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033 / GIRL TAKEOVER: Dating & Relationships

The ladies respond to the men! The discuss the continued success of black panther, Michelle Obama, and the Monique Breakfast Club interview. They get into a discussion on relationships and share there own personal experiences with how the church may be failing to prepare women for marriages. It’s a real episode ya’ll! (Episode recorded on February 26th) Visit to connect with us! Rate review and subscribe!


032 / GUY TAKEOVER: We’re Human!

We hope ya’ll are ready for this one! It’s our first all male episode. Sam is joined by guests C. King, Aaron Brockett & Sean Belle. They talk Black Panther, the NBA all-star game, stereotypes about christian men, dating white women, and relationships overall. Next week, the ladies will respond! You don’t wanna miss this episode! Don’t forget to rate and review. Send all thoughts and love to


031 / Double Date Sessions: Hidden Evidence (ft. Naomi Milord, Matt T., Jan Thomas)

Love is in the air! This episode was recorded on two days before Valentine’s day so the Milords decided to invite over their best friends, Worship artist Matt T and his wife Jan and give their thoughts and insight on marriage and their relationships. They also discuss the new album by the Elevation Collective, Evidence. GLORIOUS THOUGHT: What do you know now about love and life that you wish you knew before you got married? Follow Matt T.! J FB: /psalmistking | IG:@psalmistking |...


The Snoop Gospel / Black Legacies

It’s episode 030 of the Good Bad Glory. Find out why February 2018 is special to Sam. The crew shares on whether or not they boycotted the Superbowl, their thoughts and feelings on Snoop Dogg’s Gospel venture, Raven Symone’s so-called non-hateful thoughts on successful black rappers. They also vote on the social media awards! And it’s only right to start off Black history month with a deep dive into some not as famous amazing African American individuals. Sit back, relax and enjoy! Rate,...


028 / Is Karma Your Comfort?

Back at it again it’s episode 28! We’ve got some Grammy predictions for you guys. We also get into Monique’s Netflix ban and Amazon’s new store. GLORIOUS THOUGHT: The idea of “Karma”. Follow us @goodbadglory on Twitter and Instagram and visit us at


027 / New Year, Who Dis?!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are back recapping what’s gone down so far for 2018! Tasha Cobbs on Good Morning America, testimonies gone wrong, and Sam’s struggle with potentially having to let go of H&M. And of course, it’s topped off with a short and sweet glorious thought. We are SO happy to be back! Please go out and support our past guest, Naomi Raine, who is featured on Todd Dulaney’s new album ‘Your Great Name’. If you’d like to find out more about Naomi Raine and how she got on the album,...


026 / Lessons Learned

It’s the last episode of 2017 and Sam & Nicky give you a rundown of the top moments of 2017. Sam gives a list of the TOP 5 pop culture events that went down I 2017 that we SHOULDNT forget, including a special surprise for Nicky. They both also go into the lessons they learned for 2017 and what they are expecting in 2018! It’s an episode you can’t miss! We’ll be on break until about mid-January. Please keep in touch with us and follow us at: IG/TWITTER: @goodbadglory |...


024 / Stereotypes

Episode 24 is here! Sam & Nicky talk about the 2018 Grammy nominations, the tragic suicide of Golden Krust’s CEO Lowell Hawthorne, and Carl Lentz’s appearance on the Brilliant Idiots podcast with Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schultz. It all flows into a glorious thought about Christian Stereotypes. It’s an episode that you don’t wanna miss! Rate, Review & Subscribe! Send all thoughts and love to Follow us @goodbadglory on Twitter and Instagram and visit us at...


022 / #grateful

Episode 022 is here during Thanksgiving week! Sam & Nicky are super #grateful! They discuss Uber Air, Serena’s marriage and Charlamange Tha God’s upcoming collaboration with Pastor Steven Furtick. Of course, they get into the alleged affair between Jennifer Hudson and Mali Music! Sam and Nicky also relive where they were at the age of 22! It’s all finished off with a glorious thought! Thanks for listening! Glorious Thought: Gratefulness/Thankfulness


019 / House of Cardi

It’s episode 019! Sam & Nicky can’t take their eyes off of the car wreck that is Hollywood and it’s Kevin Spacey’s turn to face the music! They do make time to visit Tina Campbell’s canceled tour and Chrisette Michele’s experience with “choice-shaming”. Sam also has some reservations about offset and Cardi B’s recent engagement and Nicky noticed something interesting about Carl Lentz’s appearance on the view. The duo also shares what they are currently binge-watching and deliver a heavy...


