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GLD 170 - Love, American Style

In this very special episode, we take the podcast to the people! Brian heads to the heartland and hits the legendary Mall of America to discover what people want, the best place to find it, where things go wrong...and why all of life's answers can be found at the food court!


GLD 169 - The Best & Worst Cities To Find Love 2018

Our annual rundown of the best and worst cities in America to find love! We count down and rank the enthusiasm, the opportunities, the obstacles, the men, the women, and the places that turn dates into relationships. Everything you need to discover where to go...or when to leave!


GLD 168 - Fear & Loving

Brian heads to Dallas to explore the relationship between fear, pain, redemption, and love. An honest and personal look into taking chances, overcoming obstacles, rewiring your reality, breaking through barriers, and letting in the light!


GLD 167 - Basket Of Bad Decisions

Just in time for the holidays, our listeners sent us a big basket of their bad decisions! "Charisma Quotient" host Kim Seltzer returns to The Debate Team to unpack a treasure trove of poor judgment, questionable choices, illicit affairs, drunken behavior, transitional romances, wrong turns, terrible timing, and so much more!


GLD 166 - Things That Make Her Go Hmmm...

Guys, are you worried that you're not funny enough? Cool enough? Tall enough? Rich enough? Then this one is for you! Brian reveals his ten things guaranteed to increase your appeal, make her notice, and get you a second look. Everything that every guy can do, every single day, that will make her go "hmmm!"


GLD 165 - Time To Get It Together

The very fun hosts of the #Adulting Podcast - recovering influencer Nikki Sharp and self-improvement addict Zack Peter - join The Debate Team to talk getting your sh*t together, the balance between a youthful spirit and a mature mindset, the true meaning of influence, chasing credibility, finding passion, making a connection, owning your truth, being your best, and much, much more!


GLD 164 - Why Mood Matters, w/ Dr. Larry Senn

Best-selling author and Corporate Culture pioneer Dr. Larry Senn sits down with Brian to discuss his groundbreaking philosophy "The Mood Elevator," and reveals the power of curiosity, how to change a culture, using your feelings as a guide, setting goals at any age, recognizing epiphanies, and training for triathlons at the age of 80!


GLD 163 - The Pursuit Of Happiness

Author and Psychologist Dr. Jenny Taitz joins The Debate Team to talk about the importance of happiness, what prevents us from finding it, how to define it, the science behind it, breaking down the barriers, what truly matters, and the key to making it last!


GLD 162 - Exes & Uh-Ohs: The Revenge

Our fans' favorite feature is back! Have one more question you need to ask your lost love? Really dying to get the last word in? Just need to say what you didn't get to say? Still hoping for one more chance? Radio personality Emily Makinzie joins Brian in Denver to do the deed and remind you - be careful what you wish for!


GLD 161 - Stop Settling For Single

You aren't single because you refuse to settle, you are single because you have chosen to settle! Brian breaks it all down and lays out the definitive path to your maximum happiness - changing your mindset, recognizing your reality, understanding your opportunities, forgetting about closure, finding the right road, and kickstarting your confidence to get into the relationship you definitely want and deserve. Plus, an original take on an old issue - the dinner check!


GLD 160 - Katy Perry Knows All

Are California Girls truly something to sing about? Is a Southern Gentleman really what you want? The Debate Team returns to Charlotte to take on all your regional biases and perceived preferences, and breaks down the truth about brainy Ivy Leaguers, farmer's daughters, southern girls, midwestern guys, rugged cowboys, nice Jewish girls, and all your other dream guys and fantasy gals! Plus - a sneak peak at what's ahead for the GLD!


GLD 159 - Laying Down The Law

Brian unveils and breaks down his revolutionary "Law of 20%" to get you out of the relationship you don't want and into the one that you do! "Charisma Quotient" host Kim Seltzer returns as The Debate Team reveals a foolproof formula to determine when it's time to get out, why you need to draw a line in the sand, where is the point of no return, how to weigh pros and cons, and why your happiness needs to happen now!


GLD 158 - The Tournament Of Terrible Choices, Part 2

Think you went out with the worst woman ever? Think again! Good Eats & Meets founder Richard Gruica joins The Debate Team to judge the female side of our Tournament of Terrible Choices! Revenge fantasies, strange demands, secret identities, horrifying habits, split personalities, closet criminals - we gathered the worst of the worst from our first 325 live shows nationwide. We reveal our winner - and if you dated anybody other than her, you can say you could have done worse! Plus, is Croatia...


GLD 157 - Make Men Sexy Again

What really makes a man appealing? Can any man become sexy? The Debate Team heads to Seattle to find out if funny really matters, how he can kickstart his charisma overnight, the secret to getting her attention, the things that will really trigger her desire, the style behind the sexy, the power of a proper haircut, and much, much more! Plus, Brian reveals the surprising sexiest male character and most romantic movie ever!


GLD 156 - The Questions That Matter

The Debate Team heads to Charlotte to take on the most serious subjects - how to get on The Bachelor, whether your guy needs to get an iPhone, the keys to courting a preacher's daughter, the secret to a good ultimatum, how to regain her interest in you, and much more! Also, when it comes to dating, how much Trump is too much Trump?!


GLD 155 - Peter Pan Strikes Out

Do we all just grow up? "The Blonde Leading The Blonde" hosts Jessica Manske and Cody Von join The Debate Team to explore the delicate balance between acting your age, feeling your age, and dating your age! What will work, what won't work, making tough decisions, expanding your pool, finding better options, picking your spots, figuring out what really matters, and when it's time to just head home!


GLD 154 - Leading With Your Worst

When do you divulge your dirty little secret? When You Least Expect It author Jen Glantz returns to The Debate Team to talk truth bombs, dealing with your darkness, navigating neuroses, putting on a happy face, and using imperfection to your advantage! Plus, Brian and Jen reveal their shared - and bizarre - hidden habit!


GLD 153 - The Tournament Of Terrible Choices

Think you went out with the worst guy ever? Think again! Branding guru Megan O'Brien and legendary socialite Nikki Haskell join The Debate Team to judge our Tournament of Terrible Choices! Weird quirks, strange fetishes, creepy cars, horrifying habits, hygiene deficiencies, closet kleptomania - we gathered the worst of the worst from around the country. We reveal our winner - and if you dated anybody other than him, you can say you could have done worse!


GLD 152 - Saving Spontaneity

Wonder why a moment was missed? Want him to make a move? Can't read her reactions? Confidence Guru Kim Seltzer returns to The Debate Team to talk mixed messages, uncrossing signals, the importance of communication, and why it's harder than ever to maximize an opportunity. Plus, Brian reveals the one single gesture that will turn every spark into a flame!


GLD 151 - More Exes & Uh-Oh's!

Our listeners' favorite feature is back for an encore! Ever wanted to have one last conversation with that long lost love? Be careful what you wish for, as radio personality Emily Makinzie joins Brian to do the honors from Denver - taking on recycled engagement rings, unrequited threesomes, revenge porn, Mommy issues, second chances, and more!