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Your Best Is Yet To Come






DIP Episode #57: Do Your Thoughts Control Your Health?

When you experience stress, you’re simply applying meaning to an event that has either HAPPENED or you THINK will happen to you. Sometimes you are correct and sometimes you are not. Studies have shown that up to 93% of what you stress over never actually happens. Unfortunately, poor thinking/chronic stress has profound negative effects on your cells and ultimately your health. Perhaps like grandma used to say to you, “change your attitude and watch yourself soar”. She was right and this...


DIP Episode #56: What Causes Depression?

There are several different causes of DEPRESSION but perhaps the most powerful one of all is LONELINESS. That doesn’t mean that you simply don’t have other people in your proximity, it means that you struggle to make strong human connections. Over 55 million people in America wake up every day and take medication for depression and anxiety. We’ve been told by the AMA and Big Pharma that mood stabilizing medications, SSRI’s, help to balance serotonin levels in our brain which reduces the...


DIP Episode #51: The Importance of Sports in Our Lives.

Sports have been a staple in America for years. If you live in the New England area like me, you know that the foundation of great sports lore is built around the Boston Red Sox. Join me in this conversation with Chris Valente, the Director of Marketing for the Boston Red Sox as we get an update on our beloved team. Chris discusses how sports have provided a haven for fellowship and entertainment allowing a modicum of escape from life’s challenges. When all else fails…Go Sox!! The post DIP...


DIP Episode #55: A Leader Among Men

Mr. Rick Porter is a true leader among men. In this interview, he talks about his humble beginnings with his 2 brothers and stability that his parents provided. He speaks of his experiences in the Army Rangers, training for iron man competitions, and building a successful business. We shared stories of family and what he has learned from his 3 beautiful children. Rick spoke of the power of commitment and a plan of action to achieve desired goals. And….a surprise visit from Bella. The post...


DIP Episode #54: I’m Going to Harvard

Dreams do come true. Mike Peckham Jr. is the newest undergraduate to join the Class of 2025 at Harvard University. He's a self-made 18-year-old man in search of a career fashioned by mathematics and economics. Mike sits down with me in this podcast to discuss how he was able to achieve such a lofty goal of being accepted into the oldest and most prestigious school in America. Here’s a hint: It wasn’t because he is the son of a legacy or a senator or president. Nope, Mike did it the...


DIP Episode #53: A Chat with Mom

How often do you get to have a conversation with a woman who was born just a few years after the Titanic went down? Today is that day. Say hello to my mom, Betty Jean. She is a spry 92-year-old woman with an interesting perspective on life. From a trip down memory lane including her life as a child in the 1930’s and 1940’s to raising a family with her loving devoted husband Cosmo (my dad). Betty shares what life was like generations ago and how solid family values shaped her journey. Her...


DIP Episode #52: Tomorrow’s Leaders

Even in the most powerful hurricane, there is a moment of peace in the eye. We find ourselves in a storm that is sure to change our way of life. We need leaders now more than ever. The youth fit that mold but for many aging Americans like me, we shiver at the thought of what todays 20-year-old is going to do to contribute to society. Amongst those that want to tear it down, there are some that still dream big and are committed to the American dream. Meet Kevin Girardin. Kevin is a...


DIP Episode #50: Another Shutdown? Part 2

Our lives have been uprooted and of course another shutdown looms. How can another shutdown be good for us? Regardless if they tell us it works (which we know it doesn’t, as many countries concur) what is the toll on human health, psychology and our social support systems? Let’s not forget the forgotten, our children. They're being robbed of an education while their tender minds are running off the rails. This will negatively affect their emotional wellness for a lifetime. All this chaos for...


DIP Episode #49: Another Shutdown? Part 1

Our lives have been uprooted and of course another shutdown looms. How can another shutdown be good for us? Regardless if they tell us it works (which we know it doesn’t, as many countries concur) what is the toll on human health, psychology and our social support systems? Let’s not forget the forgotten, our children. They're being robbed of an education while their tender minds are running off the rails. This will negatively affect their emotional wellness for a lifetime. All this chaos for...


DIP Episode #48: The Power of the Positive

Putting yourself in the right positive mindset to achieve your goals is certainly no secret. It’s a shame that more people aren’t dialed in to thinking in a manner which bring them a positive outcome. Unfortunately, there are many events in our environment over a lifetime that hijack the way we think. Once you become the pessimist, you’re statistically going to live 5 years less than if you were an optimist. When experiencing positive emotions, the brain responds by making a concoction of...


