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December 2018: Opera Man!

An operatic rendition of the Lord's Prayer had the crowd on it's feet during the Grand Master's Installation, hear from the singer and hear a replay of the song. Plus a new feature focused on Millennial Masons and and the first Podcast by our new Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master.


November 2018: One on One with MWGM Vourvoulas

IN this episode, Tom Foster sits for a one-on-one interview with MWGM Gus Vourvoulas as he wraps up his historic term as Grand Master of Masons in Maryland. Also, how to use the Common Gavel in everyday life.


October 2018: A Day's Wages and German Beer!

Learn about Germania Lodge, get a recap of the Grand Lodge Table Lodge and learn how to earn you Masonic wages.


September 2018: The Business of Inspectors

IN this episode, we get a lesson on what a Grand Inspector does, and we find out WHY they speak last. Also, podcaster and author Robert Johnson joins us to talk about his new book regarding taking a corporate path to Freemasonry. What does that mean? Robert explains. Plus a word about the Bee hive!


May 2018: Finally! Help for your memory !

All Masons are looking for extra tricks to be able to memorize ritual. memory expert Ron White joins us to give you some tricks to use to help get through all your memory work! We get an update on the York Rite from the Most Excellent High Priest. The Grand Master has important words about the Semi-annnual, and the Deputy Grand Master has some tips on engaging candidates who are interested in your lodge. Finally it's the return of Tom's


March: Building Temples, Fighting Floods

In this episode, we hear from a Brother in Texas to get details on flood recovery, and we also learn more about the updates to the Maryland Masonic Academy, and get a lesson on how King Solomon managed to manage the Temple project!


February 2018: The Millenial Freemason

41 Million men in America belong to the Millenial generation. The value sthese men have ar emore closely aligned with the teachings of Masonry than almost any generation in history. So how do we get them to knock on the door? Author Sam Friedman explains. How do you plan a really great event? Event Producer Petra Compel from Event Tech gives a few tricks of the trade> The MWGM updates us on improvements at Maryland Masonic Homes, and The RWDGM talks about a how to give your lodge a purpose....


December 2017: Get Ready for a New Chair?

The Grand Master talks about his trip to the UGLE and aslo about two proposed changes to the Grand Lodge constitution. The DGM talks about membership and youth groups, and host Tom Foster talks to two authors who's books may give new officers some fresh ideas. Also we hear from a new 33rd degree Mason, Michael Fabe, and get some insight on his Masonic Journey.


October: Halloween Special!

Some spooky info on Masonic headstones and some spine-tingling trivia on a Grand Master with a peculiar cemetery situation! Plus a 4th generation Maryland mason raises a 5th generation and word on equality from our Grand Master. The RWDGM talks hard numbers in Masonry, and news on a new facebook feature.


September: Helping Our Brothers Through MSA

What is MSA? Where does it come from and why should it be the first choice in helping the victims of the hurricanes? Simon LaPlace of MSA joins Tom foster to discuss. Also, Dave Sandy discusses the meaning of Further light, and the MWGM & DGM talk about upcoming events and membership initiatives. TO DONATE TO HURRICANE RELIEF, PLEASE VISIT WWW.MSANA.COM


August: Chris Hodapp

The MWGM announces his golf outing, an update on our youth groups from DGM Naegele. The return of Dave Sandy and Further Light, and a chat with Chris Hodapp, Author of Freemasons for Dummies.


July 2017: Do you come from the land down under?

IN this episode we of course hear about some great summer events and learn about the Schools of INstruction from the Grand Master, we also learn about the many charitable endeqavors that the MD Masonic family engages in from the Deputy Grand Master. We are also treated to a visit from a Brother from AUSTRALIA and we learn about a busy Maryland Mason who is one of the most HATED pro wrestling managers in the US!


June 2017: How to afford the Past Master's Jewel

Of course we have our messages from the MWGM and RWDGM, both with good news to share. Greg Jones of Mt. Moriah #116 talks about helping local high schools and Edward Heimiller talks about an exciting way to provide your Master with a proper PM jewel WITHOUT breaking the lodge budget! Also, Dave Sandy continues his exploration of the cardinal virtues.


May 2017: The Maryland Masonic Academy

In this episode, we speak with Kirk White, author of "Operative Masonry" which is required reading in the Maryland Masonic Academy. Also, another exploration of the Cardinal Virtues with Dave Sandy, and Charles Matulewicz Dean of the Maryland Masonic Academy discusses the Arch presentations and how brothers can best prepare for them. Of course we hear from The Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master, and another round of Tom's Trivia!


April 2017: Make Your Mark

IN this episode, we hear about a Maryland tattoo shop owner who's taking hate out of the world, one tattoo at a time and we hear from a lawmaker-brother who's making his mark in Annapolis. Dave Sandy begins a 4-part series on the cardinal virtues and the MWGM & RWDGM explain how Masons have helped veterans and the many ways ladies are involved in our Masonic family.


March 2017

On our Facebook page last month, you met two of our Jobie Girls from far away. After sneaking into the MWGM's Apartment, they sit down with host Tom Foster for a chat about traveling the world to support the Masonic Family. The latest info on the Storm the Castle 5k, and update from the Grand Master on the latest with our online members portal and the charitable efforts of the Grand Lodge, and the Deputy Grand Master follows up with a discussion of the latest on membership efforts. Edward...


February 2017

In this episode, Further Light returns with Dave Sandy. Brother Dave discusses the symbols, traditions and duties of a Past Master. Also, we hear from a Brother in England who viewed out ritual on Facebook, so get his thoughts on the craft using this medium for outreach. Also, we learn the history of Boy Scouts and Masonry with Brother Robert King, and we find out about the first portrait of a lady to be added to the Masonic museum collection. Of course we've also got Tom's Trivia and some...


January 2017

Do tough guys wear aprons? You bet they do because the Father of Maryand Mixed Martial Arts is none other than Brother John Rallo. Host Tom Foster talks to John to find out why he became a mason. Tom also talks with First Lady of Maryland Masonry Cheryl Vourvoulas to discuss the new things for Masonic ladies in Maryland. Edward Heimiller drops by with a beautiful apron from the museum and we get the details on the Masonic Leadership Academy, the upcoming "Storming The Castle 5k" and words of...