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The EVRYMAN podcast is a weekly show working to address a cultural black hole around what it actually means to be a man today, THE EVRYMAN PODCAST is a long form conversational podcast that challenges men to open up and get real.

The EVRYMAN podcast is a weekly show working to address a cultural black hole around what it actually means to be a man today, THE EVRYMAN PODCAST is a long form conversational podcast that challenges men to open up and get real.
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The EVRYMAN podcast is a weekly show working to address a cultural black hole around what it actually means to be a man today, THE EVRYMAN PODCAST is a long form conversational podcast that challenges men to open up and get real.




Episode 055: MenAlive Founder and Director Jed Diamond

This week Dan chats with an esteemed guest. Jed Diamond the Founder and Director of MenAlive, a health program that helps men, and the women who love them, to live well throughout their lives. He is a licensed psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in International Health and the author of 15 books including international best-sellers Surviving Male Menopause and The Irritable Male Syndrome. His latest book, My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound just launched and you can get the first...


Episode 054: Montana Roots Founder Sam Mascari

What is the American Dream? Is it being a race car driver or living a wealthy life where you don't work? Or is it modified from perspective to perspective? "There's so many simple ways of simple living, that make so much sense, and also increase your enjoyment of life." - Sam Mascari This episode is being deemed by Dan as a part of the "American Dream" series being released over summer 2018. Sam Mascari, co-founder of Montana Roots, sits down with Dan this episode and dive deep into the...


Episode 053: Long time friend Kris Karuna

"What does it mean to be a man in today's day and age?" Kris Karuna met Dan almost six years ago at a men's group in New York City. Now he sits down with Dan shortly after the recent Joshua Tree retreat in California and their conversation revolves around the transition theme. The early part of the conversation showcases how Kris transitioned from one professional path to another and his start to long-term training and studying of Buddhism. Later in the episode Kris and Dan discuss...


Episode 052: Two-Time World Record Holder Colin O'Brady

Through exploration and adventure, Colin O’Brady embodies what it means to overcome obstacles, test limits, dream big, set goals, and never give up. His inspirational path showcases making the impossible, possible. Becoming a two-time world record holder was a long journey for Colin from 2008. On a backpacking trip to Thailand Colin suffered a tragic accident and was severely burned in a fire. His injuries covered nearly 25% of his body, primarily damaging his legs and feet. Doctors...


Episode 051: Aaron Blaine of Evryman

One month from now Evyrman will be hosting the Yellowstone Expedition. This week Aaron and Dan did a little scouting of the area for the expedition. They decided to make a stop along the Gallatin River and do an impromptu episode. To hype up the upcoming expedition this episode covers a little bit of Aaron's start with Evryman, Evryman's view of veteran integration and a hint towards their second expedition later this year, and what's happened this last year with Evryman and in their own...


Episode 050: Michael Hebb of

This week's guest has a bit of history. Michael Hebb, founder of,,, and The Living Wake, joins Dan this week to talk about the upcoming Women Teach Men event and partnering with Evryman. To sum it up in Michael's words, "We want men to learn the depths of spirituality, meditation, boxing, dancing, yoga, wilderness survival, cooking, business, creativity, and a million other things from the women we admire most....


Episode 049: My father Blayne Doty

This week is a huge episode for Evryman. Coming off the last retreat Dan sits down with his own father, Blayne Doty. They talk about Dan's expectations of having his dad come to a retreat, how Blayne has grown as a father, a grandfather, and a person and they talk about their early years as a family growing up in North Dakota as well. Blayne loves good hard rock, he's a master homemade pizza maker, and brews sparkling mead. He loves sharing his pizza and mead with people around him. You...


Episode 048: Marc Champagne, co-founder of KYŌ

Welcome, to the first half and half podcast. This episode is with Marc Champagne, co-founder KYŌ. "Everything that we do with KYŌ is all about appreciating today, getting the most out of the present moment, and helping people slow down a bit." - Marc KYŌ is the Japanese word for today. Marc lives for connecting with amazing people and uncovering the powerful questions shaping their lives. He hosts the KYŌ [Key-Oh] Conversations Podcast and is the co-founder of KYŌ, an app to stimulate and...


Episode 047: Suzanne Tucker, Founder of Generation Mindful

For over two decades Suzanne Tucker has been teaching mindful parenting classes. Her life's purpose is to change the way our society nurtures, educates, and disciplines children, helping families and classrooms connect by adopting evidence-based, affirming practices rooted in mindfulness. This week Dan chats with Suzanne who founded Generation Mindful, a social-mission driven company creating educational tools, toys and programs that connect the generations and build emotional...


Episode 046: Matthew Stillman, Co-Founder of Primal Derma

This week's guest is life-long New Yorker, author, Comparative Literature degree holder Matthew Stillman. Among the long list of titles and accomplishments is Co-Founder. Matthew is the Co-Founder of Primal Derma, a skin care company that attempts to reclaim some older forgotten trails of how people made a deep connection between health of place, animals and humans to making a spot in the world that you belong to a bit more deeply. Dan and Matthew discuss Primal Derma and what that means...


