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Shawn Brenn shares his marketing journey with Goldenheart potatoes

The Grower goes "Behind the Scenes" of the March 2019 cover story “Intellectual property: unearthing the gold beneath your feet.” Editor Karen Davidson talks with Shawn Brenn, Brenn-B Farms, Waterdown, Ontario about on-farm research and how that’s led to marketing and packaging a specific potato variety called Goldenheart.


The Ontario Food Terminal in the spotlight

Based near downtown Toronto, the Ontario Food Terminal is a central hub for food distribution in the province and beyond. The Ontario government is currently looking at changes to the network. The Grower goes "Behind The Scenes" of the February cover story titled 'Taking the pulse of the Ontario Food Terminal' and interviews MPP Randy Pettapiece, chair of the agricultural advisory group as well as Steve Bamford, CEO of Fresh Advancements, a major tenant of the terminal.


Tom Heeman talks about the changing nature of leadership

Not yet 30. Tom Heeman is chair of the Berry Growers of Ontario and the North American Strawberry Growers Association. Karen Davidson, editor of The Grower, goes 'Behind the Scenes' of the January cover story titled 'The changing context of leadership' and speaks with Tom Heeman. Tom shares his insights on agricultural leadership today, involving more women on boards of directors and reaching out to the value chain.


"Behind the Scenes" Carl Atkinson talks about replant disease in ginseng

Ontario’s ginseng industry has a $250M farmgate value. If the future is to be secured, the issue of replant disease must be solved. Or 160 growers will simply run out of land. A multi-disciplinary research team is working hard to find the answers. Karen Davidson, editor of The Grower, goes "Behind the Scenes" of the December cover story and talks with Carl Atkinson, ginseng grower, about replant disease.


"Behind the Scenes" Cathy Lennon discusses Ontario’s vegetable processing sector

Vegetable processors such as Bonduelle and Whytes Foods are investing in plant upgrades in several Ontario communities. Cathy Lennon, general manager, Ontario Vegetable Processors Association, offers a fresh look at this $100 million sector.


"Behind the Scenes" Ken Forth discusses Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

Canadian horticulture would be crippled without the efforts of seasonal agricultural workers from Mexico and the Caribbean. Karen Davidson, editor of The Grower goes "Behind the Scenes" of the October 2018 cover story titled 'Hand it to 30,000+ seasonal workers who bring produce to market.' In the podcast, Ken Forth, president of FARMS, offers context and history on the 52-year-old Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.


Hank Markgraf reviews aphid control in apples

Aphids are just one of many insects that can damage an apple crop. Hank Markgraf, head of field services for BC Tree Fruits, points to aphids as an example of how challenging an integrated pest management program is now and into the future.


"Behind The Scenes" Peter Quiring, shares how his Discovery Centre leads to greenhouse innovation

Peter Quiring, founder and president of NatureFreshFarms, Leamington, Ontario has spent 20 years building and operating the most innovative vegetable greenhouses in North America. With 2.5 acres dedicated to research, he shares how the Discovery Center has been ground zero for the launch of the Tomberry, the world’s smallest tomato.


Shane Hedderson of Cleanfarms discusses cross-Canada recycling programs for farmers

Cleanfarms is a non-profit environmental organization that offers a wide range of recycling programs for farmers across Canada, from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island with ways to address agricultural waste management and resources. Their systems offer a way to address agricultural waste management and resources in the ag community. Shane Hedderson of Cleanfarms talks about the company’s cross-Canada recycling programs for farmers.


"Behind The Scenes" Keith Wright talks about growing Ontario cantaloupes

Some good things are growing deep in Essex County's agricultural belt, namely sweet Athena cantaloupes. Wrightland Farms is known for its apples, asparagus - and cantaloupes. It's thanks to dedicated farmers like Keith Wright who send their produce on a four-hour trip one way from Harrow, Ontario just to get their product to the Ontario Food Terminal. Our latest podcast goes behind the scenes of The Grower's August 2018 cover story.


