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02/19/2011 Broadcast

David and Heath talk about current events including: Including, Inflation, Government spend and much more. Our new website is now up and running at: Please visit our website and become a Facebook fan. Call us and tell us what's on your mind: 501-291-3190 or email us at:


Jan 29th Broadcast

Tune in to hear David and Heath talk about a little of this and a little of that..... Call us 24/7 501-291-3190

Kids & Money

Heath and David spend much of the time talking about the subject of kids & money. For many of us, we had to learn about money the hard way. It doesn't have to be that way for your kids.

The David and Heath Show!

David and Heath reveal talk about the change in the name our the show. Our show has been in existence for about two years now and we have used the name "The Family Money Show" and "The Family Home Show". Listen in to find out why Heath and David decided to transition over to "The David and Heath Show. Remember call David or heath 24/7 at 501-291-3190 Our new Website address is: (We are in the process of revamping the site, so thanks for your patience!)

Mortgage News, Tips & Charter Schools

Heath and David spend the 1st half of the show talking about relevant mortgage news. Just where are rates headed? During the 2nd half of the show we talk about Charter schools. Just what is a charter school? Who runs them? Are they Public or Private? Tune in to hear Heath and David talk about this in detail. Remember to call us 24/7 at: 501-291-3190

Thanksgiving Special

We came into the studio and talked about our Thanksgiving. We decided to play a few of our recent popular shows. Tune in Listen and Learn.... Thanks for listening! Heath & David P.S. We are still working on getting that miniature horse in the studio! :-)

Freddie, Fannie & Fiscal Sanity!

David was flying solo since Heath was out this week. David answered a question from a caller about Freddie Mac. Great question, if you have every wondered just who this Fannie Mae and Feddie Mac are, you don't want to miss this. Since the 2010 Mid-Term elections were just a few days ago, David talked about the recent election and his thoughts about what it means. David also invited Grechen Hamel on the show. Tune in to hear David talk with Grechen. Gretchen Hamel is executive director of...

Good Faith Estimate

When you complete your mortgage loan application, federal law requires that the lender you apply with provide you a document called a Good Faith Estimate (GFE). Heath and David spend the entire show talking about this topic. Remember, call us 24/7 at 501-291-3190. If we air your question, we'll send you a FREE Family Home Show Gift Pack.

The Federal Reserve

There are many misconceptions about the role of The Federal Reserve. Some of the topics David and Heath discuss: 1. The History of The Federal Reserve 2. The Federal Reserve and Mortgage Rates 3. The Federal Reserve and your money. 4. What it means when The Fed Cuts the Fed Funds Rate. 4. and more! Heath and David spend the entire show talking about The Federal Reserve. This is just a primer. To learn more, follow the links below:

The cost of waiting

We all hear that it's a buyer's market. What does this really mean? Learn one of the most overlooked factors many home sellers overlook. Many that are selling plan on buying another home. There is just one caveat, they can't buy their new home until they sell their current one. What is the true cost of holding out to get the top market price for your home? The answers may surprise you. Listen to David and Heath break it down. If you are selling your home, you MUST listen to this. Tune in,...

David & Friends

David Invites Mike Harris to fill in for Heath. He also had some friends of the show on. Kris Boyd, who is an experienced estaste plnning attorney and Eric Wilkerson who is a Realtor with The Charlott John Co. David and Kris talked about the need for a basic estate plan and what this entails. For more info about Kris you can visit: David and Eric spend time talking about the local real estate market here in Central Arkansas....

Our 1st Live Show on KARN

This was a special live addition of The Family Home Show. Live and Unscripted David & Heath had alot of fun. You will have alot of fun listening and you just may learn something. Call us 24/7 and ask your question at: 501-291-3190 or email us at:

Friends of the Show, Show

David and Heath invited some of our friends onto the show that make The Family Home Show Possible. We really wouldn't be on the air if it wern't for them. They help pay for the cost to keep it running. Tune in and learn what is the only other thing that sells more in the world than coffee. Remember to call us anytime at: 501-291-3190 or email us at:

All About Mortgages

This is one of our Family Money Essential Series. Heath and David spend the entire show talking about what options available in today's market. David and Heath discuss in detail: 1. Conventional Loans 2. FHA 3. USDA Loans 4. VA 5. State bond money programs Tune in, listen and learn......... Call us 24/7 at: 501-291-3190. If we air your question, we will send you A Family Home Show gift pack.