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Live Sunday 9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Watch on YouTube.

Live Sunday 9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Watch on YouTube.
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Live Sunday 9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Watch on YouTube.






"You're Guilty Too, So Shut Up." (Aug 12) Silencing Men, Christians, Whites

Call-in: 888-775-3773. Live Sunday 9am PT (11CT/12ET). James takes your calls about the way stupid/evil people try to exploit halfway decent people's sense of guilt to shut them up. Bill Cosby was like the biggest voice who called on blacks to be better, "Pull up your pants," etc. As James has mentioned in a prior episode, scummy black liberal comedian Hannibal Buress responded to Bill Cosby in his standup bit with the then-hearsay claim, "Yeah, but you rape...


LeBron James's Empty Promise (Aug 5)

Sunday, August 5: James takes calls about LeBron James and CNN's Don Lemon trashing Trump, with their "my single mom is my hero" minds. Trump tweeted that the dumbest man on TV made LeBron look smart! LOL. LeBron started his "I Promise" school in his hometown of Akron, OH, teaming up with a bunch of liberals to promote free "education" for "challenged" youth. Unfortunately, LeBron repeats his tired line of "no matter how successful you are," no matter what you do for your community,...


Knowledge Is Poison (July 29)

VIDEO: James talks about the poison of people's minds and spirits with "knowledge." People think they know something, and then they can't come off of it. They become angry and arrogant in what they think they know. Nobody likes them anymore, except the people as obsessed as they are. James gives examples from his own life. It's similar with white and black nationalists. Dylann Roof got mad and crazy with what he learned, and shot up a church. Christopher...


Crazy Eyes & Deceivers (July 22): Ocasio-Cortez, David Hogg, Etc

VIDEO: James takes your calls about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her wild crazy eyes and her evil commie policies ("turn Kansas red," lol), and about David Hogg ducking an interview with Slightly Offensive (Elijah Schaffer) taped & edited by Folklore Americana, and his handler saying "that's enough." BTW: This man whose channel is SAMO called-in to Jesse's show and gave his #WalkAway story He pointed...


Living Heroes (vs. Betas) – White History Month (Jul 15)

VIDEO: James takes your calls about living heroes like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Donald Trump versus the betas who oppose them, like Sacha Baron Cohen, John McCain, etc. Also there's a right and wrong way to unite the races, heads up, Alt-Right and civ nat alt-lites. James took calls from Maze of Dayton, OH, complaining about how he covered white history month; Joe from Atlanta, GA, saying "African Americans" shoot themselves in the foot; Chuck says...


Red Pill with Chris D. (Jul 8)

VIDEO: Sun., July 8: James takes calls along and talks with in-studio GUEST: Chris Davaz, a man who's attended a couple of BOND meetings. Chris is a former liberal, married, has a son — voted for Hillary! But lately he's been red pilled on a lot of things. In the past he was a committed Christian, but had doubts. James and he had an interesting discussion on the morality of a God who would allow babies to suffer at the hands of evil human beings. Why does it...


Do Blacks Know They Hate Whites? (Jul 1)

James takes your calls on whether blacks know that they hate white people. Do liberal media reporters know they hate President Trump and his supporters? So many people don't even realize they hate their own mothers. Some people do know. Jesse's said before that we're in denial about everything! Calls from: Manuel from D.C. – Hispanic Trump supporter, cussing and having fun. Contrell from Texas or Nashville or somewhere — 28-year-old black man. Efferson (sp?) from Oakland, CA – An African...


Why Do Whites Lose? (June 24)

VIDEO: James takes your calls on white people being overtaken by evil, becoming weak, fearful, and angry, being bullied, maligned and marginalized in their own countries, so often losing and seemingly never winning. (And why is President Trump different?) Whites seem given to catering, pandering, and people pleasing with others, to the detriment of all — and then make excuses for it, confusing themselves and others! Whites also seem very intellectual, many of...


SEPARATED "FAMILIES" (Jun 17) All of a Sudden the Left Cares

VIDEO: Sunday, Jun 17: James takes your calls on illegal alien "families" being separated at the border. It's a great deterrent, and I'm glad the news is emotionalizing it, so maybe illegals won't come. I also hope Democrats continue not cooperating, so we can keep this policy. It would be nice, as Jesse suggested, to deport the lawyers and others supporting lawbreaking — I'd like to see the ACLU and SPLC gone too. BTW: Jesse released another "thankful for...


"INTERRACIAL": Right or Wrong? Also: Suicide and Gays (Jun 10)

VIDEO: James takes your calls on interracial dating and marriage — Jesse's Biblical Question of the Week was: Do you believe in it? Jesse joked he was "scared" to ask James in church. Jesse made a great point about it to James in talking the other day. There's also been a number of high profile suicides lately: Robin Williams (comedian/actor), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park singer), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden singer), more recently Kate Spade (fashion...


