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Discussing tabletop board and role-playing games for the evolved gamer

Discussing tabletop board and role-playing games for the evolved gamer


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Discussing tabletop board and role-playing games for the evolved gamer








LD Episode 8 Gaming Through The Ages

Join us on a trip down gaming memory lane as we share tales of the dark ages of tabletop gaming....the 1980s! I listed some of the more obscure and/or older games discussed below. Show Notes: D&D Redbox Heroquest Kingmaker Diplomacy AD&D Oriental Adventures Palladium Books Wargames West Catalogue Living Arcanis Alpha Omega Aces and Eights Eoris Shadows Over Esteren Invisible Sun


LD Episode 7 Gencon 2018 Games

Gencon 2018 draws near and event registration is over, so here is our overview of our games. Not reviews, but a quick listing of everything we are playing and hopefully you might find something new and exciting you want to try at Gencon 2018. Invisible Sun Numenera/Cypher System Blades in the Dark 10 Candles The Yellow King Kingdom Death Captain Sonar Dead of Winter Harnmaster Star Trek RPG The Expanse RPG Firefly Adventures Mistborn: House War Dungeon Crawl Classics Who Goes There? The...


LD Episode 6 Lessons From Gaming

Failure is both fun and painful, but always educational. This show covers some of the lessons we learned during various RPG campaigns to help players and game masters. Here are the topics we discussed: Lesson Failure is amusing GMs - allow your players room for creativity. But, don’t get caught up in the details. Don’t be afraid to screw with your players. Know your players before you screw with them. Give your players fun things to help you write your story. Have your foes make sense. Even...


LD Episode 5 The Cypher System

Show notes for episode 5, our love letter to the Cypher System. We think it is one of the best RPG games on the market and worthy of your attention. Numenera Starter Set The Cypher System rulebook Numenera The Strange MCG Asset Team


The Gamer Social Contract LD Episode 4

We rant on the gamer social contract between players and game masters that defines the roles and responsibilities of each group. I take the opportunity to bash the 3.5 grapple rules again. We name drop a couple of games and they are linked below. Aces & Eights 3.5 D&D


Running a Role-Playing Game on the High Seas

Join the Podcasters on a three-hour cruise. These waters are perfectly safe and totally free of pirates, mutinies, plagues and sea monsters. Just kidding, we discuss the myriad ways to run high seas role-playing games and give your players the adventure of a lifetime! Methane Hydrates Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates Rifts Underseas (Rifts World Book 7) Numenera Into The Deep by Monte Cook Games (2016-05-11) 7th Sea Core Rulebook...

Duration:00:30:13 Podcast Episode 2 Cheap RPG Options

Livingdice Podcast Episode 2 "Running a Cheap RPG" 30 minutes of focused discussion on running a role-playing game. Cheap! Games Mentioned: Honey Heist 5E DnD Basic Rules Basic Fantasy RPG Open Legend RPG D20 System Reference Document Books Mentioned: Words of Radiance Wasp Note: Some of these links are affiliate links that help support the site.

Duration:00:31:18 Podcast Episode 1--The Plot

The Livingdice podcast is now live! After 10 years of writing about role-playing games, tabletop games and geek culture in general, LD is moving into the audio realm! My cohost and I dive right in to the most critical element of any role-playing game. The plot. Get it right and create a campaign for the ages. Get it wrong and suffer the ultimate humiliation; bored players! Forget the mechanics, let the rules fall away as we discuss interesting approaches on plotting a role-playing game...