017 / XVII???

The crew talks the Dove awards, Harvey Weinstein’s continued downfall, Kaepernick Strikes Back, and black excellence in Television. They also do another ambush call Glorious thought! Get into the latest episode! Send all thoughts and love to


016 / Skin & Scandals

It’s a SKINfully sweet sixteenth episode of TGBG! Sam and Nicky, along with all of America saw the Dove ad, and it was bad, but was it THAT bad? The crew also breaks down Cam Newton’s sexist comments, discuss a possible mobile phone merger, and side-eye everyone’s new favorite lawyer, Lisa Bloom. And lastly, for our Glorious thought, we break down attire for church and don’t worry ladies, we’re not letting the men escape from this conversation ANYMORE! Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Send all...


015 / An Extra Helping of Glory (ft. Naomi Milord)

We got that EXTRA sauce on today’s episode of the Good, The Bad and the Glory! The crew is joined once again by Sam’s wife, for their first 3-way cast! The Milords recap their experience at the 2018 Kingdom Choice Awards including Sam’s experience meeting Jor’dan Armstrong! WE also end things off with a very personal, transparent Jonathan Mcreynolds / Lemonade inspired glorious thought. We just flowin’ on this one! Enjoy! Send all thoughts and love to


013 / The Hart of the Matter

Kevin.. Kevin.. Kevin. (Sigh) It’s episode 013 and you already know the crew dive into the Kevin Hart scandal. They also discuss Nicki and Nas’ new relationship and a recap of the Emmys. Sam also brings up a celebrity who should be learning a lot from this Kevin Hart situation. And as always, there’s a glorious thought! Sit back, relax, enjoy! Send all thoughts and love to Rate, Review and subscribe.


012 / Prayers Up, Guards Down

The crew is back from Labor Day vacation well rested but with full of thoughts of prayers for those affected by Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, 9/11 terrorist attacks, and for the family of Kenneka Jenkins. They send prayers up, and then let their guards down for this week’s glorious thought! LINKS: Nicky’s Trip: Sam’s Design Company: All thoughts and love to


011 / Let Nicki Testify!

The saints don’t know what to do with themselves after hearing the release of Tasha Cobbs new track featuring Nicki Minaj. There’s division, arguing, chaos and.. Heather Lindsay?? It looks like a job for none other than our dynamic duo, Sam & Nicki to bring some peace and clarity to the church. Tune in to hear their thoughts on the new album, the VMAs, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. It’s all topped off with a Glorious thought! Listen and Enjoy. Don’t forget to rate, review and...


009.5 / Charlottesville

Charlottesville. Please send all thoughts and love to


009 / #justsaythankyou

Episode 009 is here! Sam & Nicky go through the current topics of the week. We talk about the exciting lives of the Obama children, Usher’s legal troubles, the movie ‘Get Out’s’ success and Justin Bieber’s lengthy Instagram post. And yes, you know already know that we cap it off with a Glorious thought! All this and more as we gear up for our TENTH episode! Please send all thoughts, love, and YOUR winners of the week to Rate, Review and Subscribe!


006 / Church in the Name of Love

Sam & Nicky got some views from the 6th episode of The Good, the Bad & The Glory! They talk Chance the Rapper, SoundCloud, and the Carter Twins! They also touch on the cancellation of the celebration of Gospel and the latest allegations surrounding R. Kelly before diving into a glorious thought! Take a listen, Rate, Review and Subscribe! Send all thoughts and love to


005 / Fo:FoFocus on Yourself!

Sam & Nicky are alive with Episode 005! They discuss Blue Ivy’s rapping chops, Pastor Marvin Sapp’s comments on 4:44, and recent Black Lives Matter controversy. All the while completely ignoring Chyna-Gate and delivering their signature Glorious Thought! Rate, Review, Subscribe! Send your thoughts and love to