocre business. We’re helping you craft your...


EP54: The Launch Mode Self-Care Plan

In this episode I’m talking about launching, but not in the way you might think. I’m going to talk about how to not get burned out by launching, especially if you are an introvert and a highly sensitive person like myself. I’m going back to my roots and will talk a little bit about nutrition and health as part of my self-care launch plan. I’m also going to share a couple of tips and some insider info that I do to protect and guard my energy. Launching is a BIG part of my business and I love...


EP53: The Must Dos To Legally Protect Your Business with Sam Vander Wielen

Do you have a little voice nagging at you, wondering if you’re doing the right thing? Wondering if you’re covered should something legal come up? You probably know how to legally cover yourself for your in person clients and working in clinic, but what about online? What about working with clients from other countries? One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your business, is to make sure it’s legally legit. You need to have the proper legalities in place to not only...