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Do You Use Direct On-camera Flash?

I brought the podcast back to Anchor and I explain those reasons. Namely, I want the process to be as friction-less as possible. I don't want anything to be a stumbling block, so a streamlined service was a must. Last weekend I shot a wedding film with another local photographer who shot the entire wedding with direct flash. Like the whole thing. Is that a good idea? Send in a voice message:


Shooting Wedding Films with the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless

I've finally got my hands on the Nikon Z6 and I've shot several projects with it now. Moving more and more into video, I haven't really had any gear that was GREAT at shooting video since I'm a Nikon shooter. Nikon's new mirrorless has come a long way and has made their products really competitive in the video space. Listen to my thoughts on the camera and why I have zero problems recommending this for video. See a trailer for a recent wedding film I've...


Emilio Takas Talks About Finding Success on Youtube

Please welcome Emilio Takas to the show. He's a creative artist and Youtuber based in Greece. He brings a unique international perspective to being a creator. He a very honest guy that I think many of us can relate to. Definitely subscribe to his channel and enjoy some of his videos. In the show I couldn't remember the Youtuber who explains how major Hollywood movies are edited. Emilio was right. It was "This Guy Edits"....


Genki Hagata Launches Creators Offline at 368

Genki Hagata has always lived by the mantra to make something every day. With a career in design and front end web development, he turned to document his life in video before vlogging was really a thing. Without a plan, he started vlogging daily and soon learned that there wasn't really a community of like-minded people in Oakland where he lives. From that need, he dreamed up the idea of host a pop up, micro-conference to empower building local communities of creative individuals. Creators...


Chris Vanderschaaf – Phantom 4K Flex Owner/Operator

Chris Vanderschaaf is a super knowledge and extremely talented Phantom Operator. He creates stunning slow-motion 1000fps shots on his Flex 4K. Learn how he got started in video and learned the skills to eventually land gigs on major productions. Follow him on Instagram: ───────────────────── If you're interested in booking me, please email me Recent Movies: Clikapudi Trail Races


Jake Nolen on Becoming a Full-time Musician

I think it's super valuable to hear the stories of other successful creatives because they have made all the mistakes and still came out on top. I try to glean whatever little bits I can from their wisdom and apply it to myself. Jake's been hustling in the industry for many years and he's still working on becoming that overnight success. You can find his music in all the places. Go check it out. ───────────────────── If you're interested in...


Reno Wedding Photographer Jeramie Lu Shares His Keys to Success

On the heels of my Youtube video where I randomly searched for a Reno Wedding photographer and found Jeramie Lu and proceeded to give him an unsolicited website critique. Fast forward a bit, we've connected and, being the awesome sport that he is, joined me on my podcast today where talk about all things wedding photography. It's a great show today! Send in a voice message:


Book Your Real Estate Clients Fast and Easy – Rudy Lopez Explains

Real Estate photography is a super competitive market. Not only must your photos be fantastic at a great price, but they also need to be fast. Photographer, Rudy Lopez, has perfected a system using to automate the scheduling and sales process. So all he has to do is open his calendar, see what jobs he has, shoot them and then delivers the photos 24hrs later. What a killer service with tons of value for realtors in the Seattle area. No more phone or email chains, just...


The Nikon Z6 is Getting ProRes RAW 4K Video

Nikon is shaking up the mirrorless camera market by bringing ProRes RAW video support to Z6 and Z7 via the Atomos Ninja V. This is big news and content creators will have to brand new options that will improve the quality tremendously. Please subscribe to the podcast and tweet me @ericlesliephoto with all of your thoughts on this! Send in a voice message:


Is it rude to take cell phone pictures at a wedding?

It's a pretty common opinion among wedding photographers that guests who use their smartphone to take their own personal snaps at a wedding are a nuisance. I saw a post on Facebook from a bride asking her guests to check their phones at the door so they would be tempted to use their phones during the wedding. Calling it childish behavior. On today's episode, I go into a little rant about this condescending attitude and share my alternative point of view. Send in a voice message:...


