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March 2020: Grand Lodge Election special

In this special edition, we hear from the men who are running for elected offices for 2021.


February 2020: The APG Club & More about the Ark

Along with updates from the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master, we have information about successful a new club specifically for Masons working at Aberdeen Proving Ground. We also learn more about the Anchor and the Ark as symbols in Masonry, and how to apply them to your life.


December 2019: Was Santa a Mason?

In this episode, we learn about the Christmas Cowboy, Brother Gene Autry, also we learn more about the Hanukkah holiday, and we get the lowdown on the January installation schedule. Also, was Saint Nick, aka Santa a Freemason?


October 2019: Houdini and Museum History

This Halloween marks the 93 anniversary of the death of Brother Harry Houdini. We talk with folks from the Scranton Houdini Museum to get details on the life and death of Brother Harry. Plus we get a history lesson from the Maryland Masonic Museum.


September 2019: A Crockett Connection

In this episode, we hear about exciting happenings for the fall including The first ever community Wellness fair, Harvest Home Day, the Grand Masters golf tournament, and more! Plus, learn a little more about your Masonic Apron and hear from a direct descendant of Davy Crockett.


June 2019: The 47th Problem & Solving other problems

IN this episode, we find out about the new DelMar JDI, the new Grand Lodge Regional membership Chairman, and the Grand Master & Deputy Grand Master share their thoughts on summer. We also find out why Masons are to observe the 47th Problem of Euclid.


April 2019: The Next Right Thing

Brother Kevin Marburger talks about his new foundation, The Grand Master talks about proper voting procedures, and the Deputy Grand Master discusses giving new men the time to learn. Also a special Millennial Mason joins us to celebrate DeMolay.


March 2019: 104 and still sitting in lodge!

News about the DeMolay Fesitive Boards, a sit-down with our Junior Grand Warden and a hat with a 104 year old Mason!


Live From Centennial Lodge!a

As the Grand Lodge continues it's journey around Maryland for installations, we bring you this live broadcast from their "lunch break" at Centennial Lodge. Patuxent Lodge was the morning and Centennial's installtion after lunch. Find out how the crazy intallation season is going!


January 2018: Mystery Train

Freemasonry & the rails, how to use the trowel and more!


December 2018: Opera Man!

An operatic rendition of the Lord's Prayer had the crowd on it's feet during the Grand Master's Installation, hear from the singer and hear a replay of the song. Plus a new feature focused on Millennial Masons and and the first Podcast by our new Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master.


November 2018: One on One with MWGM Vourvoulas

IN this episode, Tom Foster sits for a one-on-one interview with MWGM Gus Vourvoulas as he wraps up his historic term as Grand Master of Masons in Maryland. Also, how to use the Common Gavel in everyday life.


October 2018: A Day's Wages and German Beer!

Learn about Germania Lodge, get a recap of the Grand Lodge Table Lodge and learn how to earn you Masonic wages.


September 2018: The Business of Inspectors

IN this episode, we get a lesson on what a Grand Inspector does, and we find out WHY they speak last. Also, podcaster and author Robert Johnson joins us to talk about his new book regarding taking a corporate path to Freemasonry. What does that mean? Robert explains. Plus a word about the Bee hive!


May 2018: Finally! Help for your memory !

All Masons are looking for extra tricks to be able to memorize ritual. memory expert Ron White joins us to give you some tricks to use to help get through all your memory work! We get an update on the York Rite from the Most Excellent High Priest. The Grand Master has important words about the Semi-annnual, and the Deputy Grand Master has some tips on engaging candidates who are interested in your lodge. Finally it's the return of Tom's


March: Building Temples, Fighting Floods

In this episode, we hear from a Brother in Texas to get details on flood recovery, and we also learn more about the updates to the Maryland Masonic Academy, and get a lesson on how King Solomon managed to manage the Temple project!


February 2018: The Millenial Freemason

41 Million men in America belong to the Millenial generation. The value sthese men have ar emore closely aligned with the teachings of Masonry than almost any generation in history. So how do we get them to knock on the door? Author Sam Friedman explains. How do you plan a really great event? Event Producer Petra Compel from Event Tech gives a few tricks of the trade> The MWGM updates us on improvements at Maryland Masonic Homes, and The RWDGM talks about a how to give your lodge a purpose....


December 2017: Get Ready for a New Chair?

The Grand Master talks about his trip to the UGLE and aslo about two proposed changes to the Grand Lodge constitution. The DGM talks about membership and youth groups, and host Tom Foster talks to two authors who's books may give new officers some fresh ideas. Also we hear from a new 33rd degree Mason, Michael Fabe, and get some insight on his Masonic Journey.