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Andy and Brian talk all things Magic the Gathering.

Andy and Brian talk all things Magic the Gathering.
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Andy and Brian talk all things Magic the Gathering.








The Mana Vault, how we COMMAND our time and money, and Commander of the week | EP. 25

Andy and Michael (Patrick Coyle) sit down with Austin Davis from The Mana Vault ( they dove into the aforementioned vault and how long Austin has been slingin' dem cards. Then the boys go into how much Commander has infiltrated their time and energy... and money. Plus the much loved Commander of the week. Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen...


When it dips, you dip, we buy AND cards were thankful for! | EP. 24

With Thanksgiving coming up, Andy and Coyle (Michael Patrick) talk about cards from the last year that they are thankful for. Then we move onto a controversial topic, building a mana base in commander. Will Andy and Coyle agree on how many should be played?! They end with commander of the week featuring Sigarda, Heron’s Grace. Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen...


Snow-Covered Basics Wear Uggs and Beating mAss Removal | EP. 23

This week Andy and Michael (Patrick Coyle) talk about the recent Banned & Restricted announcement, answer the question "What commanders can I build that are resilient to mass removal without relying on too much protection being slotted in?", talk about the Commander of the Week, and play 'Would You Rather...' Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen Carefully) #Magicthegathering...


Mystery Boosters and Commander for Newbies | EP. 22

This week Andy and Coyle (Michael Patrick) talk about the newly revealed Mystery Boosters coming in early 2020, and Commander for Newbies: What cards should you understand when entering into the massive landscape. Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen Carefully) #Magicthegathering #podcast #theguardianproject


CommandFestChicago and Playing with Strangers | EP. 21

This week Andy and Coyle (Michael Patrick) talk about their CommandFestChicago experience, the goodies they left with, and the ways they approach the social aspect of MTG when sitting down to play a game with new and returning players. Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen Carefully) #Magicthegathering #podcast #theguardianproject


Magic, CommandFestChicago, & The Return of Commander Decks Explained... Badly | EP. 20

Andy and Coyle (Michael Patrick) talk about CommandFestChicago to provide tips and tricks to maximize your deck building strategy, Commander 2020, and the best treats to stuff your pinata???? Plus the return of the oh so popular segment, Commander (decks?) explained… Badly. Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen Carefully) #Magicthegathering #podcast #theguardianproject


Magic , MCV, Hot Takes, & The Mystery of the Missing Andy | EP. 19

ANDY IS GONE! However will Brian host this podcast? With the help of the wonderful Michael Patrick Coyle, everyone’s favorite guest host. Brian and Coyle talk Mythic Championship 5, the BNR update, the new Pioneer format update, the Great Eldraine Bake Off results, and a new segment called Hot Takes! Tune in to see coyle struggle with his words and to listen to Brian butcher another song from… Lil Nas X? Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen...


Magic, Intrigue, & The Impending Mythic Championship | EP. 18

Andy and Brian are rushed in by Producer Ryan to record this episode 2 days early, so bear with Bryan as he attempts closing the episode for the first time. How do YOU get prepared for a big Magic Event? Andy and Brian answer that and then dive into new Set releases, the game night deck lists, and un-set. Plus, Mythic Championship 5 deck lists were released, what do the guys think about them? What classic Queen song does Bryan attempt? Why is producer Ryan on the mic at all? Why would Andy...


Magic, The Return of Howie Mandel, & The Boogie Man | EP. 17

Andy and Brain are coming in hot with news about the recent Star City Games Team Open and the prevalence of Golos. Then they dive into the Throne of Eldraine distribution shortage and its impact on your LGS and you! Also TGP is getting a facelift! So look out for a new logo coming soon. PLUS!! The long awaited return of the segment “How’s Howie” where Andy and Brian see what’s going on with Howie Mandel… For some reason. Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen...


Magic, Throne of Eldraine Deluxe Collection, Pre-Release Experiences, & Early Looks at Standard Result | EP. 16

Andy and Brian talk about their Great Eldraine Bake off submission (Which was delicious), Throne of Elderaine Deluxe Collection, their pre-release experiences, and the early results of the Standard format. Plus you get to hear Brian butcher a beloved Lorde tune so who doesn't love that! Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen Carefully)


Magic, The Great Eldraine Bakeoff with Chef Petro, & More Ravnica Story Updates | EP. 15

The guys have their first guest, Chef Petro Drakopoulos. Chef Petro is well known in Detroit and Metro Detroit as the Chef and Owner of Bruho Tacos and Tappas, Republica Gastro Pub, and the Former GM of Texas de Brazil, and he even gave a giant career announcement he made ON THIS PODCAST! Besides his incredible culinary career he has been playing Magic for over 20 years! After the interview with Chef Petro, Andy and Brian jump into updates to MTG Arena, answer listener's questions, and Andy...


Magic, Pizza Breaks, & Story Time with Andy | EP. 14

Andy and Brian return to talk Magic the Gathering! This time the boys talk Throne of Eldraine Spoilers, Arena Historic Format updates, GP Gent & Star City Games Open, the Ravnica story, plus everyone's favorite segment.... Unnecessary Flavorship. Also the boys butcher another beloved song, what 80's pop tune do the guys attempt to sing? Tune in to find out! Music Credit to Jahzzar (Comedie, & Please Listen Carefully)


Magic, Ravnica Story Updates, & The Conduit of Thanks | EP. 13

Brian is done getting married and is back with Andy talking all things MTG! Get caught up in the Conduit of Thanks as Brian talks about his wedding, then the boys talk Magic Fest Indy, Ravnica Story Updates, the new mechanics of Throne of Eldraine, and the second edition of WOULD YOU RATHER????


Magic, How we take our coffee, &Throne of Eldraine + | EP. 12

Brian is still off getting married, but Andy is back with Michael Patrick Coyle and this week the guys talk; Post-banning Modern, Budget Commander, Spoiler season hooplah, AND a new segment Commander Decks explained badly (poorly?). Also which alcohol does Mike put in his coffee? Does he have a problem? Probably not! Find out this episode of The Guardian Project.


Magic, B&R Announcments, & Go-Gurt | Ep. 11

No Brian this week, instead Andy sits down with Mike Coyle (or just Coyle, his middle name is Patrick if you want to call him that too). The guys talk New mtg story spoilers, GP Vegas, B&R announcements, Commander 19 #value, and the MTG state of design 2019 article. Lots of great stuff!


Magic, Limewire, & Reality TV | EP. 10

Andy and Brian bring producer Ryan back on the mic to see what he has learned after 10 weeks of MTG Podcasts. They talk Arena news, more Esports news, and interview the guest host for the next few weeks - COLYE!


Magic, Courage the Cowardly Dog, & Celebrities | Ep. 9

Not only are Andy and Brian back, but so is Hogaak! Again... The guys talk Commander 2020, E Sports news, Brian's love for Anna Kendrick, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and a brand new segment - Celebrity Magic!!


Magic, Volcano Insurance, & New Segments | Ep. 8

Andy and Brian are back to give you their thoughts of Commander 19 spoilers, Volcano Insurance, Gencon and all it's wonders - AND! They have a new segment that they are very excited about.


Magic, Jurassic Park, & Sleeveless Commander Decks | Ep. 7

Andy and Brian sing a few more songs that they don't know the words to this week. Also they dive into Mythic Championship 4, news on Mark Rosewater, whats being banned, and so much more!


Magic, Area 51, & Clickbait | Ep.6

Hogaak's back!! Brian was wrong about the death of Hogaak and Andy rubs it in his face. The guys also talk brawl coming to Arena, some recent controversial Artists, and much more!