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Searching the web for the most Talented, Creative, and Intriguing Independent Authors

Searching the web for the most Talented, Creative, and Intriguing Independent Authors


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Searching the web for the most Talented, Creative, and Intriguing Independent Authors






S4:E01 Musical Artist-Michael Ken

On this episode I have an amazing artist by the name of Michael Ken. His story driven country music is reflective, fun, and always full of varying emotions. If you are someone who loves music and who loves a story you will love this artist. He picked up a guitar at the age of 14, but he had been dreaming about becoming a singer/songwriter since he was in diapers. Although he was born with Macular Degeneration, he has taken a positive attitude toward his music and his life by sharing his...


S3:E22 Author Kimberly Brouillette

On this episode, I have author Kimberly Brouillette to talk about her “Monastery Murders” series. She has a B.S. in earth science/geology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and her M.A. in Biblical studies from Trinity Theological College & Seminary. Her latest Novel: Method in the Madness is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. We are very excited to have Kimberly Brouillette on the show. Check out Kimberly Brouillette here:...


S3:E21 Exploitative Musical Artist: Ryan Doherty

On this episode, I have musician and songwriter, Ryan Doherty. His music is unique yet familiar and his style is somewhat of a mesh of multiple musical genres. Weather it’s blues, or Rock, or something in between, it is all exploratory and diverse. We are very excited to have Ryan Doherty on the show. “For Another Way” - Ryan Doherty Copyright- Ryan Doherty Used with permission by Ryan Doherty “Show Me The Way” - Ryan Doherty Copyright- Ryan Doherty Used with permission by Ryan Doherty...


S3:E20 Musical Artist Mikalyn Hay

On this episode, I have the very talented, Mikalyn Hay. She is an amazing songwriter and performer. Her music and vocals are haunting and her style is captivating. Her dedication and hard work has earned her such awards as the summer 2016 for anyway, Indie International Songwriting Contest, lthe Alice Sloan Scholarship from the Kiwanis Festival for an Original Song and took 1st place in the Guelph Kiwanis Festival in 2016 as well as many others. Check out Mikalyn Hay here:...


S3:E19 Author Pamela Q. Fernandes

On this episode, I have Pamela Q. Fernandes to talk about her worldly romances and how she manages to juggle being a doctor, a medical writer, and fictional author, and a podcaster. She has written such books as, Seoul-Mates, Wish Upon a Bollywood Star, Painting Kuwait Violet and many more. Check out Pamela's Books Here:


S3:E18 The Eddie T. Band

On this episode, I have the Eddie T. Band. They band consists of Eddie, Rick Dawson and Marty Wirth They have performed at countless gigs from Michigan all the way down to Nashville. Along with their amazing music, the founder Eddie Tabit is a member of the NSAI (The Nashville songwriters association) They achieved the 2018 Jose award as well as many others.


S3:E17 Author Chase Erwin

On this episode, I have the intriguing Author, Chase Erwin. Chase holds an associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree in communications form the University of Phoenix. He has also worked in television, web journalism, screen writing, clues for quiz shows and of course novels. He has written two dramatically different series: The “Bloodbound” Series and “The Memoirs of Able Mondragon” His non stereotypical approach to his characters and their stories is what makes him a unique author...


S3:E16 Musical Artist, Annella

On this episode, I have the very talented performer Annella. Her music is unique and diverse. Although She incorporates Jazz, EDM, Pop and Electro Swing it’s hard to place her in a single genre. She is a Swiss-born Danish-Albanian who reflects her eclectic culture into her music. We are very excited to have Annella on the show. “Perfume” - By Annella, Lars Hartvig Lindeborgh, Thomas Feurer Wooden Hat Records- 15 September 2017 Copyright Annella Zarina Luckcrown, Lars Hartvig...


S3:E15 Debut Author TR Tells-"A Game of Survival"

On this episode, I have Debut Author TR Tells to talk to us about her book, “A Game of Survival”. She is an amazing individual who has put a lot of thought into her first novel and is planning on turning it into a series. Since she was a little girl, she had a passion for story telling and after publishing her first book, her passion has now become reality. She has a humble nature and a mind that goes a mile a minute. We are very happy to have TR Tells on the show. Check out A Game of...


S3:E14 The Rattlesnake Lawyer: Johnathan Miller

On this episode, I have New Mexico Defense Lawyer and Author, the Rattlesnake Lawyer himself, Jonathan Miller. Jon has authored 11 books and the majority of them are about the Rattlesnake Lawyer Dan Sheppard. His most recent book, “Rattlesnake and Son” dives into father son relationship that gets more and more complex with each page turn. Jon is a graduate of Albuquerque Academy, Cornell University, the University of Colorado School of Law, and the American Film Institute. He also wrote...


S3:E13 Musical Artist: Shalini Varghese

On this episode, The very talented performer Shalini Varghese. She started singing before she can remember and since then she has created a style of R&B jazz that is uniquely hers. She has performed at many venues in Los Angels, Hollywood and Chicago. Along with her live performances, she has also been an honored performer at a charity event that included such dignitaries as Secretary of State, Colin Powell and Former President George W. Bush. Her most recent EP, “Her Heart Speaks” deals...


S3:E12 Author and Cartoonist: Pierre C Arseneault

On this episode, I have Returning Guest, Author and Cartoonist Pierre C. Arseneault to talk about his newest novel “Poplar Falls: The Death of Charlie Baker.” Pierre has authored and co-Authored such works as: “Oakwood Island”, “Sleepless Nights”, and “Dark Tales for Dark Nights” In his latest book, “Poplar Falls: The Death of Charlie Baker”, he uses his amazing story telling abilities to create a town that is, in it self, a character in the story. His dark humor shines through on this...


S3:E11 Noir Author: BR Stateham Talks About His New Series

On this episode, I have Noir Author BR Stateham. He has authored a collection of books. Some of his works include: The "Turner and Frank Thriller" Series: A Taste of Revenge There are no Innocents There’s Always time for a good Murder From: the"Call me Smitty"Series: See you in Hell Dirty Little Secrets There are no Heroes A Little Bit of New. A Little Bit of Old Check out all of BR Stateham’s Books here:


S3:E10 Romance Author: Kristine Raymond

On this episode, I have Romance Author Kristine Raymond. She has written two Romance series. “The Hidden Springs Series” takes place in the wild west and the “Celebration Series” takes place in modern times. She shows her readers that love has no time limit and explores relationships between varying characters at different ages in their lives. If it’s one thing to be said about this author, she is determined and creative by publishing an astounding fifteen titles in only six years. She...


S3:E9 SwinGrowers: Loredana Grimaudo (Lead Singer)

On this episode, I have the lead singer, Loredana Grimaudo, from the hit Italian Electro-Swing Band "The SwinGrowers". They have produced 3 albums under the “Freshly Squeezed” label as well as their newest album, “Outsidein”. Their unique approach to Electro-Swing has caught the ears of some amazing Electro-Swing artists and They have remixed music for Caro Emerald and Swing Republic. They have toured the world and have really made an impact on their audiences from Italy to Egypt, the UK,...


S3:E8 Poet and Author: Anne Rasico (Joyce)

On this episode, I have Author and Poet Anne Rasico (Joyce). She has battled bullying and has transcended that into her poetry. She recently regained a passion for writing and in doing so, wrote a Novella named, “When the Chips are Down”. Her most recent book, “Arid”, is a story that hinges on sci-fi with a touch of reality. Check out "Arid" By Anne Joyce Here:


S3:E7 Singer-Songwriter: Tony Rybka

On this episode, I have singer-songwriter, Tony Rybka. He has produced six albums and plays music that flows from his soul. With a folk-bluesy rock sound, his music takes you away with deep lyrics and amazing accompaniments that seem to transport you to a long highway chasing down the horizon. Some of his albums include: The Last Man Standing The Colors of Life Uglier than I am Say Anything Run with me Walking back to heaven He has also recently produced a new single named “About Today”...


S3:E6 Multi-Talented Ann Troy (AKA: BrainsandSocks)

On this episode, I have the multi-talented Ann Troy. Some of you may know her by her twitter name: BrainsandSocks. She has written a fan-fiction book on "Wattpad" called Muddy Waters, she writes and reads poetry, and also sings. Podcast Excerpt: Personty: Written and ready by Ann Troy used with permission by Ann Troy Music Used: "Plaint" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Acapella...


S3:E5 Scottish Mystery Author: CA Asbrey

On this episode, I have Scottish Mystery Author CA Asbrey. She has written 3 books of the “Innocent’s mystery series and is currently working on two more to add her collection. She has a knack for taking real life crime scenes and turning them into amazing complex crime fiction. At her core, CA is a tireless researcher who absorbs, processes, and creates incredible stories from what she discovers. Check out her Books Here:


S3:E04 Film Director/Producer: Chad Archibald

On this episode, I have Film Director and Producer Chad Arhibald to talk about the film he directed “The Heretics.” He has directed such films as “Neverlost”, the “The Drownsman”, “Ejecta”, “Bite” and “The Heretics”. Variety magazine has said “Archibald is certainly a talent, and “Neverlost” is a remarkable debut.” Chad is the co-owner of the award winning Canadian Film production company Black Fawn Films. They feature more than 18 feature films and have really made a mark in Canada and the...