DIP Episode #47: Communication is the Key

Being human isn’t easy. We've been blessed to have an amazing brain unparalleled by any other creature on the planet. It is my firm belief that the brain can be not only our greatest attribute but also our worst nightmare. When 2 people are communicating, their brains are in coherence with each other. This is when something magical happens. This is called communication. When we learn to communicate our ideas with others, we build strong and powerful perspectives which help us through the...


DIP Episode #46: When Life Gives You Lemons…

Have you ever noticed how cruel life can be? Like when everything seems to be going really well and you feel on top of the world and then within the blink of an eye everything changes? If it hasn't for you, it's because you’re either lying or you’re dead. This podcast chronicles one incredibly difficult day for a young female athlete named Abby. Abby's life was going to plan and everything seemed right until she suffered a complete rupture of her Achilles tendon in a soccer game. In that...


DIP Episode #45: Go for it!

It started as an idea and progressed to the adventure of a lifetime. Five years ago, my friend Jonesy had a brilliant idea to sail from Boston to Miami by himself. The only problem was he had never sailed before. Although he felt very comfortable on the ocean as the owner and operator of a small 28’ Carver cabin cruiser, he had limited to no experience on a sailboat. After tracking down a decent sailing vessel (a Person 39 footer for you sailing enthusiasts) and months of preparation, he...


DIP Episode #44: The Dream is Still Alive

Too often people in my age bracket (50’s) berate the current generation on their sense of entitlement and radical stance on things that tear down rather than build up. To be honest, this does exist, but to what extent and why? The answer lies in the people who molded them. Was it the pussification of America perpetuated by parents, so-called mental health experts, school curriculum, Washington law makers or social media? The answer is all of it. So, for just a moment I want to cut them some...


DIP Episode #43: Is there any hope?

Americans have been hijacked by hate and violence. This should not be surprising as this is part of the human condition. The sad part is, what was so wrong with the way America has evolved over the years? Racism and slavery were a stain on our country and most Americans agree. Those were the sins of our past and America has worked diligently to TRY and re-right the ship. From the bloody civil war of the Lincoln era, to Dr. Kings’ civil rights movement of the 1960’s. We are not a perfect...


DIP Episode #42: Time to Reconnect

It was time to reconnect. Too often our lives become so busy that we forget to connect with people. Although this epidemic has been miserable for most, there’s always a silver lining. My friend Aamir Chaudry; VP of Business Development at Here Engineering, went out of his way to check in on me. I asked him to join me on the podcast and we had a nice conversation reconnecting. Aamir talked about the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) versus Unemployment Benefits and its effect on his...


DIP Episode #41: Covid-19 or Fear; Now What?

We’ve been dealing with this Covid-19 Virus for the past 3 months. Now what? At first, we were all a little scared as we learned of a new virus that was highly contagious and that people were going to die. From the very beginning, the projected number of deaths seemed overwhelming. Fortunately, most projections were wrong. With preventative measures and time, we have perhaps a better glimpse into the nature of all things Covid. If you’re not careful you might find yourself a pawn of the...


DIP Episode #40: The Ultimate Killer: Covid-19 or Fear?

The Ultimate Killer: Covid-19 or the Fear promoted by the media? This seems like such a simple answer. It must be the virus because we see the pictures and are constantly reminded of the mortality rate. It’s true that before this epidemic is over there will be hundreds of thousands of fatalities. But these are not unprecedented times. Humanity has been through this before and will go through this again. It’s how Nature works. We think we’re in control but every once in a while, we’re...


DIP Episode #39: Remembering better days with John Caron.

During these difficult times of the pandemic, we’ve all got some sort of cross to bear. It can certainly be overwhelming. Recently, I spent a couple of hours chatting with good friend John Caron. John owns both West End Johnnies and Fenway Johnnies. We discussed the pandemics' impact on his businesses and then we reminisced about "the good old days". It was nice for just an hour or so to remember what makes us who we are and celebrate life no matter how difficult it can be. Life is...


DIP Episode #38: Another Day of Quarantine – 2.

Another day in quarantine. What to do? I decided to have a chat with my friend Matt. I began treating him when he was 6-years-old (now 32) to help him get rid of a syndrome of childhood migraine headaches. This has been a bittersweet year for Matt. He recently became engaged to the love of his life yet suffered the loss of his brother. Couple this with the corona virus and you’ve got a conversation worthy of another day in quarantine. The post DIP Episode #38: Another Day of Quarantine – 2....