Will Heeman discusses the value in automation

Installing Point of Sale (POS) management software to process transactions more quickly at on-farm markets adds definite value to small business operators and growers are seeing a lot of value in automation. Heemans has been using such software for several years with continued success in their garden centre. The Grower discusses relieving pain points at the on-farm market with Will Heeman.


"Behind The Scenes" David Geen talks labour shortages in sweet cherry industry

Canada’s sweet cherry harvest will soon be starting in British Columbia and Ontario. That's good news for cherry lovers, but growers are concerned that not enough workers will be available for hand harvesting due to Service Canada's delays in processing seasonal agricultural workers. The Grower goes Behind the Scenes of the July cover story titled 'Short-handed for hand harvesting' with David Geen of Jealous Fruits for a discussion on labour shortages.


The Canadian trucking industry is in a perfect storm

Oppy Transport falls under the umbrella of well-known company The Oppenheimer Group. With transport offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Newark and Tampa Bay, shipping and logistics issues aren’t just limited to one country. With the changes in USA legislation, increases in traffic congestion and more companies wanting to consolidate their storage, Oppy is working around these issues on a national scale. Let’s explore some of these topics further.


"Behind The Scenes" Jackie Rowe explains how she markets garlic scapes to retailers

Jackie and Jim Rowe are a grower-marketing duo inspiring a value-added garlic industry in Ontario. With a number of key relationships with other growers and food processors, they are methodically building a dependable supply of garlic products year-round. It starts with garlic scapes harvested in mid-June at Hensall, Ontario. This podcast goes "Behind the Scenes" with Jackie Rowe for a more in depth discussion on marketing to retailers. Read the full story at...


"Behind The Scenes" Sooruj Bhoolai goes from seasonal farm worker to farm owner

Trinidadian Sooruj Bhoolai came to Canada in 1992 as a seasonal agricultural worker. Now that he’s the owner of the celery farm near Bradford, Ontario, he faces new hurdles with a 28 per cent increase in the minimum wage. He shares his tips on teamwork.


"Behind The Scenes" Danny Mucci talks about greenhouse-grown strawberries

Canada’s greenhouse vegetable industry is undergoing massive change this year. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers have been standard fare for many years, but now there are new crops under the lights. Mucci Farms in Kingsville, Ontario is one of the operators who has invested in strawberries. In a very short time, they have become the largest indoor grower in North America. Karen Davidson, editor of The Grower, goes behind the scenes of the April 2018 cover story to talk to Danny Mucci,...


Jason Deveau offers tips for spray season

Jason Deveau, OMAFRA application technology specialist, reveals the motivation for a new video, Micron Woman. It’s the best educational tool yet to see how a droplet of pesticide behaves once it leaves the spray nozzle.


"Behind the Scenes" Kate Vander Zaag puts drones to use on her potato farm

Drones. Are they toys or tools? Social media has given lots of publicity to these unmanned aerial vehicles. The images are stunning. And the promises have been over the moon on how they will revolutionize farming. Let’s ask potato farmer Kate Vander Zaag from Alliston, Ontario what her experience has been. Podcast is sponsored by BASF - We Create Chemistry.


Kyle Wynette, hops grower, discusses selling to craft brewers

Ontario’s craft beer industry is a media darling, but local growers have remained almost anonymous. Kyle Wynette is one young grower expanding a six-acre hopyard. His Tavistock Hop Company along with Upper Thames Brewing are entered into the Great Ontario-Hopped Craft Beer Competition to be held February 21. In this podcast we discuss production, pelleting and selling hops to craft brewers.


"Behind the Scenes" Kirk Kemp recruits global talent

Access to Labour is one of the key issues for 2018. Growers are worried about access to seasonal workers, but also resourcing technical skills and managerial skills. The Grower Calling – the official podcast channel for The Grower goes "Behind the Scenes" of the February cover story titled “Born to farm in Canada.” We call Kirk Kemp, president of Algoma Orchards near Newcastle Ontario to find out how his operation is transitioning. This podcast is proudly sponsored by BASF Canada.