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073: How Design Thinking Can Change Your Culture with Jason and Hillary DeMeo

We re talking to Jason and Hillary DeMeo, founders of We Are Curio. Jason and Hillary are experts in Design Thinking an empathetic framework for solving problems. The post 073: How Design Thinking Can Change Your Culture with Jason and Hillary DeMeo appeared first on Launch Youniversity.


072: How to Launch and Grow Your Startup with Emma Pitts of PullSpark

Launching takes courage. Maintaining the launch takes wisdom. Emma Pitts, CEO of Pullspark, is joining us on the podcast today to talk about both. The post 072: How to Launch and Grow Your Startup with Emma Pitts of PullSpark appeared first on Launch Youniversity.


071: Customer Experience, Culture and Scaling with Chicken Salad Chick's Scott Deviney

Welcome to Episode 71 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast. On this episode, Kevin talks with Chicken Salad Chick CEO Scott Deviney. Chicken Salad Chick has grown remarkably under Scott's leadership, and today he's sharing his wisdom on culture, customer experience, scaling franchise locations and more. We hope you find Scott's advice as fascinating and inspiring as we did. The post 071: Customer Experience, Culture and Scaling with Chicken Salad Chick’s Scott Deviney appeared first on...


070: Culture, Core Values and Atlanta's Tech Boom with Karen Houghton of Atlanta Tech Village

Meet Karen Houghton, VP of Atlanta Tech Village. As one of the first team members, Karen has helped transform a massive empty space into the fourth largest startup hub in the country. Karen believes in intentional culture, that there's a space for everyone at the table, and that you don't need to move to California to launch a successful startup. We hope you enjoy her interview as much as we did. The post 070: Culture, Core Values and Atlanta’s Tech Boom with Karen Houghton of Atlanta Tech...


069: When Passion and Heart Lead the Way: Dana Spinola of fab'rik

Since the 2006 launch, fab'rik has grown to over 40 store locations and launched a nonprofit, free fab'rik. On today's episode of the podcast, Jeff and David join Dana in the fab'rik offices to hear her story. We hope you find Dana's unwavering vision and heart as inspiring as we did. The post 069: When Passion and Heart Lead the Way: Dana Spinola of fab’rik appeared first on Launch Youniversity.


068: How to Fund Your Vision and Find Investors

You have the perfect business idea, but where do you get the money to make it happen? What options are available for those of us who don't have Mark Cuban on speed dial? Matt McKee is an expert in this area, having secured millions of dollars in funding for multiple projects and startups. Today, he's sharing his advice with us. The post 068: How to Fund Your Vision and Find Investors appeared first on Launch Youniversity.


LYP 067: Your Personal Brand: What Is It and How to Elevate It

SUMMARY: Personal brand, leadership climate, reputation... whichever term you like to use, they mean this: People have a perception about who you are and what you do. It might be a great one or a poor one. But it exists. And since it exists—and is incredibly important when launching a new business, idea or project—it's a good idea for you to know what yours is and how to take it to the next level. On today's episode, David, Jeff and Kevin talk about the idea of a personal brand, why it's...


LYP 066: Celebrate Well: The Secret Fuel for Launch

A pause to celebrate creates energy and momentum. It can be the fuel to rocket power through the next launch. Celebrating reminds us of the why. They don't all need to be big, planned productions. They can be small and spontaneous, but it's important to make your team feel like they're seen, appreciated and celebrated. If you're not in the habit of celebrating frequently, add it to your calendar. If you're not inheriently inclined to plan celebrations, choose someone on your team who's...


LYP 065: Using Data to Launch Intelligently and Responsibly

SUMMARY: There's a lot of data out there. From website and social media metrics, to sales and lead numbers. But which ones matter? Which ones do you need to focus on? Meet Bradley Martin. Bradley is an expert at helping organizations grow. Today, he's talking with Kevin about how to analyze data correctly, use it responsibly, and turn it into action for your organization. Welcome to Episode 65 of the Launch Youniversity podcast. LINKS + RESOURCES: The Launch Loop: The free...


