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Episode 26: Ann Hawkins - Networking for impact

Networking has been around forever. Early homo sapiens understood that together survival was more likely. Literally. A tribe could more easily defend itself from predators. A tribe could hunt more effectively. A tribe generally was better than going solo. Today we don't struggle so much with predators or going hunting. Aside from a pub fight or going to the supermarket. But in our new world of technology and the knowledge economy, networking is more vital than ever. Unfortunately...


Episode 25: Depika Mistry - Intuition and Energy

My podcast started with disabled influencers, progressed into business and marketing from World Changers, and in the latest episode we venture into a different theme. In the end I want to share the many amazing people and experiences I have. So you can take away from it whatever is relevant at the time for you. Having attended Mindvalley University, I've been encouraged to grow in many personal and professional ways. One being in the theme of intuition and energy. I also had the...


Episode 24: Bailey Richert - Infopreneurship

I realised recently I've been blogging for 10 years in August. Using such a relatively new tool has been hard from a business model perspective. Authors, radio producers, tv presenters, magazine editors all know how to get paid for their craft. Blogging has had to work all this out. Whilst I quickly found out I could be a paid consultant and speaker, I dreamed of another way to fund my blog digitally. To empower my community is priority. Paying my bills is a must. Gradually the...


Episode 23: Seth Godin - Marketing as a philosophy

I've had a few mentors in my life. Some teachers. Some line managers. Some absolute idols of mine. Along the way I learned that we don't have to meet someone to learn from their experience. I've ended up with mentors from blogs, books and film too. One of my role models is an American guy called Seth Godin. Hes the godfather of digital marketing. I read his blogs every day! Often marketing is seen as a dirty way to sell useless stuff to people. But Seth (and I) see it...


Episode 22: Jason Goldberg - Prison Break

We all feel stuck from time to time. My latest podcast guest was stuck in a body, a job and a life he didn't want. The thing that changed everything was a shift in mindset. Jason realised he was in a prison that could be broken out of. As you'll hear, I first met Jason when he spoke in Tallinn last summer. Before helping me down a step in a bar :-) What really struck me about him was his use of humour and hip hop to deliver his powerful message. I hope you get even half as much from...


Episode 21: Tanni Grey-Thompson - Changing the world for disabled people

It’s not every day that I get to meet someone working in the House of Lords. It’s also not every day that I get to meet a famous sports person with countless Paralympic medals. And it’s really not every day that I get to meet someone who embodies both of these massive achievements. One day last year, I found myself interviewing one of my heroes. The awesome Tanni Grey-Thompson. Starting her athletic career with 100m wheelchair racing back in 1984, Tanni travelled to Seoul for her first...


Episode 20: AJ Leon - You are the protagonist

I knew I needed to get out. There wasn't anything dangerous going down, but I felt a pull to go and see the world. However people don't just quit their jobs. Not away from the movies anyway. So I needed a plan! Its funny how a strong feeling and a vision can lead to serendipitous moments. Not long after I broadened my horizons, I met AJ and Melissa Leon. I've shared a few times the impact this beautiful couple had on my life. They empowered me to create, to blog, to...


Episode 19: Ajit Nawalkha - Live Big

After 18 episodes of interviewing the cream of the crop in disabled talent, I'm tweaking the shows format. There'll still be disabled guests, but not every time. You see, I want to promote inclusion. Whilst highlighting disabled influencers is a part of the mission, bringing inspirational people with world changing messages across different causes is more vital. Ajit is a great guy, who empowers thousands of people to live the best life they want to live. His journey from an...


Episode 18: Simon Minty - The Economics of Inclusion

In one of the first episodes of the Martyn Sibley show I interviewed Phil Friend. Along with his friend and business partner Simon Minty, they paved the way for inclusion of disabled consumers and employees. We have a lot to thank them for! So it was really nice to sit down and talk with the other member of the dynamic duo. Since revolutionising a whole set of industries, Simon has also branched out into other pursuits. You will probably have heard him on the BBC Ouch podcast. He...


Episode 17: Hannah Ensor - Artistic Education

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Whilst on a public transport journey and unable to communicate the situation to fellow travellers. Hannah Ensor was struggling for energy and strength. If only she had a card that could explain what was going on, everything would have been easier. So Hannah went home and drew one of the first stickman crips. Using that exact same notion of how a picture tells a thousand words. The Stickmen were the perfect tool to educate people should a similar...


