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Episode #139 - Treated Like Royalty on The Royal Princess

Welcome to episode #139! On this new podcast episode, Tommy shares his recent cruise on the Royal Princess to the Mexican Riviera! This seven day cruise had port stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. Beside having perfect warm weather and smooth sailing seas, the Royal Princess crew was treating Tommy and his wife Lena like royalty (here's a secret...they treat everyone like royalty!). From the food, to the shows, to the specialty restaurants, to the rejuvenating...


Episode #138 - Lou Gazzara: Troubadour Of The High Seas!

Welcome to episode #138! On this new podcast episode, Tommy interviews American Idol Finalist, Lou Gazzara! For many years now, Lou has cruised around the world, sharing his gift of music to cruisers, performing on over 150 cruise voyages. Lou performed two phenomenal shows on the Royal Princess on Tommy's cruise vacation last month. To say the least, he has an amazing musical gift and it is jaw dropping. His incredibly wide vocal range allows him to perform from Rock and Roll to...


Episode #137 - Unlocking The Possibilities: Princess Cruises' OceanMedallion

Welcome to episode #137! We are back from our cruises and full of stories, information and observations. Obviously, we both had a great time on our cruises, so the next few episodes will be a chock full of cruise goodness. On this show, Tommy shares about his experiences and information about the launch of the OceanMedallion on the Royal Princess! You will learn about it's history, the tech behind it and how it will make your cruise experience even better and even more fun! The...


Episode #136 - On The Edge With Don @EatSleepCruise

Welcome to episode #136! We are happy to have back to the show, Don Bucolo of EatSleepCruise to share with us his experiences on the Celebrity Edge. Don shares his favorite places to eat, play and drink on the ship as well as his best tips about the ship. Celebrity's futuristic cruise ship is a game changer and is setting new standards in the cruise industry. The Cruise Dudes are cruising this week! April 6-13 - Tommy will be sailing the Royal Princess to the Mexican Riviera. April...


Episode #135 - Cruising Again with the Cruise Sisters!

Welcome to episode #135! We are so happy to have back on our show, from Berlin Germany, Janice and Juliet, the Cruise Sisters! They were recently at the christening of the Costa Venezia and they share all about the unique details that can be found on this ship. The ship was built for the Asian market, but it was constructed to look like you were visiting Venice, Italy. From St. Mark's Square, gondoliers, to fresh pasta dishes, gelato and even a wax museum - the Venezia is a special, one...


Episode #134 - Carnival Splendor, Holiday Cruising!

Welcome to episode #134! Well we finally get to hear from Scott and hear about some of the fun and interesting things he did with his family on their Christmas cruise on the Carnival Splendor. This was a seven day Mexican Riviera cruise roundtrip from Long Beach, California during the Christmas holiday. The Splendor has become the family's favorite local cruise ship. They love the ship, crew, entertainment and of course the food! The Splendor will only be in California for a few more...


Episode #133 - Virgin Voyages: Creating Their Own Waves

Welcome to episode #133! Sir Richard Branson is creating waves in the cruise industry. He is thinking outside the box and has some different and exciting new ideas about your next cruise vacation on Virgin Voyages. On this new show, share all about our trip back to New York to attend the Virgin Voyages press event and party on Valentines Day. With breathtaking views from the 102nd floor of the One World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower, Sir Richard Branson and Tom McAlpin announced the...


Episode #132 - All Aboard For 2019!

Welcome to episode #132! Now that the holidays are over, we are starting off our first live recorded episode for 2019 catching up on cruise news from Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean, Princess and more. Exciting things are coming for 2019 and we can't wait to share it with you! Out here on the West Coast, we are experiencing a tremendous growth, expansion and competition. That means more options, reasons and opportunities to come to California and enjoy a cruise. So let's set sail in...


Episode #131 - Shooting The Ship With Cruise Director Lee

Welcome to episode #131! Scott got to spend some time with the Carnival Splendor's cruise director Lee and interview him. He has some funny and insightful stories about his life aboard cruise ships and his adventures around the world. The Splendor will be repositioning to Australia at the end of 2019, so if you want to cruise to the Mexican Riviera, book soon. Lee and all the crew will be excited to see you and make sure you will have a memorable cruise. Enjoy the show! Tommy &...


Episode #130 - A Ship's Life on the Carnival Splendor

Welcome to episode #130! Happy New Year cruisers! We have a special show for you today. Scott and his family cruised on the Carnival Splendor to the Mexican Riviera for Christmas this year. During the cruise they had a special question and answer session onboard with the Carnival crew members called "A Ship's Life". They share some fun and interesting stories what it is like and what happens while on board. So if you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes on a cruise ship you...


