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minisode 3: Failure, Perfectionism & Passing the baton

HELLO LOVES, Thank you for stopping by today! Today is a subject that I find myself dwelling in for far too much which doesn't allow me to finish projects, post when I need to or just put the work I have done out there. You may be familiar with the culprit in your own work or personal life. I'm talking about Perfectionism, and it plagues many of us entrepreneurs. I speak on not only the concept of perfectionism but how it corresponds to failure. It's an interesting concept one I hope you...


minisode 1: July GOALS | Happy July 4th!

Hello Love! HAPPY JULY 4TH! HOORAY FOR JULY GOALS! In this minisode, I decided to take advantage of this Holiday Vacation and give you a brand new episode talking about my July Goals. I've been thinking sincerely, praying earnestly as the direction we will be going and it's such a blessing to know that God's hands are all over our lives. One thing I know I am nothing without Jesus. Thank you all for the support, listen to the show, leave a review as it helps me provide better content and...


Episode 2: Shame, Identity & Courage with Lara Casey

Hello Love! In this episode, I speak with Lara Casey on all things heart centered and business. We talk about shame, the power of grace taking the leap and of course Courage. Lara goes talks about her journey... A few noteworthy sections and items we discuss on the show, Goal Setting and the Power Sheets! Shame and getting past it How to speak with someone who is going through a tough time Telling it like it is, with authenticity and transparency About Perfection and not feeling qualified...