Episode 16: Samanta Bullock - That Happy Buzzing Feeling

A big reason for my more balanced view on this topic, came from meeting Samanta Bullock. Through a very difficult event that put her in a wheelchair, Sam never gave up on her dreams. Both as a tennis champion and a fashion model. It would have been understandable for her to give up on both of these dreams. Furthermore they clearly don't lend themselves to wheelchair users to thrive in. Forget the accessibility barriers, particularly the fashion world is known for ignoring...


Episode 15: Blaine Harrison - Creative Forever

Someone who found their creative self much earlier, and has enjoyed a great career from it, is Blaine Harrison. As lead singer of the Mystery Jets he's created many albums and toured all over the world. It's always too easy to home in on my guests disability and how they overcame their particular barriers. Naturally having spina bifida Blaine has had to navigate specific challenges through his touring adventures. But I'm starting to see that by only focusing on people's impairments, we...


Episode 14: Geoff Holt - Sailing Extravaganza

Of course my achievement was not unique. There are many people who have pushed their limits in pursuit of some adrenaline and societal change messaging. Many of whom have a disability. Nonetheless, it's always great to meet people who have interesting stories to tell. Particularly those who really really went the extra mile! Geoff Holt is certainly one of those people. As you will hear in our interview, this guy has really exceeded his own expectations from his individual sailing and life...


Episode 13: Robin Hindle Fisher - Extra costs of disability

After seeing the great research and work that Scope did on this topic, I reached out to them for someone to interview. The obvious person was Robin Hindle Fisher. Not only is he from an economic background, and trustee of the charity, he was heavily involved in the project. This project being the extra costs commission. In this episode of the Martyn Sibley show Robin and I get to the bottom of these extra costs. You will hear from Robin what Scope found in their research. And what you can...


Episode 12: Carrie-Ann - A Kindred Spirit

Its not unusual to find other people who like travelling. In my line of work I also know many disabled people. However it is not so usual to meet a real kindred spirit for accessible tourism. Luckily a few years ago I met Carrie-Anne from Tourism for All. Not only does she love travelling, but she's also a blogger. It's honestly hard to get a word in edgeways between the two of us when we get together :-) Carrie-Anne runs the information service for the UKs accessible tourism charity....


Episode 11: Dan White - Dream Like a Kid

I met Dan virtually a couple of years ago on a Disability Horizons podcast. He'd had a couple of interviews for his new inclusive comic series. Including one on mainstream tv. The comic was inspired by his daughter Emily who is disabled. She stars in the 'Department of Ability' stories. With her powerful wheelchair ways. Sounds familiar right? I've watched Dan grow in his self belief, embracing the media challenges, and really pushing his message. One that resonates with me so much. A...


Episode 10: Cory Lee - Global Jetsetter

Since meeting the expert for all things travel and disability related, Cory and I have spoken a couple of times. It was cool to hear about each others travels, blogs, communities, and so forth. However we hadn't discussed what life was like growing up with the same condition (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) in different continents. Would schools be the same? Would friendships be the same? Would transport and leisure be the same? So when Cory agreed to be on my podcast, I was excited to...


Episode 9: Jason Wilsher-Mills - Technology and Art for Social Change

After a break over the summer, I'm back with a new podcast episode. This time with a fantastic disabled artist. Jason became disabled from chicken pox. Something I'd never heard of before. Through a journey of ups and downs, he's doing his dream job. The thing that really fascinated me about Jasons work was his use of technology. He started out creating his art on his ipad. Now he's onto digital augmentation and sculptures. As awesome are his creations, and intriguing are his tools,...


Episode 8: Dom Hyams - Visualising Dreams That Come True

In my latest podcast you'll meet the guy who's lived his own wildest dreams. From travelling around Europe, and having it made into a tv documentary. To working on the Olympic and Paralympic Games for a tv production company. And beyond... Dom is a very cool guy. He's currently working with assist-Mi, the app connecting disabled people and service providers (you may have seen this recent article where I tried out their train feature). In bridging the gap between service providers...


Episode 7: Storme Toolis - Sexuality and Stereotypes

I first came across Storme Toolis in the Inbetweeners. Although not by name. I just remember the scene by the swimming pool. Where the lads realised they were stealing her family's sunbed. Making her cry. However I found out she'd already had a far bigger break before... In this episode of The Martyn Sibley Show, we hear all about Stormes journey into acting. The dreams. The risk taking. The support. The set backs. Plus a bit about the future. She's gone onto work in social education,...