Can Flickr Make a Comeback?

The boys over at Smugmug who sought to save iconic photography landmark, Flickr, and bought it from Yahoo before they completely destroyed it. In the car, I share my thoughts about the acquisition and their moves to take it back to its roots. Do you think they can take on Instagram or is it too little too late? Send in a voice message:


Is Lightroom Faster?

I’ve been busy wrapping up the year. Finishing up weddings, closing out some long standing projects and making plans for 2019. Knowing I’ll regret it a year from now, I’m setting some big plans into motion. Today I talked about the vlog and getting it started back up. It’s going to be more true to who I am and should be a come-up story that tons of photographers will be able to relate to. If you want to share sneak peaks from your shoots. Like fast, check out Nikon’s Snapbridge app. As I...


Tina Skow Interview, Owner of TBS Ranch

Continuing on my wedding vendor series, I sat down with Tina from TBS Ranch. We got to talk face to face for a few minutes during a moment we both had in our busy schedules. We talked about the ranch's history and how she strives to make each wedding perfect for every single bride. The cornerstone making sure that every couple is a perfect match. Tina is the sweetest lady you'll ever meet and she clearly has a heart for taking care of people. I hope you enjoy our chat! Send in a voice...


Aaron Lee Films, A Marin County Based Videographer

After Aaron basically DMed me asking to come on the show, I had to give him an enthusiastic yes. Even before I had seen his stellar wedding films, I knew just talking to him on the phone that I wanted to chat him up and hear about him and his craft. I admire his hustle and I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did. Send in a voice message:


Should you go all in on new social platforms?

What is the risk and reward of getting in on new social platforms early? If they fall out of the zeitgeist, did you choose wrong and waste all your time. It's possible, but usually, the reward of being right outweighs the risk. Send in a voice message:


Vuhlandes talks Detroit Culture, Photography and Philosophy

In a world where photographs are coming at you with crazy speed, it takes something special to keep you from flicking it away. I kid you not, I was just taking a break and opened up Twitter and started looking around. I somehow came across one of Vuhlandes' shots and before I knew it I was an hour deep looking through his work. His photos tell stories so authentically and with a style that is distinctly his own. Insta: @vuhlandes ───────────────────── If you're...


Gwen Edwardson // Redding Wedding Planner

Gwen Edwardson is the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. She has a servants heart and she has a modern eye for details. When we first worked together, I was just blown away by how well she took care of me. I felt like she really cared about my needs making sure I was fed and had plenty to drink. As you will learn in our chat, she comes to treat her wedding clients (and vendors) like family. You can find her on her website: Phone: 530-941-5171 Send in a voice message:...


Oliver Asis Interview

Oliver is a wedding and travel photographer based in San Diego, CA. He's got a really down to earth approach to his photography and business that I think many of you will relate to. Oliver and I had a heck of a time getting a stable connection and there was a bunch of noise on the line. So hang tough, grab something cold to drink and enjoy the delightful conversation I had with Oliver. Next week he's launching a brand new podcast of his own called "The Better Photographer". His mission is...


Betsy Erickson from Essence Photography

I think the best way to bring value to new photographers who want to make a living creating with their camera is to bring on people who have built successful businesses. In the Redding area, Betsy Erickson who runs Essense Photography is the person to talk to. We talk about her journey building her business from nothing into a big multi-photographer studio in Redding, California. Studio: Her Primary Wedding Website: Send in a voice...


8 Tips for Shooting Better Portraits

Today I've got 8 tips you can use to take better portraits today. I want to see your portraits! Tweet them to me @ericlesliephoto ⌚00:53 // Don't look right at the camera ⌚02:47 // Experiment with light ⌚05:52 // Find a different perspective ⌚07:50 // Focus on details ⌚09:43 // Use props to engage the subject ⌚10:54 // Explore other expressions ⌚12:40 // Use movement ⌚14:41 // Use wide-angle lenses Send in a voice message: