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Continuing his mission to Save Radio, Moyles and his dedicated team kick off Radio X each morning with the biggest show on the air. Get in touch @RadioX

Continuing his mission to Save Radio, Moyles and his dedicated team kick off Radio X each morning with the biggest show on the air. Get in touch @RadioX
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Continuing his mission to Save Radio, Moyles and his dedicated team kick off Radio X each morning with the biggest show on the air. Get in touch @RadioX






Bonus Podcast: Warning, it's a weird one...

Chris and the gang are off this week but we recorded this SPECIAL bonus podcast before heading off on our holidays. We'll be back next week but until then try your best to get through the musical stylings of Dom and Pippa. Theres more.... - A choir session breaks out - The search for the next Chris Moyles Show Intern - Don't Cha Wish Ya Girlfriend Was Raw Like Me... - Something quintessentially Ross Kemp Enjoy, The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 137: Simon Pegg, Choo Choo Wodger and Andi Peter’s Cabbage

Simon. Pegg. Yeah, that’s right. Simon Pegg joins us this week to chat about Tom Cruise’s love of Simon’s back catalogue, showbiz secrets from his time on Star Wars and shows he is not to be messed with in the TV Theme Tune game. Elsewhere, we check in with all of the amazing CHOO-CHOO-ers that are about at Wimbledon and Andi Peters comes live from the Love Island villa to update us on the exciting, enthralling, nail-biting gossip from the island. There’s more… - Dom’s Mackerel Salad - Ross...


Podcast 136: X Marks The Spot, Judge Rinder and Liam Giveaway

This week has been all about the giveaways on The Chris Moyles Show. Firstly, there was £1,000 to give away- in order to do that though, James thought he’d hide in a bush in Birmingham and have a listener find him… naturally. Camouflage aside, the team had a spare pair of Liam Gallagher tickets up for grabs- all they asked is that the competition winner answer the phone with some Oasis lyrics and be free to go to the gig. Simple? You’d have thought so. There’s more… - Chris’ dinner date with...


Podcast 135: Dinner with Cliff, James hides in a bush and Matt delivers cake

On this weeks podcast, Pippa dropped a bombshell on the team with the announcement that she’ll be having dinner with a living legend and fingers crossed he’ll bring his guitar with him. Also, “Hayley” from Love Island continues to annoy Dom despite their potential holiday together. Matt is also caught up with the fuzz in an a attempt to deliver cakes to the constabulary There’s more… - James hides in a bush - Dom heads on a Babestation tour - The musical styling’s of the Stylophone -...


Podcast 134: Sweepstake Shenanigans, Dom Does The Weather and Pippa Sings

An eventful week for the team this week began with Chris and the team drawing their teams for the World Cup office Sweepstake and Pippa’s unlikely pick for champions this year. Also, Dom takes us through his meteorological expertise to help the team through a windy week of weather. Pippa blessed(?) our ears with a Radio X rendition of a Status Quo classic that has to be heard to appreciate the vocal talents on offer There’s more… - An update on Archie the turtle - The recording behaviours of...


Podcast 133: Bastille, Kelly Jones and Billboards

This week kicked off with Andi Peters who stayed true to his word and posted a photo of his BUTTOCKS on Instagram. Speaking of backsides, Chris decided to let the nation know all about Dom's toilet habits by posting some interesting facts on billboards across the UK. Dan and Kyle from Bastille came in to chat about their new album and Chris couldn't help but notice Kyle’s odd resemblance to a certain radio presenter. The lovely Stereophonics Welshman Kelly Jones also had a chat with the team...


Podcast 132: Gary Lightbody, Andi Peters and Travis

It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend, particularly for Pippa- who’s been attending some VIP events with the Deputy Mayor of Basingstoke (a.k.a. her mum). This week also saw the return of Matt from his paternity leave, and boy did he come with some good anecdotes- mostly about bluetooth speakers and the immaculate conception(?!). Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol FaceTimed the studio to impart some songwriting wisdom. Plus, Chris' old mate Andi Peters came in and he was after a few more...


Podcast 131: Biffy Clyro, Ross Noble and Jon Culshaw

Chris is back! And what a return it’s been. Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro came into the studio to discuss some important matters like Simon’s new hair and their interesting new album title. If you prefer anecdotes about TV chefs then there’s also something in here for you! Ross Noble came in to tell Chris about the time he met Warwick Davies at Jamie Oliver’s party, as well as his theory about one particular TV chef *cough* Ainsley Harriet. In case that wasn’t enough guests for one week, the...


Podcast 130: Big Butts, Kim Jong-un and more $inna-G€€

Buzzing like a fly and stinging like a bee… the $inna-G€€ boys are back! And this time, they’ve only gone and dropped their debut single- the creatively named $inna-G€€. What a feast for the ears! While the rest of the country got ramped up for the Royal Wedding, Toby did what he does best- told stories about his pet pig and his new drunken mates. With Chris off, there’s been a shortage in the letter department but Toby’s huge package arrived to change all of that. There’s more… - Dom seen...


Podcast 129: Synergy, KFC and Bunker Raking

Chris has been away this week and it looks like he better watch his back, because Dom and Toby seem to have some really good chemistry… maybe even… Synergy?! It was also Producer Matt’s birthday this week, and Matt loooves KFC! We don’t cut corners on this show, so Dom called his mate, The Colonel, to get some chicken fried goodness delivered straight to the studio (much to intern Beth’s dismay). There’s more… - Pippa saw Carlton Cole’s bottom - Our competition winner has some raking to...


