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Continuing his mission to Save Radio, Moyles and his dedicated team kick off Radio X each morning with the biggest show on the air. Get in touch @RadioX

Continuing his mission to Save Radio, Moyles and his dedicated team kick off Radio X each morning with the biggest show on the air. Get in touch @RadioX
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Continuing his mission to Save Radio, Moyles and his dedicated team kick off Radio X each morning with the biggest show on the air. Get in touch @RadioX






Podcast 155: Gary Lightbody, Nick Knowles and 80s Curtains

On this weeks podcast, Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody popped in, Chris discovered Nick Knowles has released an album and Pippa noticed she had 80s curtains. Also, This Morning played our fake John Lewis advert! There’s more… - Listeners Jingle - Gio’s X Factor Speech - The Most Tragic Letter - Adult Advent Calendar Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast: 154: Fake John Lewis Ads, Taron Egerton and Gino D’Acampo Trapped In The Green Room

On this week’s podcast, the team are joined by a whole host of famous faces. Chris and Dom are blindfolded as a mystery guest joins them. Taron Egerton tests Chris’ acting skills and Gino D’Acampo’s trapped in the Radio X brand room. Also, Chris and Dom perform a trick for Derren Brown. There’s more… - Dom’s Birthday Song - John Lewis Advert - Pippa’s Wacky Recipe - Mucky Calender Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 153: The Hairy Bikers, The X Factor’s Giovanni Spano and Cheetabix Dom

On this weeks podcast, the Hairy Bikers & The X Factor’s Giovanni Spano joined Chris and the team. Dom had Cheetabix for breakfast and received a fright on Halloween when the team disappeared. Also, Pippa learnt how to say ‘Meteorologist’. There’s more… - Do You Dare - Monster Bash - Freezing Cows - Steven Gerrard, Christopher Biggins & Mick Jagger Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 152: Judge Rinder, Guess Who & Hogan or Wogan?

On this weeks podcast, Chris is back! He was joined in the studio by Judge Rinder. Matt spotted 2 famous people, but did the people work in the building? Pippa brought back some interesting presents from Prague. Also, Dom introduced us to ‘Hogan Or Wogan?’ There’s more… - Food Challenge - U2 at the O2 - Social Media Comments - Wet Patches Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 151: Lord Toby & Lady Dominic, Graeme Swann & Ben Shepard

Chris is off on holiday so newly appointed Lord Toby stepped in with a whole load of guests joining him. Graeme Swann slept in so the team decided to FaceTime him. Radio X’s own Elis and John dropped by. And on the back of his Pointless Celebrities success Toby called Ben Shepard to try his luck at Tipping Point Lucky Stars. There’s more… - Cancelled Trains were throwing a spanner in the wrench - Impressions - James’ ELO date with Pete from Benidorm - Ingrid Tarrant’s Birthday Enjoy! The...


Podcast 150: Paul Whitehouse, Shaun Ryder & Learning Mandarin

On this week’s podcast, Paul Whitehouse and Shaun Ryder stop by; the team learn Mandarin (and Geordie). Dom receives some news regarding Dannii from Babestation. Also, James tries to cover up his Henna tattoo. There’s more… - Pubcast Confession - The Most Subdued Caller - Pointless Celebrities - Classic FM Live Enjoy The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 149: Eating Testicles, Holding A Tarantula & James Sits On Chris’ Knee

On this week’s podcast, it’s Make Some Noise Week. Pippa holds a tarantula, Matt eats lamb testicles and James sits on Chris’ knee. Also, there’s some pubcast snippets and your questions are answered. There’s more… - Dom has a meltdown during the news - Graeme Swann - Rainbow Tribute - Welding Enjoy The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 148: Andi Peters, Scratch Cards and DJ Sets

On this week’s podcast, Andi Peters FaceTimes in from Rome to create a £30M Rap. The scratch card winner is revealed and who will DJ at the Radio X drinks? Also, a pubcast teaser! There’s more… - Cruise Saga Continues - Mumford & Sons - Lie Detectors - Dragon’s Den Enjoy The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 147: Danny Mcnamara, Dom’s Favourite Mexican and A Food Challenge

In this week’s podcast, Embrace’s Danny Mcnamara drops by to say hello. Dom remembers his trip to a Mexican restaurant but Google maps tells a very different story. Also, there was a food challenge and a cleaner at the window. There’s more… - “I Very Much Want To Go Home” - Alton Towers - American Pippa - Mark Wahlberg Enjoy The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 146: Richard Ashcroft, Ross Kemp and Dom’s Magic Trick

On this week’s podcast, Richard Ashcroft experiences a FaceTime fail. Ross Kemp is shouting at the football again. Jeremy Vine responds to ‘I don’t like Chris Moyles’. Also, Dom showcases his Tabasco magic trick. There’s more… - Silly Voices - Weird Letter - Cruise or No Cruise - Saturday Night Takeaway with Chris & Dom Enjoy The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 145: Peter Crouch, Jamie Oliver and Dom’s Guitar Skills

Peter Crouch and Jamie Oliver popped by this week to talk about their new books. Konnichiwa! Pippa is back from Japan; how much Japanese has she learnt? Dom has everyone in tears whilst playing the guitar. Pippa and Toby’s house warming gift list is revealed; Chris and Dom race to buy the towels and Top Trumps. There’s more… - Angry Emails - Hiding things in Matt’s hair - Dom loses it over cardigans - “I don’t like Chris Moyles” Enjoy The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am...