BLIND (Jun 3) People Accuse Others to Protect "Victims" of "Racism": Secular Talk/Jesse Lee Peterson

VIDEO: James responds to an email he received defending 30yo man Michael Rotondo who was evicted from his parents' house — as a victim of the Federal Reserve Bank! Then he deals with Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk who falsely accuses Jesse of "telling racist white people exactly what they want to hear" supposedly "for money." Kyle thinks that's "lucrative." Jesse said that racism does not exist and has never existed. Kyle proceeds to try to argue that racism...


GROW UP! (May 27) 30yo Single Father Living With Parents; Right Wing Victim Groups

James takes your calls on the pathetic state of mind that allows a grown unmarried father Michael Rotondo to want to stay at his parents' house — while saying he doesn't want to. (BTW: He's gotta be out by June 1, but he can't afford boxes. A pizza chain offered him a job at any of their 250 locations, with $1101 signing bonus. Might be a bad idea b/c he'd sued Best Buy for gender discrimination.) Millennials are reportedly 34% poorer than expected. (Jesse's encouraged a lot of people to...


FALSE VALUES (May 20): Amber Rose Fallen State; Michael Eric Dyson v. Jordan Peterson

FALSE VALUES (May 20): Amber Rose Fallen State; Michael Eric Dyson v. Jordan Peterson by James Hake


TRAUMA! (May 13) Fake "Racism," Hate Crime Hoaxes, and Mother's Day

VIDEO: James takes your calls on crazy stories including an Instagram model and apparent single mother named Cora yelling and cussing at her supposedly 7-y-o son to go back to bed, shouting the F-word at him and calling him a B-word. The boy was apparently thirsty for something to drink, when she wanted him upstairs sleeping, and he disrupted her selfie video. Verbal abuse! Then we have a story of a black woman driving in Virginia accusing a white cop of...


"Free the Slaves" (May 6) Kanye West, Donald Trump, Making America Great Again, and TMZ

WATCH VIDEO: James takes calls on Kanye West who told TMZ, "400 years of slavery — that sounds like a choice." A black employee Van Latham went off on him for that. Van also got mad because Kanye said that when whites kill blacks, they march, but not when blacks kill black kids in Chicago — 90% of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks. But stupid liberals want to act like Donald Trump is a problem for black people, with conspiracy theories of "white...


"Cosby & Kanye" (Apr 29) Blacks, Conservatives, Trump, and the Attack on Men

VIDEO: James talks about Bill Cosby's being found "guilty" on all three charges of "sexual assault," Kanye West tweeting out his "love" for President Donald Trump (they both have "dragon energy"), and what this means for blacks, conservatives, and men in America. He also said: I like how Candace Owens thinks. (BTW: Chance the Rapper said blacks don't have to be Democrats.) John Legend tried to control his "free thought," but Kanye said he's breaking people out...


"Discrimination" (Apr 22) - Starbucks, Police, Whites, Blacks, and People Pleasing

VIDEO: Sunday, Apr 22, James takes your calls on Starbucks' so-called "implicit bias" (i.e. "racism"), and the Philadelphia police commissioner capitulating to black anger, apologizing, and acting like his cops did something wrong in arresting two black guys who tried to stay where they weren't welcome. White people have a "people pleasing" problem. James plays a clip shared by Shaun King of a black guy in a Torrance, CA Starbucks accosting a white man who came...


"Trust / No Trust" (Apr 15) - Trump Bombs Syria | Philly Starbucks Gets Blacks Arrested

VIDEO: James takes calls on Syria and Trump's decision to bomb Damascus after a reported chemical weapons attack for which media blame Assad. Many people didn't want Trump to get involved in more foreign wars, but some people still trust the president. Watch Styxhexenhammer666 for an interesting and well-informed take: Then there's the story of blacks getting arrested at a Starbucks where they were loitering and not buying anything...


"Evil" (Apr 1) David Hogg & the Leftist Takedown of Decent Conservatives (like Laura Ingraham)

VIDEO: James talks about Florida teen gun grabber David Hogg's takedown of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who apologized after tweeting that the 17-y-o David whined when rejected by four universities like UCLA. The left went after her advertisers with boycotts, and they of course caved. How do we win against evil when so many are so deluded? James also talks about his blog post "MAGA" and new t-shirts for sale. Live Sunday 9am PT...


"Dumb Kids" (Mar 4) - March for Our Lives, Gun Control, & Anti-NRA Brainwashing

James talks about the blind, brainwashed, stupid, dumb kids including Cameron Kasky, David Hogg, and Emma Gonzalez at the "March for Our Lives," as well as the prior "National School Walkout" against the Second Amendment and NRA, but for abortion and Planned Parenthood (and Black Lives Matter). *eyeroll* Truth tellers like Jesse Lee Peterson and Jordan B Peterson, and even to an extent the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite, say to look at yourself first, get your own house in order, reject degeneracy...