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Make amazing things happen while raising your children.

Make amazing things happen while raising your children.
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Make amazing things happen while raising your children.




Surviving the Worst of Storms: How a Couple Withstood the Raging Winds of Hurricane Dorian

The effects of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas were among the worst experienced for any natural disaster in the country. Hurricane Dorian struck the Abaco Islands as a Category 5 hurricane on September 1, 2019 and a day later hit The Grand Bahamas at the same category. The hurricane then stalled over Grand Bahama for another day, finally pulling away from the island on September 3. Damage was estimated at over US$7 billion, and there were at least 61 deaths in the country. My guest today,...


Celia Kibler from Pumped Up Parenting

In this episode, I have a conversation with Celia Kibler, Founder of Pumped Up Parenting and co-founder of Funfit Family Fitness. Celia has over 30 years in helping parents . She has become a pioneer in childhood and family wellness. Celia has five grown children of her own and a grandmother of seven grandchildren . As a Family Empowerment Coach and Consultant, her specialty is in the parenting of Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers . Learn more about Celia at


The Hideaway Farm with Brian Oxley

The Hideaway Farm, A Visit With Brian Oxley in Bon Aqua, TN The Hideaway Farm once belong to the music legend, Mr. Johnny Cash. In this episode, we will hear from the current owner and caretaker of The Hideaway Museum, Mr. Brian Oxley. Brian’s gift is being a Storyteller and does it so well to preserve parts of History that have a story all to their own. Lend us your ears and take a Walk with us through my recent visit to the Hideaway Farm. This episode is connected to our very first...


Thoughts from Zig Ziglar

The late Zig Ziglar was a dedicated professional while first being a dedicated husband and father to his children. I was fortunate enough to meet and know Zig on several occasions and he even recorded an audio for us here at Dads 4 Life in the past. I have located that audio and wanted to share it with you. The thoughts Zig share of priceless and still hold true about making a lifelong connection with your children. For more information about Zig Ziglar, and how you can develop your own...


Building a Legacy of Strength

Christina Brown is a young lady who has had more trials in life than one should endure. Being a double amputee and over 70 surgeries, Christina has learned to fight each battle with strength because her Dad, taught her how to press through any situation. He told her once that he may not always be around to help her so he taught her to adapt after each surgery. We discuss what he taught her on dealing with life because he has passed on and his words still resonate today with...


Ryan Roy, Author of “Be The Dad, You Wish You Had”

On today's broadcast, I am interviewing, Ryan Roy, Author of “Be The Dad you Wish you Had, 40 Power Lessons TO Become A Powerful Dad” Ryan’s Dad walked out when he was very young, and his childhood had some hard lessons in life to learn. When Ryan became a Dad of his own, he vowed to be there for his child throughout life. He has found himself impacting other Dads along the journey and now with two children, Ryan has found out that He “Doesn’t know JACK about Parenting” which is the name of...


Mark Alan Cash, Nephew of Johnny Cash

Today, we have a special guest on The Dad Connection. I grew up listening to country music and one of my Mom’s favorite artist was Johnny Cash. While visiting The Storytellers Museum in Bon Aqua, TN, I was fortunate enough to meet the nephew of Johnny Cash, Mark Alan Cash. A musical artist in his own rights, Mark spends a lot of time these days at The Storytellers Museum sharing the many stories of his Uncle Johnny. Mark even wrote a song about his Uncle and has allowed us to play it at the...