LYP 064: CEO of Roam, Peyton Day, on People, Culture and Setting Yourself Apart

Roam started the way that all the best businesses do… with a problem that needed to be solved. When the recession hit in 2008, corporate businesses were cutting costs by shutting their office doors and sending employees home to work remotely. This happened to five friends in Alpharetta, GA. They could work from home, where their day would be filled with distractions. They could work from a coffee shop, where they’d have to fight for a good seat and a wifi connection. Or, they could open...


LYP 063: Positioning Yourself For New Opportunities

SUMMARY: We grow the most when we take on a new assignment or challenge. But how do we position ourselves in a way where people trust us and think of us when those new opportunities arise? On today's episode, David and Kevin talk about practical ways to make sure you're prepared when the next opportunity comes your way. Welcome to episode 063 of the podcast. LINKS + RESOURCES: Linchpin by Seth Godin The Predictable Success Leadership Quiz (by Les McKeown) Plywood People THREE...


LYP 062: Dealing with Conflict, Different Opinions and Challenging People

No matter how much you may love your job and your coworkers... you will 100% encounter conflict, different opinions and challenging people in the workplace. It's normal! And it's not always bad. When you come across these less-than-comfortable moments, Kevin and David are sharing what the best course of action is. Welcome to episode 62 of the podcast.


LYP 061: Communication Is Multiplication

In this week’s episode, Launch Youniversity members Jeff Henderson and Kevin Jennings discuss communicating new ideas. Launchers tend to believe that their idea alone is magic, but Jeff and Kevin explain why communication, messaging and phrases are key to true impact. When pitching an idea, it’s not about information, it’s about buy in. Welcome to Episode 61 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast.


LYP 060: Why Your Pitch May Not Be Working

You happen to find yourself on an elevator with a person of significance. You have a short amount of time to pitch them what you’re doing in a compelling way. How? Selling an idea in a very clear and concise manner, in a short amount of time, and inspire the person you’re pitching to take action. That, friends, is an elevator pitch. Whether you know that analogy, or this is the first time hearing about it, you’re elevator pitch matters. Good ideas die with bad communication. This episode...


LYP 059: Rituals Over Resolutions

SUMMARY: If you're learning to play an instrument, 1 hour of practice over the course of 10 days is much more effective than 10 hours of practice in 1 day. Interesting, right? That's because small steps, consistently taken, over a long amount of time is how humans are wired to learn, grow and change best. Our daily rituals and habits are a key component in helping us do all of those things. They don't need to be two hours long, but they need to be consistent and manageable. On today's...


LYP 058: Rocket Fuel: 10 Ways to Launch Your New Year

Happy 2018, launchers! It's a new year, and we're spending today's episode getting practical on ways you can accomplish your goals. Jeff, Shane, David and Kevin are on the podcast sharing advice for starting the year right, questions to ask yourself, and what their personal goals are in 2018 (and how they plan on achieving them). Welcome to episode 58 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast. LINKS + TAKEAWAYS IN OUR FREE PLANNING GUIDE: Don't worry about taking notes today, because we have all...


LYP 057: Get It Done in 2018: 13 Ways to Manage Your Time

Welcome back to another episode of the Launch Youniversity Podcast! You have big plans for 2018, but how can you accomplish it all? Today, Shane and David are talking about the techniques they use to manage their day, take care of their to-do lists and achieve their goals. Welcome to episode 57 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast


LYP 056: Become a Better Listener: The Framework You Need to Bring Value to Others

Leadership skills can only take you so far if you're not a good listener. A few years ago, Shane began working with a Listening Coach. Through working on his listening skills, he learned that being a good listener is a lot more than just sitting quietly while another person talks. True listening is about helping people self-discover their own solutions. Welcome to Episode 56 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast.


LYP 055: Atlanta United's Matt Moore on Launching a Sports Team and Building a Community

If you live in Greater Atlanta, then you've heard of the city's newest sports team: Atlanta United FC. In 2017, it's inaugural year, excitement for the new soccer team completely took over the city of Atlanta. Today on the podcast, Jeff and Shane sit down with Matt Moore, the person behind the successful launch. He's sharing his experiences with us over the last two years of building community buzz, testing content on social media and truly getting to know and connect with your customers....


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