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Your Best Is Yet To Come






DIP Episode #35: A life worth LIVING is a life worth SHARING

The impact that we have on each other is more powerful than you think. Twenty years ago, I met an amazing young girl named Mae Lee. She was quiet, impressionable and thirsty for wisdom. I’ve spent these last 2 decades teaching her what I’ve learned about life through my experiences. The shoe is now on the other foot. Mae Lee, now 31, has gained valuable life experience and is excited to share what she’s learned. She speaks from the heart in hopes that she may help another young person...


DIP Episode #34: Say Something

If you've lived past your 20's, then you have some of the all-important life experience. Sharing your experiences with someone else, who might feel forgotten by life, is a chance to make a difference. There are so many that struggle to make sense of things around them but with your help and experience perhaps you just may affect their perspective and bring hope back to an otherwise bleak situation. Putting your arm around someone while expressing the strengths that you see in them just may...


DIP Episode #33: You’ve Gotta be Aware.

In order to fashion a successful life, you must be aware of the decisions you’re making and the impact that these decisions are having in your life. Every so often you'll find yourself at the crossroads. It’s in these moments where awareness of who you are and what you want become paramount. Life is a lot like the ocean tides; it ebbs and flows constantly. When things are not going your way, reassess and be aware of the decisions that you’ve been making. The more skilled you become at this,...


DIP Episode #32: Will the Pain Go Away?

It’s been said that life does not happen to us but rather for us. If you embrace this statement, then it’s probable that you'll be in control of your life. If not, life can seem hopeless. Life is not trying to screw you. It just happens and you are its’ guest. You get to make the events of life mean anything you want. This is the understanding behind the statement life happens for us. Life will provide countless events for which your brain has to formulate a meaning. When things are going...


DIP Episode #31: Sex – Just say it.

Relationships rarely flourish when the those involved fail to state their desires. The unparalleled passion that accompanies the development of a new relationship can slowly tarnish over time. This is not because of some universal law of physics but rather from a lack of communication. There are many things that destroy a relationship but the two most polarizing are sex and money. If your relationship seems so far away from the hot passion of where it began, perhaps it’s time to get it back....


DIP Episode #30: Who do you want to be?

We all experience a significant number of thoughts throughout the day. Unfortunately, many of these thoughts are negative. Negativity holds us back from becoming who we want to be. So, it begs the question, "who do you want to be?" To live a happy and productive life, you must improve the function of your brain. The easiest place to begin is to simply think different. When you’re experiencing moments of anxiety, fear, anger, resentment etc., ask yourself - who do you want to be? This...


DIP Episode #29: Life Can Change in a Moment

Throughout your lifetime there will be countless moments, but a mere few will have profound effects on your future. How you respond to these moments will be a testament to your character. You can either choose to see things as a positive or negative; it’s your choice. These moments constitute life experience for which there is no substitute. You simply must go through it. In the end, I think you’ll find that your life was just as it was supposed to be. So, stop worrying, use your time wisely...


DIP Episode #28: Old vs. Young: Let’s meet in the middle

Has there ever been such a generation gap as the one we’re experiencing today? Let’s face it; not all old people are crusty and boring just as not all young people are snowflakes and entitled. The vibrancy, the energy and the potential of the youth is intoxicating. Unfortunately, some older people have forgotten this and need the youth to remind them of what they’ve lost sight of. The youth seeks the answers (wisdom) that older people seem to have created through a lifetime of experience....


DIP Episode #27: I Think I’m Depressed

The modern-day medical paradigm regarding depression is that you have a problem producing serotonin in your brain. That is to say that you have a chemical imbalance that will respond to medications that help increase the amount of serotonin in your brain. This will alleviate your depression and make you feel normal again. This of course is the dogma, but is it accurate? The answer is, maybe but not for the reasons you think. It is now well understood by brain researchers that depression is...


DIP Episode #26: Balance: A Fresh Start

Life can have us running in a number of directions at once. This can overwhelm the brain and increase the production of stress hormones that, over time, can damage your health. Often, it’s difficult to detect that you're in a tailspin because it has become so “normal” to you. When there's time off, like the holidays, and you allow yourself to rest, it’s amazing how the body responds. Sleep improves, mood softens, the body heals and connections deepen. It’s a reminder that perhaps you can...


DIP Episode #25: Sex is Good for You!

Sex is a natural part of humanity and is incredibly good for you. There are plenty of social reasons why sex is frowned upon but as a doctor I can assure you that sex has WAY MORE upside than downside. Physically sex lowers blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack and dilates your blood vessels. It reduces the risk of prostate cancer, strengthens a woman's pelvic floor reducing incontinence while driving estrogen levels to a new level. This is so good for you. Sex reboots your immune...


DIP Episode #24: It’s Christmas Again.

Christmas is a magical time for many but for some it is a painful reminder of love ones lost. When you suffer the loss of a loved one, the magic of Christmas might seem more like an emotional burden. Perhaps rather than feeling pain year after year, ask yourself what that person you loved and lost would think of your perspective. If you once shared Christmas with them, then continue to share it even in there physical absence. You get to CHOOSE how you want to feel. Perhaps you celebrate...


DIP Episode #23: Emotional Pain

Pain can have many different causes but none-the-less it's a very unpleasant sensation. Unlike pain from a physical injury, emotional pain cannot be measured by a doctor. It's very personal. Pain from loss, betrayal, or even loneliness can cripple you and hold you down, if you let it. Consider seeking counsel and connect with others who can help bear the burden while you feel weak. Stay connected to people who can help nurture your emotional pain with love and compassion. This is why we're...


DIP Episode #22: The Power of the Brain

The power of the brain is limitless. It’s actually a collection of billions of cells called neurons that communicate with each other, which represents every thought you’ve had and will ever have in the future. The more times you stimulate one of these brain circuits, the stronger and more efficient it gets. The opposite is also true. If you reduce the stimulation to the circuit, the connections prune back and become less efficient. In some cases, they are completely erased! If you re-live...


DIP Episode #21: What’s Your Story?

Did you know that its’ your story that defines you? It’s the story that you tell yourself and others about how you got to this place that controls your feelings and behaviors. When you believe your story, you will focus all of your energy on it either consciously or unconsciously. You’ll become the living manifestation of perhaps victimization or triumph. It’s your call because you’re in control. If you learn to improve the story, you manifest feelings of hope and possibility. If you keep...


DIP Episode #20: Marijuana…What’s the Deal?

The Marijuana plant remains a controversial topic. Today's Podcast features Big John, a marijuana cultivator and overall enthusiast. John covers the misconceptions regarding pot in an effort to promote societal awareness of the truth and possible benefits of the chemicals derived from this age-old plant. The post DIP Episode #20: Marijuana…What’s the Deal? appeared first on Dr. Peter Percuoco.


DIP Episode #19: When it’s Your Time…

When it's time to change your life, it's time. Not many of us ever know when that is but it usually comes after an overwhelming sense of pain and frustration, sprinkled with anxiety and depression. There comes a point when the brain just can't handle the negative emotions and in that one moment, the brain is primed to make change. The minute you recognize the need to make a change, your brain starts making new circuits that promote joy and happiness. You have to focus on happiness and seek...


DIP Episode #18: Relationships take work.

If you plan to develop a successful relationship, you have to be ready to put in the time. Learning to accept that person without judgment while never attempting to change them will get you off on the right track. Once you define what you want out of the relationship, you must act in accordance with your desires. Insecurities promote jealousy and infidelity which usually crush a relationship. Learning how to communicate will take a lifetime as we slowly change with time and experience. Talk...


DIP Episode #17: Just Be You.

Life can surely be difficult. Watching others get ahead can leave you feeling as though you're not good enough. Whether you come from a privileged background, the ghetto, the storied halls of Harvard University or the school of hard knocks, you can't be what you're not. Stop trying to compare yourself to others and just be you. I guarantee you you're enough. The post DIP Episode #17: Just Be You. appeared first on Dr. Peter Percuoco.


DIP Episode #16: What’s Your Operating System?

What's your operating system? If you don't understand what makes you emotionally tick, you just might find yourself alone. The post DIP Episode #16: What’s Your Operating System? appeared first on Dr. Peter Percuoco.