Podcast 144: Chris Gets A Hoverboard, James Gets Poisoned and Dom's back!

Dom is back this week and he makes a musical return to the podcast. His newest beats are dropped and the hip, young, youth station of Capital Extra are rumoured to be interested. Chris and Dom were joined by Steve who brought some insanely rare movie memorabilia to view, from Superman, to Back the Future and everything in between. What’s the first rule of radio James? Don’t eat anything a listener sends you. There’s more… - Chris Auditions For This Morning - Steve Allen Visits - Jose Wants...


Podcast 143: Carl Barat, Elle King, Jon Culshaw, Andi Peters and…James Robinson?

Most of the team are off on their holidays so this week has been the Chris and James show. Luckily for Chris he’s been bombarded with guests. Elle King came in on Monday to talk about her new single, her dad and Aretha Franklin. Carl Barat let us know about The Libertines new pub/bar/studio/hotel. Jon Culshaw gave another master class in impressions, and Andi Peters went to Asda… There’s more… - Lindsey roars - Pippa updates us on her holiday via voicemail - Chris has an interesting (?)...


Podcast 142: Toby Takeover, Alex James and Facetiming A Dog

Chris is off on his jollies so big double TT, the rightful heir to the ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” throne, Mr Pippa Taylor, Toby Tarrantino fills in his shoes for the week. Joining Toby we have music legend and iconic Britpop cheese maker Alex James. He talks about The Big Feastival, his favourite cheese, Fat Les and even plays a game of Ikea or Cheese. Chris returns next week with all the usual! There’s more… - Pippas Late Night Fun Time - Facetiming a dog - Intern Mark's Song - Pippa...


Podcast 141: Denzel Washington, Fly In The Studio and Cat Food

Give me a DenzHELL YEAH! That’s right, Denzel Washington joined the team this week to talk to about his new film Equalizer 2, as well as his acting choices, messing with Tom Hanks and he meets Otis (Dom) again. The team also put their taste buds on the line when a kilo of cat food was sent to the team. Do they eat it? Was it worth it? OH YEAH. In what can only be described as a landmark in radio broadcasting, the team also struggle with a fly in the studio. There’s more… - Naked Press-Ups -...


Podcast 140: Miles Kane, Iain Stirling and Pig Face Doughnut Pippa

In this week’s podcast the icon, the man, the legend, the icon, Miles flipping Kane was in! He talked about gigging with Paul Weller, wrestling and the question on everyone’s lips, what does he think of Alex Turner’s hair? Y’all want another guest? Sure you do! Comedian and voice of Love Island Iain Stirling dropped into to chat about his time on the island, his new book and dads Twitter account. And Pippa gets in a bit of a situation with a certain bakery item, DO-NOT miss this one… There’s...


Podcast 139: Chris Woofs Pippa, Come In My Shorts and Toby’s Shocking Revelation

It’s too hot this week and the team are struggling with the heat. So in order to deal with it, Pippa is checking in to see that the team are all coming iin their shorts. Chris spent a week hatching a plan to “woof” Pippa and the gang try to making Pippa’s woofing go viral. Elsewhere, Dom reminisces over his time at Radio Kent and his old stations odd obsession with a certain type of sleepwear. There’s more… - A water pistol grunting extravaganza - Salmon? - Pippa and Toby’s Mexican Sock Off...


Podcast 138: Tents On A Roof, Sue Pollard and Sausa Jizz

The team are back! We also give away tickets to see Liam Gallagher twice in one day with lots of tents on roofs, pints in squares and ponchos with pistols. Elsewhere, Pippa gets a new job providing the voiceover for a hip young cool radio station. Hi-Dee-Hi! Sue Pollard bombards the team with her acquaintance on more than one occasion and we hear about an injury to Dom’s delicates in his youth. There’s more… - Hayley is back talking to Dom - James’ Facebook get hacked - Bruce Willis is...


Bonus Podcast: Warning, it's a weird one...

Chris and the gang are off this week but we recorded this SPECIAL bonus podcast before heading off on our holidays. We'll be back next week but until then try your best to get through the musical stylings of Dom and Pippa. Theres more.... - A choir session breaks out - The search for the next Chris Moyles Show Intern - Don't Cha Wish Ya Girlfriend Was Raw Like Me... - Something quintessentially Ross Kemp Enjoy, The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am


Podcast 137: Simon Pegg, Choo Choo Wodger and Andi Peter’s Cabbage

Simon. Pegg. Yeah, that’s right. Simon Pegg joins us this week to chat about Tom Cruise’s love of Simon’s back catalogue, showbiz secrets from his time on Star Wars and shows he is not to be messed with in the TV Theme Tune game. Elsewhere, we check in with all of the amazing CHOO-CHOO-ers that are about at Wimbledon and Andi Peters comes live from the Love Island villa to update us on the exciting, enthralling, nail-biting gossip from the island. There’s more… - Dom’s Mackerel Salad - Ross...