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Silver Surfer Episode w/ @_MartinWeiss

This week we sit down with Martin Weiss. If you are not familiar with Martin he is a young legend. Martin has his own podcast network with Your Black Friends. He also is a fellow podcaster with his current project Conversate. We talk about the journey on starting up the original podcast Your Black Friends with Eric and Camille. How they built their brand and why with Not Your Average. Martin goes into his professional journey on how he made to LA and how he took a risk of no pay with Rob...


#DearSummer f/ @dearSummerDetroit

This week we sit down with the crew from the Dear Summer Day Party. C.O and B Clax come through and tell the origins of how the party started. Talk about giving back to schools and all the other good stuff along with the good time. They even discuss the future of the event. We get heavy into sports talk this episode jumping into the Kyrie trade rumors, the death of the Eastern Conference and more. Of course we jump into FRMSCRTCH5 and the songs for this weeks playlist. This episode is...


#BehindThePodcast f/ @everybodylovesJG & #TheNewDangerous

New Day we drop Same Dope Content. No guest this week kind of. We talk to JG about the Podcast Milestone of 100 Episodes. He talks the ups and downs and whats next. #TheNewDangerous also shares his entrepreneur journey from starting in streetwear in 2004. and of course we talk #444


Vibe Out F/ @RosieAndTheFellas

This week we sit down with Friend of the show Randi Rossario. This time she brings her band. We catch up with Randi and meet the Fellas behind Rosie's music. We talk about them starting up and how long they have been at it. We talk what's going on around us. We play This or That and we get into our 2 PAC debate. Tune in and enjoy. Powered by Audio Wave Network and Personic Images


#LeadAndBeLegendary f/ @nametagalexander and @DjDDT

We sit down with Hip Hop artist Nametag. Tag brings Dj DDT so we get a mash up of FRMSCRTCH and LABL Podcast. We talk music, Detroit, touring and relationships. of course we get into a FRMSCRTCH5. As always it is an production


#RevComing2017 @AdamReverie

This week we sit down with Detroits own Adam Reverie, Rev is a songwriter turned rapper. We talk about his journey through the music industry and Detroit rap politics. Coming from Linwood, him choosing to stop cursing in his music, and his relationship with God. We get into a lot of who he is and the infamous Sway in the Morning freestyle. and of course we get into the #FRMSCRTCH5. This episode is powered by The College of Hip Hop and Audio Wave Network


The Money Machine Building Club featuring @Mr_Everbutter

This week we sit down with #FRMSCRTCH Alumni Bryant Owens, Co Founder of EverButter, Engineer and now Author of the Money Machine Building Club. We talk about financial literacy and connecting the practices with children earlier. We talk parenting, home schooling and Americas Favorite Father LaVar Ball. This episode is sponsored by The College of Hip Hop App As always powered by AudioWave Network


The Streets Have No King featuring @realjaquavis

This week we sit down with the New York Times Bestseller JaQuavis Coleman. The Flint Town native shares his story from growing up on Flint's Northside, meeting his wife Ashley, and how he went from reading to writing his own stories, getting published and more. He talks about his current book The Streets Have No King and where the inspiration was pulled from. Of course we get into a round of #FRMSCRTCH5 and much more. Be sure to grab a copy of his work here:...


#TheKDExperience featuring @kristiandelayne

This week talk to the songstress Kristian Delayne. We talk about her upbringing in the church and how she got into music and songwriting. We talk about her upcoming showcase "The KD Experience" that is taking place on May 7th. We get into her #FRMSCRTCH5 and she makes it very interesting lol Check out her music her: This episode is powered by The College Of Hip Hop available across all platforms And


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @JMass_03

This week we sit down with fellow AudioWaveNetwork labelmate Joyce Massey of the 14% podcast. We discuss her upbringing and her family legacy. We get into the podcast and why she started it. We also had a case of ADD but it was good healthy conversation, JG even makes a guest appearance. We hope you get a chance to learn and run a bag up after this podcast. This weeks episode was sponsored by The College of Hip Hop The app is available in across all app store platforms. Be sure to follow...


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @LeeForTree

This week we sat down with fellow rap nerd @LeeforTree. We talk about music of course, how he got into writing and hosting his on show. We talk about his depression struggles and how he overcame it. We talk Stoners Listen and his new ventures under his Slit Life Brand.vWe get into the FRMSCRTCH 5 and we also get our first freestyle with Slit Life mgmt artist Psylent L Check out @LeeForTree : Check out @PsylentL :...


The #FRMSCRTCH podcast featuring @KeepItOnTheDelo

This week we sit down with the young Detroit female comedian @KeepitontheDelo. She talks about starting comedy and throwing her own shows. She talks inspirations in comedy. We get into the missing black girls and the elephant in the room of sex trafficking. We also crack some jokes too. Check it out and enjoy. Her latest show is April 1st Get limited tickets here:


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @AaronKFoley

Coming soon


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @LowkeyUHTN

On this weeks episode we have Lowkey on the podcast during his Trap Karaoke tour stop in Detroit. We talk about the tension on social media with Trap Karaoke vs. a few Detroit Promotors. We also get into his journey growing up from New Jersey. We talk about how his website took him from hotel front desk to BET. We get into the beginnings of Trap Karaoke,Hennypalooza, Beats1, FRMSCRTCH 5, and what's next with LowKey. Listen and enjoy


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @ChaniThaHippie

Go get the book


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @Phil_Lewis_



The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @PiperCarter

We sat down with Piper Carter. She is the first black photographer for Vogue Magazine to say the least orf what she has done. We talked about her story and I cant do it any justice in the description but it is gems on gems and inspiration. Get you a note pad. Follow Piper on social media @PiperCarter Also visit


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @_stakesishigh

This week we sit down with our homegrl Crystal Watkins. She is a fellow podcaster and you can catch her on "Crys & Chris" We talk music, concerts and if Neo Soul is Dead or Alive. Check it out Powered by


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @MarvNeal

This week we sit down with Wardrobe Stylist Matv Neal. We talk about Marv's passion for fashion and how he turned it into dollars. Marv talks his inspirations and some of the entertainers he has styled. He also lets us know what he has coming up in 2017. Listen and enjoy! Check Marv out at Instagram: @MarVNeal Twitter: @IAmMarv


The #FRMSCRTCH Podcast featuring @Reason313

This week we sit down with fellow podcaster and creator of the new digital media platform The Uprising Network. We talk about the Detroit music scene, artist, unity or lack there of. Barry also lets us in on what he has planned for the future of The Uprising Network and his plans for the launch event on January 28, 2017. Be sure to visit TheUprising.TV follow @reason313 on twitter This episode is powered by Audio Wave Network