Podcast 128: Dinosaurs, Caterpillars and Pigs

It’s been an interesting week for the team who’ve been taking on some… inventive challenges. Dinosaurs (Chris and Pippa) embark upon Leicester Square to collect their dinosaur eggs (potatoes) and deposit them in their dinosaur egg collection box (a plastic bowl). Meanwhile, hear Matt and James wiggling about on the roof pretending to be caterpillars - that’s if someone can get the microphones working. Oh, and Dom a.k.a. Nigel Porker can’t seem to stop snorting. Has someone been putting...


Podcast 127: Derek Smalls, Naked Cycle and Task Master

If you ever wondered what a man losing his dignity sounds like in audio, then this is the podcast for you! Listen to Toby Tarrant’s naked bike ride around Leicester Square without any of the mental scarring that watching the video brings! Speaking of legends… this week’s guest was rock royalty Derek Smalls. The Spinal Tap bassist came in to tell Chris about his dancing days in Latvia and what the rest of the band are up to. There’s more… - Chris has got a special delivery that Dom has his...


Podcast 126: Chris Kamara, Steve Cram and Kriss Akabusi

With sizzling hot temperatures taking hold of the UK this week, boy do we have a scorcher for you! In this podcast Dom skilfully avoids taking home any gifts and unskilfully tries to convince the team that the Loch Ness Monster exists. Football legend Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara came in to recall smashing windows with Jeff in Japan and Soccer Saturday screw ups. Toby needs some hyping up ahead of the London Marathon this weekend, and luckily we have Steve Cram and Kriss Akabusi on hand to help....


Podcast 125: Ed Byrne, Cannon AND Ball

What a whirlwind of a week! Prepare for plenty of LOLs, as this podcast features an array of certified legends, from comedy royalty Cannon and Ball to Irish stand-up and now apparent Warhammer enthusiast Ed Byrne. With the horsing event of the year coming up this weekend, Chris, Pippa and Toby have a Grand National of their own, albeit with mechanical ponies and around Leicester Square. There’s more… - Pippa gives presenting a go - Matt gets his words mixed up - Big Foot or Sasquatch? -...


Podcast 124: We Want Cannon AND Ball!

Another week has flown by and, with Dom away this week, Toby Tarrant made a few guest appearances in the studio. In this Tob-tastic podcast, expect to hear all about his gameshow ambitions and what him and Pippa get up to in their spare time (clue: it involves case files and Google Docs). Plus, Matt’s leg hairs have been looking a little overgrown lately, so Chris decided to help him out… There’s more… - A Leeds player scores a rather unconventional goal - Chris considers changing...


Podcast 123: Judge Rinder, Long Don Silver and Television X

Well it’s been a quickie but a goodie. We’ve crammed as much as we can into this four day week podcast which features a number of surprises, including resident pirate Long Don Silver. Judge Rinder came in to tell us all about his Golden Gavel and, if you like accents, you’re in for a treat! There’s more… - Chris has a polite request for Pinterest - Dom explains television X - No injuries in 50 years? Pippa is impressed - The unlikely meeting of Mick Jagger & Chris Tarrant Enjoy, The Chris...


Podcast 122: Mark Hamill, Olympians & Anthea Turner

Well, Dublin has been and gone, but fear not! We’ve still got plenty of chat from the team’s time in Ireland where they were joined by some incredible guests. Speaking of which, Luke Skywalker popped in to see Chris this week along with Rian Johnson to talk anecdotes and impressions. Pippa’s wildest dreams came true as she got to attend an exclusive Sylvanian Families fashion event where she met the very helpful (and fish obsessed) Aaron. There’s more… - Dom learns the didgeridoo (kind of)...


Podcast 121: James Bay, John Cena & Dublin

What a week! With an impending trip to Dublin on the cards, the team have spent all week preparing themselves and what better way to prepare than with a lovely slice of Dom’s pie? Baked goods aside, Chris catches up with James Bay to talk fresh music and his new do, WWE superstar John Cena gets Dom in a headlock and one of team has some exciting news! There’s more… - Pipp’s Cold Sore - Painting advice with Dom - Choo Choo strikes again - Chris’ parenting advice Enjoy, The Chris Moyles Show...


Podcast 120: The Tarrant Takeover

This week, young whipper snapper Toby Tarrant has been filling in for Chris while he takes a well deserved break. Expect an anecdote for every occasion as Toby tells us all about his parents’ arguments and his schoolmates ‘Tequin’ and ‘Winfrup’. Also, the Choo Choo game returns, and this time it’s at the snooker! Toby chats to the man brave enough to disturb the peace. There’s more… - Pippa returns from yet another holiday, and this time she’s picked up the lingo - Toby dabbles in the...


Podcast 119: Roy Walker, Shaun Ryder and Mucky DVDs.

Amidst a week of wild weather, when radio stations across the country introduced "Snow Watch" to their output, we concentrated our efforts on a far more pressing project - hiding mucky DVDs in conservatively branded radio studios in our building (Classic FM). Unlikely mates, Roy Walker and Shaun Ryder, explain the drowning story (how Shaun SAVED Roy’s life), and in a WORLD EXCLUSIVE, Bradley Walsh aka Bradderz performs his Bangerz LIVE on the show! There's more... - The "world's best...