Episode #129 - The Cutting Edge of Cruising

Welcome to episode #129! When you think that cruise ships can get any more extreme and extravagant, along comes the Celebrity Edge. We discuss some of the unique features and experiences from the incredible Magic Carpet elevator to a enchanting and extraordinary dining experience at the Le Petite Chef. This beautiful ship is now sailing guest in the Caribbean - don't miss it! Also, we have cruise news and we are looking for your cruise predictions for 2019. Please call our voice mail...


Episode #128 - Holiday Cruising!

Welcome to episode #128! Do you like to cruise during the holidays? Would you like a cruise ship under your Christmas tree? No worries about shopping, wrapping presents or even cooking dinner. Everything would be taken care of! We share some of our past experiences and future cruise for this upcoming holiday season. And let us know your favorite holiday cruise memory! Enjoy the show! Tommy & Scott * * * * * The Cruise Dudes Podcast T-Shirts & PopSockets! * * *...


Episode #127 - Seaside Scuttle!

Welcome to episode #127! It's time for a 'seaside scuttle" where we share the latest cruise news that has caught our attention. We hope you enjoy the new show! Tommy & Scott


Episode #126 - Name That Ship!

Welcome to episode #126! We have had a whirlwind of things going on in our lives the last few weeks, but we are so glad to be with you and share some cruising goodness and fun. On this new show, we share an update on Hurricane Florence and her impact on cruise ships and itineraries on the East coast. This is one of many storms that the weather services are tracking over the next few weeks. So if you have a East coast or Caribbean cruise coming up soon, be sure to keep your heads up! Our...


Episode #125 - Exploring Cuba!

Welcome to episode #125! Cuba has become an enigma and a curiosity to travelers, especially to cruisers for many decades. It is the closest foreign island to the United States, but it was the least visited and restricted to Americans. Not anymore now! For over two years now the cruise lines have been making port stops to Havana, Cuba and Americans are learning, experiencing and enjoying the sights, sounds, entertainment, food and drink and so much more. On this new episode, we have our...


Episode #124 - Yachting Through YouTube!

Welcome to episode #124! This is our plastic free, bio-degradable podcast show - no straws allowed! We had such a great response about our last show, #123, Navigating Through Netflix, we decided to check out some of the most interesting videos, documentaries and stories about cruise ships, cruising and cruisers found on YouTube! We are Yachting Through YouTube! Here are the links to the videos that we discussed on the show. Carnival's concept Project Pinnacle - The cruise...


Episode #123 - Navigating Through Netflix

Welcome to episode #123! Do you like to Netflix and chill? How about Neflix and cruise? Well, in this new podcast, we are Navigating Through Netflix, and sharing with you a few of the cruise related and travel streaming shows, that can be found on Netflix. We discovered a few documentaries, a reality show, and a interesting exposé travel series. All of these shows were very interesting and informative. Did we miss anything? Do you have a favorite cruise related show on Netflix that we...


Episode #122 - Comparing Our Notes on the Norwegian Bliss with Don @EatSleepCruise

Welcome to episode #122! We are back with another show about the Norwegian Bliss. This time we are comparing our notes with Don from EatSleepCruise and all about his three day cruise. We discuss the differences and improvements between the Escape and the Bliss and of course, and compare our thoughts about the food and the special onboard and unique experiences. We highly recommend you visit Don's website and follow his social media accounts. He has valuable information and honest...


Episode #121 - An Interview With The Artist of The Sea, Wyland!

Welcome to episode #121! We have another special show for you this week. While were doing our media tour on the Norwegian Bliss, we were privileged to spend a some time with Wyland and interview him. This was such a great time to learn a little bit about his life, how he got started painting, what inspires him, the "whaling walls" and the opportunity to paint his most recent masterpiece, "Cruising with the Whales" on the hull of the Norwegian Bliss and so much more. Wyland's passion is...


Episode #120 - Blissful Food on the Norwegian Bliss!

Welcome to episode #120! We just had a media tour of Norwegian Bliss while she was in Los Angeles this week and it was phenomenal experience! Lot's of people have responded with great interest in our social media posts about the many different food offerings that we tried that day. And this show is all about that! The Bliss impressed us! We were overwhelmingly amazed of all the different food options available onboard. Hopefully this episode will give you a better idea what you can...