Episode 045: Owen Marcus and Aaron Blaine

This week's episode is with three of the Evryman retreat facilitators. Owen Marcus and Aaron Blaine sit down with Dan the day after the Joshua Tree retreat wrapped up and they recap and share their thoughts on the retreat. If you are interested in joining Evryman on a retreat we have one coming up really quick. You can find out more about Evryman on our website. Be sure to subscribe to the Evryman Podcast to stay up to date on our weekly episode. You can find us on most podcast...


Episode 044: Farhoud Meybodi of Wayfarer

Farhoud Meybodi of Wayfarer sits down with Dan to discuss masculinity, unity, disruptive inspiration, and so much more. Wayfarer is a media company creating a variety of productions. One of the productions Farhoud and Wayfarer have created is a webseries titled "Man Enough" which invites all men to open up and challenge the unwritten rules of traditional masculinity. What Farhoud and Wayfarer are creating lines up extremely well with what we are doing at Evryman. We invite you to watch...


Episode 043: Man-Coach Erin Brandt

This week on the Evryman Podcast Dan sits down with an interesting guest. Erin Brandt has been a "Man-Coach" for over nine years. Touch and man-woman dynamics are second nature for her at this point. She's fueled by several decades of not understanding, not fully receiving, and not fully expressing man-love. She also coaches women in expressing their own boundaries and how to understand the reason why men act the way they do. You can find out more about what Erin does at her...


Episode 042: Actor, Director, Musician Josh Radnor

The Joshua Tree retreat just wrapped up last week. It was a successful weekend with over 50 participants. This episode Dan sits down with Josh Radnor (his new show Rise premieres Tuesday, March 13th) and they share their thoughts and perspective on the Joshua Tree retreat. Josh goes in depth on how portraying his character for years effected him personally and how attending the retreat went for him. Josh's band is titled Radnor & Lee and can be found on iTunes, Facebook and...


Episode 041: Paul Churchill Host of the Recovery Elevator Podcast

Have you ever tried to make a New Year's resolution or a life change but needed a way to hold yourself accountable? Having a tool to help you stay on track can be a huge advantage and Paul Churchill discovered just that. Paul moved to Granada, Spain where he purchased a bar. Over the next three years he became dependent on alcohol. Hoping to curtail the drinking with a geographical cure, he walked away from the bar in 2009 but continued to drink for the next five years. In 2015 Paul...


Episode 040: Fred Kluth the Womb Shaman

Following the tragedy Florida suffered last week, Dan takes this opportunity in the introduction of this episode to express his thoughts on how we can help men and boys get better physically, mentally, and emotionally. "We all need each other." Our guest on the Evryman Podcast this week is Fred Kluth. Fred is a womb shaman. Yes, you read that right, a womb shaman. Actually he is much more than just that. He is a Reverend, Grail Knight, Womb Shaman, Spirit Keeper of the Womb and Helix...


Episode 039: Men's Group Training Facilitator Brad Golphenee

Have you ever wanted an example of how all this works, what Evryman can help you with? Brad Golphenee is a seasoned veteran to men's groups. He has been involved for over 10 years and has been a training facilitator for men and men's groups for six years now. "We're also giving men the tools and awareness to maybe even change a family trajectory." In this episode of the Evryman podcast Dan and Brad get into a conversation about self-serving and how being in tune with who you are can...


Episode 038: 2017 Evryman MVP Sean Pringle

"Something's got to change here." Idling through life wasn't cutting it and finding Evryman was a huge change for Sean Pringle. Discovering the Evryman Yellowstone Expedition was the first step and taking the leap was the next. Sean went to Montana to participate in something entirely new to him. Following the expedition, Sean returned to his home in Kansas City and started the Evryman group there. On this episode of the Evryman Podcast Sean and Dan discuss their recollection of the the...


Episode 037: Former All-Pro NFL player Keith Mitchell

"After feeling that fear, I knew I couldn't do this anymore." Following an outstanding collegiate career at Texas A&M Keith Mitchell was not selected in the 1997 NFL draft. He was although signed by the New Orleans Saints and found early success. Fast forward to 2003, an unfortunate spinal injury left him temporarily paralyzed forcing an early retirement from a sport that his life revolved around. On this episode of the Evryman Podcast we hear the journey Keith went through following his...


Episode 036: Dan Harris of ABC News

In 2012 the National Health Interview Survey found that eight percent of American adults have meditated at least once. That's 18 million people using a form of meditation to better themselves. Dan Harris joins us for this episode to dive deep into the topic of meditation. He is the author of "10% Happier," "Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics" and Dan also has an app called "10% Happier" which helps people to learn and practice meditation. Evryman is grateful to have Dan Harris on the podcast...